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We don’t know about you, but we’ve been rejoicing since the effortless no-makeup, yes-I-woke-up-looking-this-perfect look came into trend, where the occasional zit or messy eyebrows are celebrated.

The thing about the no-makeup makeup look, however, is that it actually requires a lot more thought than regular makeup. After all, how do you actually use a ton of makeup to create a natural look without appearing like you’re trying too hard?

Still trying to figure out what went wrong in your routine? Here are seven common mistakes to avoid to help you rock the look. 

1. You’re using black mascara

Mascara 1 1

How do you get lusher, perkier lashes without looking like you’ve applied a ton of mascara? Well, the trick is in skipping black mascara, which is a colour that most people go for, especially when they’re wearing a full face of makeup.

For (subtle) definition on your lashes, consider using brown mascaras instead of black. They’re still dark enough to boost the volume and length of your lashes, but don’t look as outstanding as black mascara so you can pretend that you’re born with great lashes.

2. You’re still using full coverage foundation

Sponge 5 1

This means you have to give up on your ride-or-die MAC Studio Fix Foundation. Try lighter coverage foundations or even tinted moisturizers like the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer to correct minor imperfections instead.

They ensure sufficient coverage whilst maintaining a natural finish, which gives your skin an extra hydration boost and protects it from the unforgiving Singapore sun.

On a budget? Innisfree or Etude House’s BB Creams guarantee you both glow and coverage at a price point that won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

If you’re still not convinced, lighter coverage foundations allow effortless blending that will also ensure you won’t be left with any embarrassing streak marks.

3. You’re using red lipstick

Lipstick 5 1

Instead of a full, perfect red lip that requires those extra minutes that you could be spending sipping on a much needed coffee, my-lips-but-better (MLBB) colours such as rosy browns or beige-y pinks are much more forgiving, allowing you to literally smear it on and not worry about your lips looking like a mess (the blurry lip trend is a totally acceptable excuse in this case). Très chic.

4. You’re still on the “Instagram brows” bandwagon

Groom Brow 1 1

It’s all about feathery, individually defined brow hairs if you’re going for the no-makeup makeup look. Ditch the high-pigment brow pomade and block-y(ha, ha) Instagram brows of 2015 to where it belongs – not to be seen on you, as with the “wavy brows” trend.

Instead opt for brush tip brow pens that are essentially much less pigmented eyeliners.

But don’t be fooled by their subtle shade; once on, their tattoo-like ink will stay on until you decide to take them off, making them a must-have in your gym bag.

5. Your makeup is too matte

Sponge 4 1

Before you decide we’re completely crazy going for the dewy makeup look in Singapore, we don’t mean Jeffree Star-level highlights. Instead, switch out your tried-and-true baking technique with a light layer of setting powder then spray, or swap your powder blushes and bronzers with a cream formula instead. We can already hear the dry skinned girls rejoice.

6. You conceal your imperfections

Acne 4 1

Trust us, no one will notice that mark by your nose and the minuscule zit on your chin. Instead, take the effortless French approach to beauty (see Jeanne Damas’s) and embrace your flaws. If that spot is still glaring at you in the mirror, try spot concealing using a tiny amount of concealer, instead of piling on layers of foundation and concealer.

7. And most importantly: skincare isn’t your main focus

Apply Moisturiser 5 1

Laying the foundation – or, in this case, skincare – for a long-lasting radiant and flawless look is essential. While we’re usually focused on getting the makeup right, don’t forget the pre-makeup routine – acing this can help cut down the efforts required to perfect your makeup.

Spend more time to complete your makeup routine; and when you layer on your favourite moisturiser, remember to do a massage with your fingers to improve blood circulation, which will boost your skin’s natural glow. And if you have the time, most makeup pros will tell you that applying a mask just before your makeup routine will leave your complexion looking smooth and radiant – and all ready for makeup. Best part? Your makeup will also remain budge-free with a smoother, more hydrated canvas!