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Many of us look to skincare solutions when we notice visible blemishes on our skin. We ask our friends what is the holy grail product they use to improve their complexion, and we invest in that one amazing product in the hopes that it will turn our skin around and deliver a miracle.

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Unfortunately, like a lot of things, resolving your skin woes takes commitment; it usually takes more than just one good product to see quick and good results. An entire regime that targets at your issue is what is needed.

Skin brightening, in particular, is one of those skin concerns that you’ll need to have a dedicated regime for; there are just too many factors to improving dull-looking complexion and eliminate the appearance of spots and blemishes! Using a comprehensive range of products that are all designed for brightening will ensure that you’re working towards more radiant skin every step of the way. Trust us, your concerted effort will definitely pay off.

This is what a complete brightening regime should look like:

1. An exfoliator

A gentle exfoliator ensures that the layer of dead skin cells that accumulates on the surface of your skin is slough away without irritating your skin. This is an important step because it doesn’t just mean that new, fresh and radiant skin under this layer will be revealed, it also preps your skin so that the skincare goodness of the products you’re about to apply next can penetrate properly into the depths of your skin.

Snowise Brightening Exfoliating Gel_Product shot
DV Recommends: Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Exfoliating Gel (SGD68). This is an upgraded formula from the original Snowise Brightening Line. Containing fine powders of White Ginseng, created by drying and grinding eco-friendly ginseng, and walnut shell powder, it gently scrubs away dead skin cells. Denser than its predecessor, it leaves skin purified, looking clear, and feeling smooth. Thanks to the Honey and Beta Glucan extract in the formula, it refreshes the skin and control its moisture balance, so your skin feels hydrated and free from tightness after washing.

2. A powerful serum

A serum to a skincare regime is like fuel to a car, it powers the entire routine to deliver the results that the skincare range promises. Look for a serum that has brightening claims rooted in science, and features premium ingredients that you know are going to care for your skin.

Snowise Brightening Serum_Product shot

DV Recommends: Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Serum (SGD268). The signature product of the Snowise Brightening Line, this serum lives up to the hype because of the technology that propels it. In fact, the latest generation of this serum has upgraded its formula to have 2.5 times more concentration of its star ingredient, the Enriched White Ginseng Polysaccharides.

Our skin begins to sag with age and these “hollows” that are formed from the sagging leaves our skin looking dull and dark because of the shadow that they cast on the skin. This is why this Sulwhasoo serum doesn’t just fight pigmentation, but also firms the appearance of skin. It does so by activating the “Balancing Brightening Factor” (our skin’s ability to generate collagen and restrict melanin), so that skin becomes firmer and brighter. You will also love the dewiness it offers to your complexion right after application.

3. Targeted treatment

If you’re seeing stubborn spots and blemishes, or want to prevent their appearance, a targeted treatment that specifically eliminate them is important. What you need is a spot solution that diminish the look of melanin from within, and prevent the accumulation of melanin so spots won’t occur.

Snowise Brightening Spot Treatment_Product shot

DV Recommends: Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Spot Treatment (SGD158). Providing a localised treatment for targeted areas, this upgraded product doesn’t just fight melanin, it has also adopted a new ingredient, Pine Mushroom extract, to prevent melanin pigmentation from forming.

4. A cream to seal in all the brightening goodness

A moisturiser is one of the most basic products that you should have in your skincare regime. Investing in a brightening cream means that you’re boosting your skin’s moisture level, and at the same time, restoring your skin’s natural barrier, which has been weakened by pigmentation. At the same time, it serves as the perfect seal to lock in all the goodness from the brightening products you’ve just applied.

Snowise Brightening Cream_Product shot

DV Recommends: Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Cream (SGD168). This moisturiser that can be used both in the day and night has been upgraded to offer an even more lightweight and refreshing texture. It features the White Lily extract that cools down heat, an ageing factor, and also Cactus extract, which is able to help lock in moisture even in the harshest environments.

5. Brightening mask as a weekly booster

Whether it is as a quick fix to improve your complexion for an important event, or as a regular maintenance for your skin, a facial mask is one of the most convenient and effective booster you can give your skin. There are many types of masks around, so which do you choose? Go for a bio-cellulose mask that focuses on brightening. The special bio-cellulose mask is more snug, which means your skin can absorb the serum on the mask more easily, and you can still go around with other activities while the mask is on, if you’d like to. This will definitely take your routine from basic to superior.

Snowise Brightening Mask_Package+Pouch shot(2)

DV Recommends: Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Mask (SGD162 for 10 sheets).  More concentrated than before, this mask is fortified with White Ginseng Polysaccharides to bring about a strong whitening care solution. Soaked simply in luxurious serum, this mask is produced with a meticulous seven-step, 14-day fermentation and refining process, to ensure that it is of top quality to deliver instant clarity to the appearance of skin.

Should you be using products from the same range?

While it is not entirely necessary to do so, using products from the same range has significant benefit because they are designed to complement one another. Some active ingredients “clash” with one another, and when used together, can diminish their effectiveness, and in worse cases, may even cause irritation. Using products from the same range prevents this problem. You can ensure the ingredients work well with one another, and all products are formulated to work well together to offer a positive overall result.

Snowise Brightening_Line shot (1)

The upgraded Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Line, for instance, consists products that are designed to work together to focus on colour care effects in the skin through anti-glycation actions. All of them tap on Sulwhasoo’s expertise in anti-ageing and 50 years of research in ginseng to collectively offer a “volume brightening” effect – firming and brightening – so that skin brightening is taken care of with a two-prong strategy.

The Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Line is available in Sulwhasoo Boutique and counters island-wide.

This article is brought to you by Sulwhasoo.