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Marvel just released the trailer for its upcoming film The Marvels premiering November this year, and the name on everyone’s lips is none other than Korean heartthrob Park Seo Joon, who will be playing Prince Yan D’ Aladna.

The Itaewon Class star is seen rocking a luscious head of wavy hair and a multicoloured armour suit—truly the prince of our dreams.

But besides his striking good looks, many are complimenting him for his radiant complexion that seems not to have aged one bit after all this time.

Credit: @ellesingapore

Park Seo Joon’s secret to eternal youth

Credit: Instagram @bn_sj2013

So, how does he do it? The 34-year-old previously shared in an interview that on top of his religious cleanse-tone-moisturise routine every morning and evening, he applies a sheet mask every day.

We’re sure you must be thinking: that’s it? We were surprised too, but masking comes with way more benefits than one could possibly imagine. Plus, there is a mask out there for any and everyone, regardless of skin type and concerns.

Keep scrolling to learn how daily masking can help you achieve the actor’s age-defying glass complexion and radiance too!

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The benefits of using a sheet mask every day

Credit: Instagram @bn_sj2013

The options to sheet masks today leave one spoilt for choice—from some claiming to brighten skin and erase all fine lines, to others promising a plump and pillowy texture, there are remedies to every skincare concern under the sun.

Despite the plethora of benefits, masking once a day generally ensures your skin receives adequate hydration to keep your skin cells quenched and functioning optimally.

The practice also soothes it from any irritation and inflammation caused by allergens, sun burns, and chemical treatments.

How to apply a sheet mask

Credit: Twitter @allaboutPSJ

While this might sound fairly intuitive, you would be surprised at the number of people who can’t seem to get it right!

First and foremost, cleanse! It would be counterproductive if impurities still rest atop your skin when you mask. You would merely be delivering these skin nasties into the skin itself.

Next, exfoliate to rid your skin of all the dead skin cells and fully unclog your pores.

Then, apply your toner, serums and essences. This ensures that when you finally apply the sheet mask later, these products permeate right into the skin with the mask’s essence.

Now, you put on the mask. Important note: leave it on for only the stipulated duration indicated on the packaging! Having it on longer than recommended may end up withdrawing the moisture that was just injected into your skin.

Upon removing the mask, pat the remaining essence left on your skin to promote absorption of the product.

Finally, seal all that goodness with a moisturiser or night cream, and voila, you are en route to achieving PSJ’s glassy, youthful complexion!