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We love our beauty products, and we want them to have a happy home.

We have recently found a thread within Reddit where makeup enthusiasts share their vanities. (Psst, many of them are built by their significant others or dads. And we wonder why we don’t get a swanky new vanity for our birthdays or for Valentine’s Day!)

And in case you want inspirations or to drop a big hint to someone you know are great with tools, here are a few beautiful vanity tables that proud owners have put up on Reddit.

Oh, and if anyone complains that you’re wasting time, just remind them that it is for a good purpose – after all, wouldn’t it help shave us precious time if we can easily reach for our tube of lipstick in the morning?

1. For The Aspiring Minimalist

Reddit Vanity Table 1

If your aesthetic this year is to have a clean, minimalistic room, this vanity may just be the solution. We especially love the deep wood colours and the beautiful mirror set in its middle, allowing us to prim at our gorgeous reflections. Sleek and simple, the vanity is absolute #goals in our lives.

2. For The Organiser

Reddit Vanity Table 2

If a big mirror is out of your size budget, consider this alternative. We also love that the owner of this vanity table has plenty of organisation space: two rows of neat drawers and a lot of clear plastic drawers to stack on top of one another. You can easily buy many of these plastic drawers from places like Taobao at very affordable prices – they are not tacky either, but goes along with the simple theme as well!

If clear plastic drawers are not your thing, simply purchase some fancy floral or crepe paper and line the clear drawers with these. Try Daiso for these craft materials. Pinterest has nothing on us!

3. For The Hoarder

Reddit Vanity Table 3

We don’t know about you, but the DV team is guilty of owning way too many beauty products. We could wax lyrical about the importance of owning at least ten different shades of red lipsticks, but that isn’t the focus of this article (another day, perhaps!).

If you have the same sentiments as we do, look no further. Looking at this particular vanity definitely made us jump for joy; most products are compartmentalised neatly in a table top that can be lifted to accommodate more things. That leaves you room to put only the most important items on the table top itself, and even a pretty succulent or two to adorn the area. The best part is that this vanity is bought from IKEA, which we all know is a synonym for inexpensive*.

*OK, we know it isn’t a literal synonym, but that was our poor attempt at a joke.

4. For The Dreamy Workaholic

Reddit Vanity Table 4

This vanity made us gasp when we first saw it – how avant-garde! If you dream occasionally of being a Hollywood star, check this gorgeous set-up out.

The backlight of the mirror gives off the distinctive Hollywood vibe, all the while ensuring that you won’t smear your makeup early in the morning. It’s also a genius idea to use a tall cabinet to store all the makeup if you’re not the type to sit down at a vanity to apply your products leisurely. Just grab what you need, slap it on your face, and you’re good to go! Functional, practical yet pretty, this might be our personal favourite vanity yet!

5. For The Space-Constrained

Reddit Vanity Table 5

Not everybody has the luxury of owning a room that can comfortably fit an extra vanity, so if you aren’t fussed about making space for an extra vanity table, this could be the one for you.

The trolley can be found in IKEA in various appealing shades (we recommend the teal-blue one for an extra pop of colour) for SGD50 or so. Simply fit a mirror on top and you’re good to go! The three tiers of the trolley also means you can sort your makeup products out in various patterns – perhaps you might want to sort it by frequency of use, or makeup type. Like the Reddit poster, you can also use little storage pockets or containers in each trolley tier to further sort out your products.

We hope this short listicle has somewhat inspired you to work on your vanity, whether you prefer a glamorous or simple one. What more, all the materials you need are easily accessible and relatively cheap, so don’t worry about busting your budget!