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While we experience summer all year long in Singapore, the extreme mid-year heat is definitely getting to us during the warmest time of the year. We’re tempted to chop off our hair and go for a shorter hairstyle to help beat the heat, if we’re being honest.

What’s holding us back is probably the chance of getting flat-looking hair that’s plain and boring, often made worse throughout the day when it starts to get greasy.

Fret not, as we’ve compiled popular perms for short and mid-length hair that are trending on the streets of Korea and Japan. Keep reading for some serious hair inspo – you’ll want to bookmark these looks for your next hair appointment.

1. C-Curl Perm

A signature perm in Korea that has been heavily popularised after various Korean actresses and Kpop idols pulled off this particular perm. Why is this such a popular perm? Well, it’s often done with an inward bending method which helps frame your face, helping it appear smaller!

Due to the nature of the perm, C-curl perms work best with short and medium-length hair as it’s a very simple and subtle curl that focuses on adding waves to the bottom of your hair. We don’t recommend this for longer hair as it tends to weigh down your hair, which can make you appear tired and more sullen.

2. S-Curl Perm

The S curl perm is yet another style that has been loved by many Korean actresses and K-Pop idols. The perm pretty much shares the same effect as the C-curl perm, except these waves are more pronounced.


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The S-curl perm flatters the angles of your face, giving you a soft feminine look. Plus, it’s incredibly low-maintenance and versatile. It requires minimal styling, which will save you a tremendous amount of time when you get ready every morning.

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3. Retro Curl Perm

A style that has been seen on the streets of Japan, this extremely simple and natural perm will definitely have you looking younger!


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Adding bangs to this style will also help frame your face for a youthful look. A perm style that has been around for quite a long while now, we definitely don’t see this evergreen perm going out of style anytime soon.

4. Pleat Perm

The Pleat Perm is pretty much the opposite of a C-curl perm – it curls outwards instead of bending inwards.

This distinctive style gives you a little flair right above your neck, exuding elegance so you can channel your inner classy French lady.

5. Wheat Ear Curls

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance perm, this is definitely for you! You’ll look put together at all times thanks to this perm, even if you’ve just stepped out of the shower with hair that’s soaking wet.

If you like to stand out from the crowd with a unique perm or you’re looking for a complete hair makeover, then give this perm a try. It’s also the perfect perm style for those who have naturally flat hair. The technique lifts the roots of your hair, which gives your tresses a boost of volume.

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