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5 ways to get younger-looking eyes without going under the knife, according to an aesthetic doctor

By Kristen Juliet Soh
6 October, 2020

Mask-wearing aside, it seems like the tired look is also part of our new normal. We’re constantly confronted by dark circles, puffy bags under our eyes, and a bit of sagging around the lids – things a good night’s sleep won’t be able to fix.

Until recently, those who are faced with this situation had two options: go under the knife or invest in an extensive wardrobe of sunglasses. But that’s all in the past. Now, there are five types of non-surgical eye treatments that can take the place of plastic surgery. From Botox to plasma energy, these non-surgical eye treatments help to lift the eyes while being minimally invasive.

To help us break each eye procedure down, we spoke to Dr Lee Mun Heng from Cambridge Medical Group. Keep reading to find out the key differences between these non-surgical eye treatments and see which you’re best suited for.

Non-surgical eye treatments

1. Botox

Non Surgical Eye Treatments Cambridge Medical Group Botox

Botox may not be the new kid on the block, but it is still one of the options that can give your eyes a big lift. “It is a naturally occurring protein that blocks the signal and causes overt muscle contraction. This results in a relaxation of the muscle, which relaxes the wrinkles,” Dr Lee says. Hence, it is most commonly used to address crow’s feet around the eyes, frown lines at the bridge of the nose, and forehead wrinkles.

Before the procedure, you can request for numbing cream to be applied around the eye area if you have a lower pain threshold. Botox will then be delivered in small amounts with tiny injections.

Downtime and aftercare required

When it comes to Botox, there is no downtime. You can see a reduction in the appearance of fine lines around your eyes as early as four to five days post-treatment. In rare cases, a few pinpoint dots from the injections may be visible, but they’ll disappear quickly.

“I generally advise patients not to rub the eye area and avoid strenuous exercise for four hours post-treatment.” Dr Lee shares. This makes it one of the most convenient non-surgical eye treatments out there. The effects of Botox typically last for about four to six months, depending on the site treated. This is also why Dr Lee recommends scheduling a review once every six months.

Botox is generally safe, however, if you suffer from conditions such as myasthenia gravis, neuromuscular disease that affects facial muscles, it’s best to head down for a consultation.

Other issues Botox can address

Apart from smoothing out wrinkles around the eyes, Dr Lee can also use Botox to slim down your jawlines for a V-shaped face. Botox is often used to address a wide range of non-aesthetic issues too.

“Younger patients would come to me because of bruxism (excessive teeth grinding or jaw clenching), which requires Botox of the masseter muscles,” he says. “We also have patients of all ages requiring Botox for sweaty armpits (hyperhidrosis).”


If the skin on your eyelids is starting to loosen and sag, Dr Lee recommends a skin tightening treatment like the NEOGEN™ Plasma EYELIFT®. “NEOGEN™ Plasma is not a laser, neither is it a radiofrequency device like Thermage™. It is a completely different type of energy device using plasma energy generated from hospital grade nitrogen gas,” Dr Lee explains.

NEOGEN™ Plasma stimulates new collagen production as it tightens the eyelid skin. The doctor will apply a hydrating serum to prep your lids for the plasma. All you have to do is keep your eyes closed during the procedure. You may feel a warm sensation, but rest assured, your eyes are safe from the plasma energy when they’ve kept closed.

For those with thinner eyelid skin, you should be able to see results within three to five treatments sessions at 14-day intervals. The amount of new collagen you produce also depends on multiple factors ranging from genetic makeup to lifestyle habits, such as smoking and alcohol consumption.

Downtime and aftercare required

There is no downtime with the NEOGEN™ Plasma EYELIFT®, so you can return to work immediately after the procedure. You may notice slight peeling of the skin around your eyes, but it usually heals quickly without any redness or swelling.

“At Cambridge Medical Group, we have performed thousands of eyelid lift and rejuvenation treatments safely using the NEOGEN™ Plasma technology with no side effects so far,” Dr Lee assures.

After the treatment, you should bump up your UV protection with sunscreen and stay away from direct sun exposure for at least one week. “Avoid extractions and exfoliating facials, as well as harsh CO2 and Fractional lasers,” Dr Lee advises.

If you have concurrent medical issues or are taking medications that affect the skin, you should inform your doctor before the treatment. An experienced doctor like Dr Lee would be able to advise you accordingly.

Other issues NEOGEN™ Plasma can address

Apart from its ability to tighten the skin around the eyes, NEOGEN™ Plasma can also reduce a form of bacteria that commonly causes acne. It’s proven to induce collagen remodelling and stimulate collagen production too. This is why doctors in Japan often use it to treat acne, acne scars, blackheads, and large pores.


Non Surgical Eye Treatments Cambridge Medical Group Agnes Eye Revo

For those who have mild eye bags or dark eye circles, Dr Lee recommends the AGNES™ Eye REVO®, a non-surgical eye treatment with low downtime. This scarless eye bag removal treatment originated from Korea, designed to remove eye bags and reduce fine lines around the eyes. The treatment will also stimulate collagen production to help firm and tighten the skin around your eyes.

Before the procedure, the doctor will apply a numbing cream around your eye area and administer local anaesthesia a few minutes after. Then, a fine microneedle will emit radiofrequency energy that selects targeted fats, which cause eye bags. These fats will be removed by your own blood circulation, so there’s no need to make any incisions. And don’t worry, the microneedle will only feel like a mosquito bite.

Downtime and aftercare required

Unlike the first two treatments, you may experience a low downtime with the AGNES™ Eye REVO®. “There may be mild swelling and mini bruises which resolve over five to seven days. After resting over the weekend, we have had patients return to the office with the help of some makeup,” Dr Lee shares. You won’t be left with any scars after the procedure too.

Having performed the AGNES™ Eye REVO® procedure hundreds of times, Dr Lee advises patients to avoid strenuous activities such as weightlifting and inverted positions to help bring down the swelling even quicker. Brisk walking and other light activities are fine. You should see a visible improvement around your eye area four weeks after the procedure.

The effects of AGNES™ Eye REVO® can last for about two to three years, and touch-up sessions can always be done as it is not a surgical procedure. Dr Lee recommends scheduling a second session one to three months after the initial session.

4. Rejuran I™

Non Surgical Eye Treatments Cambridge Medical Group Rejuran I

Rejuran I™ has the ability to rejuvenate the skin, and in this case, tired-looking undereyes with dark circles. Unlike Botox, Rejuran I™ is neither an injectable hyaluronic acid (HA) filler nor a toxin. “It is a natural, clear gel that contains bits of DNA molecules from laboratory-cultured salmon eggs. Unlike facial fillers, Rejuran I™ has a higher safety profile and can be confidently used by doctors,” Dr Lee elaborates.

At Cambridge Medical Group, a nurse typically cleanses and applies a thin layer of numbing cream before the procedure. Dr Lee says, “For comfort, I use a cannula technique that allows me to spread Rejuran I™ easily under the lower eyelids.”

If you’ve had conventional HA fillers in your tear troughs (the deep creases between the lower eyelid and upper cheek), you should leave an interval of six months between the fillers and the Rejuran I™ treatment.

Downtime and aftercare required

You may notice some puffiness in the undereye area post-treatment, but that will disappear as Rejuran I™ gets absorbed by your skin tissues. And while there aren’t activities to avoid, Dr Lee advises against strenuous exercise immediately after the treatment as a precaution.

Dr Lee’s patients have reported a visible improvement as soon as the second session. He recommends a series of four to six treatments at three or four-week intervals. And like most treatments on this list, there are many factors that affect the durability of the treatment, such as genetics and lifestyle habits.

5. FOTONA™ Laser Eyelid & Eye Bag Rejuvenation

Non Surgical Eye Treatments Cambridge Medical Group Fotona

If you want to alleviate sullen eyes that are burdened by heavy eye bags and eyelids, try the FOTONA™ Laser Eyelid & Eye Bag Rejuvenation. “It is a non-invasive Er:YAG laser treatment that tightens the skin and reduces fine lines around the eyes,” Dr Lee shares. It permanently reduces the look of eye bags to enhance your facial features, making you look much younger.

The procedure is quick. Again, numbing cream will be applied to your eyelids before the procedure. Then, the nurse will drip a few anaesthetic eye drops into your eye. You will then be fitted with an opaque eye shield, which works like a contact lens, to protect your eye. The lasers will comfortably heat the deeper layers of skin between 42 – 45°C, while stimulating the collagen and fibroblast activity to firm and tighten your skin.

Downtime and aftercare required

You won’t experience any downtime with the FOTONA™ Laser Eyelid & Eye Bag Rejuvenation, so you can go about your daily routine immediately after. Since no surgery is required, Dr Lee recommends scheduling four to five sessions after your initial procedure, once every three weeks.

Just like all the other non-surgical eye treatments on this list, the durability of the FOTONA™ Laser depends on multiple factors such as genetics and lifestyle habits.

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