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Smudged foundation and lipstick stains on our masks have got to be some of the most stubborn stains we’ve ever encountered! If you’re a makeup wearer and use reusable masks, chances are you probably spend a good minute or two trying to scrub out the stains at the end of the day.

But hey, you’re not alone! As a mask-wearer myself who can’t give up her lippies, I’ve tried and tested various hacks to get rid of the stains on my mask that will work for you too.

Below, the life-saving hacks that will keep your mask clean, pristine, and stain-free.

Clean up stains on the go with…

Makeup wipes

Photo by Kylie Skin

If makeup wipes can remove makeup off your face in one swipe, who’s to say it can’t do the same for makeup on your mask too?

Gently dab and rub at the stain, making sure to squeeze the solution out of the wipe as you go.

But, bear in mind that this method only works on fresh stains that haven’t dried or set yet. If you’re looking to remove a day’s worth of smudged foundation, read on for more!

Scrub and rub the stains out with…

Facial cleanser

For this method, you’ll want a cleanser that foams and lathers, so it’ll really get in there and remove the stain. Dispense a small pea-size drop onto an already wet mask and scrub gently.

DV tip: The Biore Facial Foam Mild has worked wonders with removing makeup stains on my mask. It even leaves my reusable makeup remover pads looking good as new! Get yours here for S$7.90 at Watsons.

Rubbing alcohol

Encountered some pesky oil-based makeup stains? Rubbing alcohol will do just the trick! Pour a few drops directly onto the stain then gently rub until it disappears — the alcohol helps to break down any oily and waxy stains.

Dishwashing soap

Your trusty Mama Lemon dishwashing soap may remove more than just grease after all. This method works great for removing oil-based stains too – simply rub in a small amount on the stain to get rid of it.

Let it sit in…

But if you haven’t got the time or patience to scrub out the stains, soaking your stained masks in this solution is the answer to all your problems.

Shaving cream

All you need to do is just dispense a coin-sized amount of shaving cream onto the stain and let it work its magic and make the stain vanish. Once it’s gone, give your mask a good rinse and you’re all set.

Gentle soap and lukewarm water

This solution is so easy to mix and it involves things you already have — just a couple of pumps of mild soap in a bowl of lukewarm water. Let your mask soak in there until the stains are lifted, then scrub the rest away.

What you can scrub your mask with

We’ve mentioned scrubbing and rubbing the stains out a lot above, but what exactly should you be scrubbing with? Using your hands or the other side of your mask may work but these two everyday items you’ll find in your household will make getting those pesky stains out a lot easier.

Soft-bristled toothbrushes

You’ll be surprised at how good toothbrushes are at removing stains! That being said, make sure to opt for a soft-bristled one and don’t use too much force, because you might end up damaging or even ripping a hole in your mask.

Reusable makeup remover pads

They’re compact, easy to wash, and work well to remove stains too. You won’t even have to struggle with a cotton pad crumbling into pieces or a large cloth with these tiny cotton pads.

You can get a pack of eight from Rubi stores for just S$3, and they’ll last you for quite a while.