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Conventional makeup removers typically feel oily because they are. Whether you’re a fan of cleansing oils, micellar waters, or makeup removing wipes, all of these utilise the concept of “oil dissolves oil” in order to remove your makeup. However, is it really all that great?

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Makeup removing oils have their downsides

Makeup removing oils have their advantages, but it certainly isn’t all rainbows with makeup removing oils. If the product isn’t of a good quality, it could possibly cause breakouts or clogged pores for those with acne-prone skin.

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For some people, it might also leave behind a mild greasy layer even after rinsing. As you may expect, that would certainly make one feel uncomfortable.

They may even feel the need to cleanse their skin again, which may end up stripping the natural oils from their face, dehydrating it and causing increased sebum production. This takes two steps backwards, and undoes the advantage that oil-based makeup removers are supposed to have – not dehydrating your face.

Enter oil-free makeup removing

The original

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ORBIS Cleansing Liquid, and Special Edition Cleansing Liquid (Green Forest)

ORBIS Oil Cut Cleansing Liquid has actually been around for a good 20 years now, having made its debut in 1997. It has been the brand’s bestselling makeup remover for more than 10 years in Japan and continues to make waves with consumers everywhere. It now comes in a beautiful, special edition Green Forest design that coincides with the Japanese brand’s 4th anniversary in Singapore.

How does it remove makeup without oil?

ORBIS understands that different types of makeup have different compositions, so it uses the appropriate ingredients to target these differing components, but still retaining its 100% oil-free nature. In the ORBIS Oil Cut Cleansing Liquid, a botanical cleansing base is mixed with various cleansing ingredients in order to optimally target and dissolve different types of makeup.

The Cleansing Liquid contains Aqua Cleansing and Aqua Leading ingredients, which blends well with both makeup and water, behaving as a “bridge” to facilitate the removal of makeup grime. This great miscibility with water also means that it rinses more easily and completely, coming off with light strokes, and doesn’t require vigorous rubbing.

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More than 30% of its content are moisturising ingredients including serine, glycine, alanine amino acids and sodium hyaluronate that correct the skin’s moisture balance while cleansing.

Because the makeup is mixed well with the water-based ingredients, it is also removed well when rinsed, leaving a refreshing sensation with no greasy after-feel on the skin or a layer of oil which may clog up pores. The light lotion-like texture of this liquid is free from oil, fragrance, artificial colours and alcohol, and is allergy-tested and non-comodogenic.

ORBIS Oil Cut Cleansing Liquid retails for SGD 23 (150 ml) at all ORBIS counters, stores and at its new online store.

The amped

orbis cleansing liquid the cleansing one

Meet ORBIS The Cleansing ONE. It’s been formulated to be an amplified version of their bestselling Oil Cut Cleansing Liquid, targeting especially stubborn, waterproof makeup.

How does it remove makeup without oil?

The secret behind the cleansing prowess of ORBIS The Cleansing ONE is a unique Oil Cut formula and its Sensor Catch Technology. It uses low molecular cleaning components which selectively infiltrate into even the most stubborn of makeup and disintegrates them from within, breaking them up for a smoother removal.

It’s good for heavy or waterproof makeup, but does not break down the “good oils” on the skin’s surface that make up an essential part of its natural moisture barrier, ensuring that your skin will feel more refreshed and radiant after cleansing.

You don’t get that greasy after-feel of a conventional makeup remover, but you also won’t end up feeling like your skin is going to shrivel up because it’s so dry and tight. On top of that, you get a quick and easy removal of stubborn makeup! This may have a denser texture, but it still feels like a lotion, which is free from oil, fragrances, alcohol and artificial colours, and is allergy-tested and non-comodogenic.

ORBIS The Cleansing ONE retails for SGD 38 (145 ml) at all ORBIS counters, stores and on its new online store.

What’s so good about going oil-free?

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1. Less clogged pores, less breakouts

Sure, your skin’s natural oils are actually good and essential for its healthy function. However, too much oil can lead to clogged pores, which may in turn lead to a proliferation of acne-causing bacteria. Oil-free makeup removers ensure a gentle cleanse that removes dirt and excess oils thoroughly but doesn’t leave behind that greasy layer that may end up feeding zit-loving bacteria on your face.

2. Less dehydration, less oil production

It’s become quite common knowledge of late that the more you strip the natural oils away from your skin, the more dehydrated your skin becomes which in turn leads to more oil production. Oil-free makeup removers circumvent that problem by rehydrating the skin while cleansing, so your skin isn’t left feeling overly dry after makeup removal.

3. Less dehydration, less visible signs of ageing

Besides the immediate effect of excessive oil production, dehydrated skin also has the long-term effect of increasing visible signs of ageing on your skin. It is easier for dry skin to develop wrinkles and fine line, and to lose that healthy, plump, hydrated look of youthful skin. Oil-free makeup removers, in preventing excessive dehydration of your skin during the essential step of makeup removal, play their part in helping you maintain supple, hydrated skin in the long run.

This article is brought to you by ORBIS.