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Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach isn’t just a pretty face. She’s also a beacon of confidence and self-care, a role model for many girls.

As much as her inner beauty has won many hearts out there, her radiant skin and luscious locks are the object of envy for many. (Even her wax figure in Madame Tussauds Singapore has us swooning at her beauty!)

In this article, we’ll explore Pia’s beauty secrets, including her tips and tricks for looking and feeling her best. Read on for more!

Find the Right Products for Your Hair

Pia Wurtzbach Beauty Tips Hair

Credits: @piawurtzbach/Instagram

The saying “heavy is the head that wears the crown” rings true for Pia, but only because of those thick and luscious locks of hers!

There’s no denying the beauty queen’s photogenic good looks, especially the curl and shine of her long tresses. Her tip for getting healthy hair like her own? Finding the right products for your hair!

The key to finding products that cater to your hair’s needs and preferences is to understand your hair type and the concerns you want to tackle.

It might seem daunting at first, to leap into haircare without prior knowledge, and while she acknowledges that it might take some time to find the right products for your hair, it’ll be worth all your efforts when you see the results.

The same can be said for Pia, who has found a comrade in Cream Silk’s hair products. She brings them everywhere with her, even on her travels, refusing to go anywhere without it.

Be Consistent With Your Beauty Routine

Pia Wurtzbach Beauty Tips Bare Faced

Credits: @piawurtzbach/Instagram

Sometimes, the secret ingredient to flawless skin isn’t exfoliation (though that would be a close second), but consistency.

Pia strongly believes in the importance of being consistent with your beauty routine. Instead of dropping a product because you don’t see immediate results, or getting lazy and skipping steps in your beauty routine, be patient and stick it out!

Your skin and hair will not transform overnight. To see the results that you’re hoping for, you need to be dutiful in maintaining your routine—only then will you give the products a chance to work their magic!

Put On a Hair Mask While Working Out

Pia Wurtzbach Beauty Tips Workout

Credits: @piawurtzbach/Instagram

One stone kills two birds with Pia’s final beauty tip!

All of us know the struggle that comes with applying a hair mask. You’ll have to sit around and wait for it to penetrate your hair, which can be pretty time-consuming.

If you’re always on the move and would rather save time in the shower, you might appreciate this tip of hers: instead of sitting around to wait for her hair to soak in the hair mask, she’ll put her hair mask on during her workout.

After she is done with her workout, she’ll take a shower and rinse off the hair mask simultaneously. That way, she gets an hour of exercise in while nourishing her hair.

Featured image credits: @piawurtzbach/Instagram