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Whether it’s a sunny day out, a sweat session at the gym, or a date night with your special someone, throwing your hair up into a ponytail seems like the most practical style to go for.

This classic hairstyle is so versatile, we think there’s never a place or time that’s inappropriate for it – hey, we even see celebs rockin’ a ponytail on the red carpet.

We usually do this one-step hairstyle by pulling all our hair straight back and we dare say it’s almost impossible to mess up.

But here’s the thing, we may have been unaware of these mistakes when tying a ponytail – mistakes that could actually be making the ponytail unflattering on you, because the secret to an amazing ponytail is knowing how to tweak it based on your face shape and facial features.

Ready to level up your ponytail game? Read on for the seven mistakes to avoid for a flattering ponytail!

1. Oval face

1. Oval Face

Photo by @dlwlrma and @roses_are_rosie on Instagram

If you’ve got an oval-shaped face and a wide forehead, chances are you got bangs once upon a time and never went back because your bangs help to balance out the proportions of your face.

However, a high ponytail may throw off that balance because it visually lengthens the proportions of your face.

Instead, speak to your hairdresser and find bangs that suit you, and tie your ponytail lower and closer to the nape of your neck.

2. Round face

2. Round Face

Photo by @salena.gomezj and @chrissyteigen on Instagram

When it comes to a round face, the higher the pony, the better! The height at the crown of your head will help to balance the roundness of your cheeks and face.

By doing so, you bring the focus upward and elongate your face. Avoid doing slick-backed ponytails, which will highlight the roundness of your face.

3. Square face

3. Square Face

Photo by @keiraknightleyofficiall on Instagram

It’s important to soften this angular face shape with some face-framing pieces.

After doing your pony, leave out a few front pieces to create a soft layered effect. You’ll want to part your hair in the centre for this, as the face-framing pieces will help soften the angular jawline and hide the width of your cheeks when they’re balanced on both sides.

You might also want to consider adding waves and some wispy bangs to soften the angles of your face.

4. Heart-shaped face

4. Heart Shaped Face

Photo by @lucyhale and @jenniferlawrence_ on Instagram

The solution to a wide forehead and narrow chin? Side-swept bangs! This style of bangs help to balance out your face by hiding your wide forehead, drawing attention to your cheeks instead.

For ponytails, you’ll want to go for a mid-height ponytail that’s right at the crown because it looks best when pulled backwards, opening up the face without bringing more attention forehead.

5. Diamond face

5. Diamond Face

Photo by @heybiblee and @whee_inthemood on Instagram

This face shape is actually very similar to oval faces, but with a slightly more pointy chin, cheekbones, and hairline.

Make sure the top of your head is softly rounded when you tie your ponytail to balance out your chiselled cheekbones, and create an illusion of fullness at the crown by backcombing the roots of your hair to boost volume, then smoothing it back into a neat ponytail.

6. Long neck

6. Long Neck

Photo by @dlwlrma and @itzy.all.in.us on Instagram

We’re just as envious of ladies with long, elegant necks as you are, but more often than not, a ponytail would look unflattering on them. Why? Because this hairstyle further elongates how their necks look.

If you’ve got a long neck but still want to do your hair, a half up half down hairstyle would do absolute wonders. Simply secure the hair with a claw clip, barrette, or scrunchie and add a little curl at the end for more volume and a layered look.

7. Small forehead

7. Small Forehead

Photo by @itzy.all.in.us and @jennierubyjane on Instagram

As with the previous tips, it’s important to know how to balance the angles of your face. Thus, with a smaller forehead, you’ll want to add height to your ponytail instead of shrinking or bringing it lower.

Give off the illusion of elongating your face with a topknot bun or high ponytail that’s just peeking out a little above your forehead.