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When it comes to achieving hair that is healthy and silky-smooth, we often turn to shine-promoting shampoos, deep-conditioning hair masks, and repairing hair treatments.

While we focus on treating the lengths of our hair, many of us are forgetting something else that’s literally at the root of the problem of unhealthy tresses: our scalps.

What does the scalp have to do with it?

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Our scalps have thousands of hair follicles from which our hair grows and since the scalp is where hair growth begins, it only makes sense that the condition of the scalp will affect the health of our hair too.

When hair follicles are blocked by a buildup of heavy hair products, dead skin cells, dirt, or any other impurities, the quality of hair growth decreases. In other words, an unhealthy scalp leads to unhealthy hair; whereas a healthy scalp paves the way for thicker, shinier, and smoother tresses!

Besides, with a healthy scalp, you’ll also feel more comfortable at your roots – say goodbye to a scalp that’s oily, itchy, dry, or flakey.

Before you even begin focusing on treating the lengths of your tresses, we’re here to share the best ways to catch up with the one important thing you’ve been missing out on for healthier hair.

4 ways to give your scalp a detox

Brush your hair regularly

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Often skip brushing your hair? Then you would also be missing out on the easiest way to remove the debris from your scalp. As the bristles of the brush run over the scalp, they also pick up dirt or other impurities that have accumulated on it, thus starting the exfoliation process.

Brushing your hair also helps to stimulate blood circulation at the scalp, which encourages hair growth. In addition, brushing brings the natural oils from your scalp down to the lengths of your hair, giving your tresses a healthier shine!

Use a scalp scrub

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Photo source: Nana Lapushkina on Unsplash

If you use a scrub on your skin for exfoliation, why wouldn’t you use a scrub on your scalp too?

Scalp scrubs are exactly what their name suggests: they’re scrubs for the scalp that help to slough away dead skin cells, removing the build-up of hair products as well as getting rid of excess oils and dirt.

All you have to do is apply the product directly onto your head (not the lengths of the hair), massage it on your scalp with circular motions to remove impurities, leave it in for as long as the product requires you to, then rinse it out.

To reap the best benefits for your hair, use a scalp scrub after every 7 – 10 shampoo washes!

Marc Anthony Hair & Scalp Detox Purifying Scalp Scrub with Mineral Salt

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If you’re looking for an effective scalp scrub, hit the reset button on your hair with the Marc Anthony Hair & Scalp Detox Purifying Scalp Scrub.

It’s formulated with mineral salt and peppermint oil for a satisfying cleanse. The mineral salt micro-exfoliates, so you can be sure that all that nasty hair product buildup, dirt, and oils are washed from your scalp. At the same time, the peppermint oil leaves a tingling, cool sensation on your scalp, so it feels fresher than ever before!

Marc Anthony Hair & Scalp Detox Purifying Scalp Scrub with Mineral Salt retails for S$4.90 at Watsons stores in Singapore and on their website

Don’t just use hair masks, use scalp masks too

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Photo source: Taisiia Stupak on Unsplash

To really pamper your scalp, you can finish off your haircare routine with a scalp mask.

Don’t confuse these products with hair masks, though. Hair masks are applied to the lengths of the hair for deep conditioning, whereas scalp masks are most often applied to and massaged into the scalp, after you’ve towel-dried your hair, to be left on without rinsing.

They’re made to rebalance and soothe the scalp, providing benefits that range from hydration and exfoliation to stimulating blood circulation. Bonus? Some of them will leave your hair feeling immediately softer too.

Swap your shampoos and conditioners for ones that are scalp-friendly

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Photo source: Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

Although they’re meant to cleanse and nourish your hair, shampoos and conditioners can also contain ingredients that are not all that great for your scalp.

That’s why you would realise that shampoos sometimes have labels that state “no sulfates” or “no parabens” – these are some of the ingredients to stay away from when it comes to taking care of your scalp’s health.

Sulfates, for instance, work by binding to the sebum and oils on the scalp, as well as removing them when you rinse away the shampoo. While sulfates cleanse by removing oils, they are also overly harsh on the scalp and may strip away too much moisture. This leaves hair brittle and prone to damage.

Instead of relying on shampoos that use harsh chemicals like these, you want to start using hair products that are scalp-friendly. In our books, that means products that are made with natural ingredients that cleanse your scalp and hair of impurities, whilst being gentle on them.

Top natural ingredients in scalp-friendly haircare products

Peppermint oil

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Think of peppermint and a minty-fresh, soothing sensation comes to mind. That’s what this ingredient in shampoos does – it soothes the scalp and calms inflammation. It also balances the pH levels of the scalp so that oil production is regulated and you can say goodbye to greasy tresses!

Olive oil

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Photo source: Gary Barnes on Pexels

Olive oil is one that’s commonly applied directly to the hair’s lengths to nourish and hydrate, but when used in shampoos, it can also help to maintain a healthier scalp because of its antioxidant-rich properties.

Used to lock moisture into the hair fibres, olive oil softens the hair, strengthens it, and keeps it frizz-free!

Willow bark

Willow bark gently but thoroughly exfoliates the scalp, helping to remove dead skin cells, product build-up, and other impurities, as well as control excess oils produced by the follicles.

Witch hazel

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Photo source: Wirestock on Freepik

Witch hazel is just as magical on the scalp as its name sounds. Its benefits include sopping up grease from the hair and its roots. And since the ingredient has astringent properties, it tightens the follicles on your scalp too, leaving you with hair that’s fresh and non-oily.

It also soothes the scalp and is ideal even for sensitive skin. If you’re struggling with scalp breakouts, witch hazel also helps to calm the inflamed skin as well as kill acne-causing bacteria.

Mineral salt

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Did you know that mineral salt can also be used as a scalp treatment? Salt acts as an exfoliant by loosening dead skin cells and dirt on the surface of the scalp, so that they wash away when you rinse your tresses!

Black pepper

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Photo source: Victoria Bowers on Pexels

As surprising as it sounds, black pepper is an ingredient that’s helpful for detoxifying and maintaining a healthy scalp.

It contains the active ingredient capsaicin, which is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It also has vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, and other nutrients that are beneficial for the skin at your roots.

This ingredient is definitely one to look out for when you’re picking out scalp-friendly haircare products!

Marc Anthony Hair & Scalp Detox Purify & Refresh Shampoo and Conditioner

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Packing so many of these natural ingredients all into its award-winning Hair & Scalp Detox Purify & Refresh Shampoo and Hair & Scalp Detox Purify & Refresh Conditioner, Marc Anthony takes scalp detoxification to the next level, so that your hair and scalp feel the cleanest as well as most refreshed after.

Marc Anthony Hair & Scalp Detox Purify & Refresh Shampoo and Conditioner are formulated with Willow Bark and Black Pepper to remove buildup on the hair or scalp. If your scalp gets itchy or dry, these ingredients are also there to soothe irritation and lock in hydration. The shampoo and conditioner also contain olive fruit oil to keep your scalp’s moisture levels in check!

Use Marc Anthony Hair & Scalp Detox Purify & Refresh Shampoo followed by the Conditioner, and you’ll notice the difference in your scalp – and over time, in your tresses too.

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