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Most of us already understand the importance of sunscreen. And while it’s great that more of us are slathering on the SPF before stepping outside, we often forget another important detail: reapplication.

Yup, reapplying sunscreen is just as crucial as your initial application, but this extra step in our routine presents a new challenge for makeup wearers. After all, how on earth are we to apply SPF over our makeup without actually ruining it?

Well, fret not. Because we’ve got two methods to help you reapply sunscreen like a pro and ensure adequate protection from the sun all year long. But first, let’s find out why sunscreen reapplication is so important.

Why we have to reapply sunscreen

Sunscreen breaks down with sun exposure

somethinc sunscreens sun exposure

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Whether you opt for a sunscreen with chemical or mineral filters, they will all start to break down when they’re exposed to UV rays.

The active ingredients that provide UV protection will begin to weaken as they do their job, which is why reapplication is required.

We unknowingly rub off sunscreen

somethinc rub off sunscreen

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Sunscreens are typically invisible on the skin (and shouldn’t make you look like Casper!), which makes it trickier for us to tell if it’s still there after several hours.

But, think of it as foundation. After a couple of hours, our base makeup probably won’t look as flawless as it did, and some of it likely transferred onto our face mask, fingers, and more. The same goes for sunscreen.

Our habits and actions throughout the day can cause SPF to rub off, leaving areas more vulnerable to the sun.

Water and sweat wash away SPF

somethinc sunscreens sweat

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Just like showering or swimming, sweat can wash away sunscreen and eliminate its effects. That’s because sunscreen sits on the top of our skin instead of being absorbed, so it’s way easier for it to be removed by environmental factors.

Needless to say, if you’re out playing sports, about to have a sweat fest at a concert, or are planning a beach day, your best bet is to use a water- and sweat-resistant sunscreen. The longer you’re in the sun, the more your sunscreen with break down.

This is why many dermatologists stress the importance of sunscreen reapplication when you’re spending extended periods outdoors.

When and how to reapply sunscreen

Ideally, you should be putting on another coat of sunscreen every two hours, but numerous reapplications throughout the day can easily disturb your makeup, especially if you’ve gone full glam.

Don’t worry. We’ve got two methods to share as well as sunscreens to recommend for makeup looks that last throughout the day.

Method 1: If you don’t want to disturb a full face of makeup

Step 1: Prep your skin with a sunscreen gel

SOMETHINC Holyshield! UV Watery Sunscreen Gel bottle

Credit: Daily Vanity

I decided to do a full face of makeup, which is why I needed a sunscreen that could double up as a primer. Thankfully, I had SOMETHINC’s Holyshield! UV Watery Sunscreen Gel on hand.

SOMETHINC Holyshield! UV Watery Sunscreen Gel texture 1

Credit: Daily Vanity

This particular sunscreen is my current go-to as it contains “snowflake” molecules that give its gel texture an extra cooling sensation. It also has a slightly fruity, bubblegum-like scent that smells lovely, and my sensitive skin really appreciates the gentle, alcohol-free formula too.

SOMETHINC Holyshield! UV Watery Sunscreen Gel after application

Even though I used about two finger lengths worth of sunscreen, it still settled really quickly on my skin without leaving a greasy residue or white cast.

Plus, it provides an SPF 50+ PA++++ protection that shields my skin from UVA rays five times more effectively. And in case you weren’t aware, UVA rays penetrate your skin deeper than UVB, and prolonged exposure to it is what causes genetic damage to the cells.

The Holyshield! UV Watery Sunscreen Gel did feel slightly tacky on my skin at first, which is perfect for my foundation to grip onto. I also liked how glowy it made my complexion appear.

Step 2: Apply makeup

SOMETHINC Holyshield! UV Watery Sunscreen Gel after makeup

I went ahead and applied the rest of my makeup, starting with foundation and blush, and finishing it off with mascara and brow pencil.

Overall, my skin still looked glowy and healthy because of the sunscreen base.

Step 3: Reapply SPF with a sunscreen mist

SOMETHINC Holyshield! Sunscreen Shake Mist product shot

Credit: Daily Vanity

Since I stepped out in the sweltering heat to get lunch, it was time for a sunscreen reapplication. I topped up my SPF by spritzing on the SOMETHINC Holyshield! Sunscreen Shake Mist.

SOMETHINC Holyshield! Sunscreen Shake Mist spray

Credit: Daily Vanity

The sunscreen mist flexes SPF46 PA+++ and contains an Encapsulated UV Filter, which bolsters your skin’s protection against both UVA and UVB rays.

Spraying it all over my face and neck was easy too. I closed my eyes and misted away, making sure I had covered all ground. It bears the same fruity scent as the Holyshield! UV Watery Sunscreen Gel, which smells pleasant but dissipated after a few minutes.

SOMETHINC Holyshield! Sunscreen Shake Mist reapplication

After letting the mist settle on my skin for a couple of minutes, I glanced in the mirror, and my makeup had been refreshed. It also took on a healthy glow thanks to the hydrating mist.

I liked how lightweight and non-greasy the sunscreen mist was. Having this light bottle on hand makes reapplication a breeze too, especially since my work days are often hectic. It just leaves me with one less thing to worry about.

Method 2: If you wear little to no makeup

Step 1: Apply a colour-correcting sunscreen to even out skin tone

SOMETHINC Sunscreen Comfort Corrector Serum product shot

Credit: Daily Vanity

This look is going to be closer to my everyday makeup look, and all I’ll need is a tinted moisturiser and tinted lip balm. However, my skin was feeling a little irritated and it looked red all over, which called for a colour-correcting sunscreen: the SOMETHINC Sunscreen Comfort Corrector Serum.

SOMETHINC Sunscreen Comfort Corrector Serum texture 1

Credit: Daily Vanity

A two-in-one sunscreen and skin corrector, this SPF is designed to even out the complexion and cancel out any redness. It’s able to achieve the latter thanks to its green tint, which neutralises red tones in the skin.

The fragrance-free sunscreen also has an ultralight, fluid texture that blends out effortlessly on my skin without feeling sticky at all.

SOMETHINC Sunscreen Comfort Corrector Serum application

As you can see, the sunscreen serum was able to hide my redness and even out my skin tone. There’s a slight tone-up effect, which didn’t bother me much.

Just like the UV Sunscreen Watery Gel, it’s also armed with SPF 50+ PA++++ protection to defend my skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays.

Step 2: Apply makeup

SOMETHINC Sunscreen Comfort Corrector Serum after makeup

Makeup application was quick and easy that day as I smoothed on some tinted moisturiser, pencilled in my brows, and swiped on tinted lip balm to liven up my complexion.

The tinted moisturiser lends a dewier finish, but thankfully it didn’t move the Sunscreen Comfort Corrector Serum around or cause it to pill underneath.

Step 3: Reapply SPF with a sunscreen stick

SOMETHINC Glowing Up Sunscreen Stick tube

Credit: Daily Vanity

I stayed in throughout the day, but as I had been sitting next to a large window all morning, it was still best to top up my SPF. Since I wasn’t wearing heavy makeup, I reached for the SOMETHINC Glowing Up Sunscreen Stick.

SOMETHINC Glowing Up Sunscreen Stick texture

Credit: Daily Vanity

The sunscreen stick has a transparent, vegan formula that glides on the skin smoothly. It has a light, balmy texture that doesn’t feel sticky on the skin too, which really surprised me. This one also offers SPF50+ PA++++ protection to protect my skin adequately.

Like any sunscreen, you have to apply the right amount in order to have and maintain broad-spectrum protection. The more the merrier, in general, but applying it four passes back and forth on each area of my face helped ensure I got a good amount on.

SOMETHINC Glowing Up Sunscreen Stick reapplication

I also did a couple more passes on the high points of my face, such as my cheekbones and forehead for a glowier look. It really added a gorgeous glow to my skin – it’s almost like I used a natural-looking highlighter!

I was also pleasantly surprised that it only moved the tinted moisturiser on my forehead a little, as it was getting slightly greasy. Other than that, the rest of my makeup stayed put and looked glowier than ever.

If you aren’t wearing any makeup, you can also rub the sunscreen in after applying to ensure you didn’t skip any areas. This compact stick sunscreen is tiny enough to stow away in my bag for easy, mess-free application – a huge plus in my book!

About SOMETHINC and where to purchase its sunscreens

somethinc sunscreens group shot 1

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If this is your first time hearing about SOMETHINC, we’d love for you to get acquainted. You’ll be pleased to know that it’s the #1 bestselling skincare brand in Indonesia, and its products are finally available to us in Singapore.

The brand has even picked up several awards during a short span of three years, including Local Brand of The Year by Female Daily, Top Selling Brand of The Year 2021 by Beautyhaul, and the #1 Bestselling Skincare Brand by Shopee Indonesia – just to name a few!

Ready to give SOMETHINC’s sunscreens a try? Here’s where you can get your hands on them:

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