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Perfumes are criminally understated in the beauty world. Beauty lovers become all obsessed with new makeup launches but there’s nothing like the sweet scent of vanilla to make anybody feel like they are on their best note.

Underused and under-appreciated, perfumes actually come in real handy for those days where you are running late to work and need a quick something to spice up your look. A good waft of fragrance that embodies your style and tastes can make you feel like a million bucks.

We get that a bottle of fragrance can be really expensive though, so here are 12 perfume hacks to make your fragrance last all day long. Are you looking forward to fragrant sweet-smelling days? We sure are.

1. Store fragrances in cool, dark places

Heat, light and humidity breaks down perfume so where you store it is of crucial importance. Keep them away from damp, warm places like your bathroom and. instead, store them in cool dry spots. Your vanity or your bathroom shelf cabinets are great places to ensure their longevity.

DV Tip: For some serious extension of lifespan, try storing some of your favourite scents in the refrigerator. It’s dry, chill, and dark – and the coolness of the mist would feel amazing in this hot weather.

2. Target pulse points and warm areas


In order to make your whiff of fragrance last the longest and encapsulate your entire body, you need to target your pulse points.

Pulse points are actually where blood vessels are closer to the surface of the skin than other areas. This also means that it’ll be slightly warmer here, better evaporating the alcoholic carrier that most perfumes come in and releasing the fragrance more effectively.

Here are some of the best pulse points to use your perfume on: inside of your wrists, inside of your elbows, neck and chest area, behind your knees, ankles, and calves.

3. Vaseline locks in your fragrance

Vaseline always seems to be the holy grail salve for everything. Wounds, lash extension, and… fragrances? Yes, we’re not kidding you. To make your fragrance last even longer, try rubbing Vaseline on your pulse points before you spray your fragrance on top.

Just like how it works to trap moisture in your skin, Vaseline also traps the alcohol-based scents and makes it last longer than usual. Nowadays, Vaseline also comes in really tiny bottles that would fit easily into any clutch or makeup pouch, so it’s all the easier to carry it around with you!

4. Well-hydrated skin holds on to fragrance better

perfume hacks moisturiser

A word of advice: Dry skin is the nemesis to your fragrance longevity. Avoid spraying perfume over dry chapped skin. You want the essential oils and goodness to soak into your skin instead of it evaporating away, and absorption is always better when your skin is well hydrated.

DV Tip: Slather on unscented lotion and moisturiser on your skin, you certainly don’t want any other scent competing with your expensive fragrances!

5. Apply fragrance right after the shower

perfume hacks shower

Spraying fragrance right after a steamy hot shower helps to lock in the scent. It works on the same principles as applying moisturisers or Vaseline. The shower opens your pores and helps your fragrance to stick around for that much longer so you can get more mileage out of it.

6. Don’t rub your wrists together

General Perfume 2 1

Don’t worry, we’ve all bought into this age-old myth at some point or another, but rubbing your wrists does not maximise your fragrance’s staying power at all.

Rubbing your wrists together can even force the top notes of your perfume to break down and fade faster than it would have if you had simply left them alone.

Instead, simply let your perfume sit and do its own thing, and the fragrance story will remain more intact than otherwise.

7. Use the right type of perfume for longevity

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Understanding your perfume’s oil concentrations is important. The staying power of perfume is heavily dependent on the amount of essential oils it contains.

If you really want a perfume that would stick around all day with only one spritz, opt for one with the highest concentration of oil. Yes, it may be more costly but in this case, you are really getting what you paid for.

For example, eau de parfum are expensive but they contain around 15% to 20% of essential oils and can last for 6 to 8 hours with a single spritz – that’s your entire work day done.

In comparison, eau de toilettes and colognes, while more affordable, contain only 5% essential oils and last about 3 to 6 hours, which means you have to bring it around with you if you’d like to freshen up your fragrance in the middle of your day.

8. Understand the notes in your fragrance

Every fragrance generally has “notes”, which are basically the scents that are released consecutively as the alcoholic carrier of the perfume evaporates. It determines how your perfume will smell like as time passes, so you’ll really want to know about this if you want to get the most out of your perfume.

Notes are separated into three classes: top, middle (or “heart”), and base notes. Top notes are the first scent you smell immediately after spraying on your fragrance, but this usually fades away after a minute.

The middle, or heart, notes are the core scents of the fragrance and develops gradually after the top note evaporates. It can last for the next few hours, before it fades to give way to the base notes. The base notes are the heaviest of the scents, and also the one which lingers the longest.

The base notes affect the longevity of your perfume and the overall scent of your fragrance. The compounds of the base notes are typically richer and deeper, and the essential oils linger the longest on your skin.

There is more variety of scents for top and middle notes (which makes a fragrance citrusy, fruity, or floral), but there is less diversity among base notes.

Base notes are often woodsy and musky smelling – sandalwood, musk, vanilla, and amber are popular base notes. Knowing the different notes in your perfumes help you better choose a scent that you will be pleased with for the entire duration it lingers on your skin.

9. Get a fragrance with long-lasting base notes

Now that you know the differences amongst the notes, you might want to consider choosing a perfume with a woodsy base note as they tend to have better staying power. Scents with citrus base notes tend to disappear the fastest!

10. Perfume up your hair brush

comb hair

Do you recall having barbeque or post Mookata smelling hair and the sticky dread of having a head smelling like sizzling piece of beef that you just ate?

Your hair actually traps scents even better than your skin does, and going along the lines of this logic, spraying fragrance on your hair will ensure that the scent hangs around longer too.

If you are concerned about spraying alcohol on to your scalp, you can instead spray it onto your hairbrush and comb the smell through your hair. Doing this will still distribute the scent evenly over your hair strands, and minimise the contact of alcohol with your scalp.

11. Create your own perfumed lotion

You love a perfume so much that you’re almost done with the whole bottle, but there’s still that tiny bit of liquid left that you’re struggling to spritz out. Well, you don’t have to simply throw it out now!

Get the maximum mileage out of your perfume by pouring the last remnants of it into an unscented lotion so you can create your very own customised lotion smelling like your favourite perfume.

12. Infuse your clothes with your favourite fragrance

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This is our favourite hack, and that’s why we kept it for the last. Basically, line your dresser and wardrobe with tissue papers spritzed with your favourite perfume so your clothes can smell exactly like the fragrance you’d like to be associated with.

This is an easy and quick hack, and smelling your favourite scent all around you will surely do wonders for your mood everyday!