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When it comes to beauty services, signing up for a package is actually a great way to save money, compared to buying sessions à la carte. The commitment will also encourage you to make those much-needed appointments, which you may otherwise neglect.

However, we know that committing to a beauty salon package can be a little daunting. After all, you’ll be parting with a relatively large sum of money and be sticking to a beauty salon till the package runs its course. This is why our handy check-list will help you make more discerning decisions, and hopefully, you’ll find a great salon to commit a satisfactory package deal with.

1. Trust recommendations

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The best way to know if a beauty salon is good or not is through the reviews of those who have tried it. If you notice a friend with glowing skin or someone who seem to have turned around her hair issues, ask them if there’s a beauty salon they have been going to and what they thought about them. Getting recommendations is going to help you narrow down your search intensively.

Of course, you may not always have friends around who have had good experiences with salons. In this case, we suggest that you check out the list of winners from the Daily Vanity Spa & Hair Awards 2020. These winners are chosen by more than 3,300 readers who voted based on their personal experiences – that’s kind of like getting recommendations from almost 4,000 people!

There are 12 categories that you can check out, ranging from the best facials for different skin concerns to the grooming services of all kinds. There are also special perks for you to sign up for when you visit the site.

2. Go for a trial

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Now that you’ve narrow down your options from the recommendations you’ve received, schedule a session with these salons. Most beauty salons offer an introductory price for first-time customers so you won’t have to spend a bomb while figuring out who to stick with.

During the trial session, make sure you seize the opportunity to check out all the facilities the salon has and the menu of treatments it offers. Be aware of how comfortable you are at the salon, the effectiveness of the treatments, and whether you like their service level.

3. Consider the overall philosophy of salon

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You may like one of the therapists or stylists at the salon, and it’s the key reason why you are tempted to sign up for a package with the salon. Or, the contrary could be true: you didn’t like the therapist who served you during your trial, and that held you off. But take note that the package that you sign is with the salon and not the therapist. The same therapist may not always be assigned to you, and he/she may also leave the company or outlet.

So, before you visit and during your visit, try to find out more about the overall philosophy of the salon: What are their standard protocol? What’s their approach to treating your beauty concern?

4. Find out if there are hidden costs or terms

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The package deal may sound very attractive, but are there any other costs you may be subjected to later on? Find out exactly if there are any top-ups that you may be expected to pay outside of your package, and for terms such as whether there’s an expiry date and your ability to transfer your package.

5. Location, location, location

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If you like the service and find the price reasonable, ask yourself one final question: will you find it inconvenient to visit the salon (or its branches)? If you find the location difficult for you to get to, chances are you are going to resist making appointments in the future.

Before you go, don’t forget to take a look at the list of winners at the Daily Vanity Spa & Hair Awards 2020. You’ll be able to find the best-rated beauty treatments across 12 categories (click on each of them to bring you directly to the list you’re interested in):

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