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1) Shop Your Go-to Makeup In Pairs

This will not only help you save yourself the hassle of having to pack them into your bag every morning but also from the agony of realizing that you left your concealer or brow pencil at home. That said, don’t go overboard buying everything in pairs! The key is to streamline and have only essentials in your makeup pouch that you take along with you everyday.

That thirty seconds you have to spare should be spent fixing your makeup, not rummaging through an entire bag of unnecessary stuff you won’t have time to use anyway.  Stick cream foundations that match your natural skin color can double up as concealer, and pencil eyeliners are an easy substitute for a quick brow touch up!

2) Highlighter In A Flash

A colorless lip balm can lend a subtle sheen to your skin and instantly make you look fresh and at the top of your game. Rather than smearing the entire stick across your cheekbones, gently rub off just a bit of product onto your fingers and tap lightly tap onto the your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, and on your chin for a natural glow. While you’re at it, complete with a swipe across your lips to keep them soft and hydrated!

Tip: Avoid using lip gloss. They don’t blend well and the thick, sticky consistency and shine is just going to make you look like u have an oil slick on your face, not to mention make your hair stick to your face should the wind blow. Not a very sexy look.

3) Shading Substitutes

Improvise. Use a matte brown eyebrow pencil or pencil eyeliner as you would a shading stick. Make some light strokes down the sides of your nose and use your fingers to blend out for some quick contouring.

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