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Makeup has always been used to accentuate our features, but our demands for it have definitely progressed in the last few years. Besides looking great when we meet someone in person, our appearance also has to be on point for the camera. This is because photography isn’t just “saved for a special occasion” these days. With everyone armed with a camera-enabled phone, it means that we have to be camera-ready at all times.

If looking great in the photos that your friends post on their Instagram or in a Facebook album matter to you, then you’ll need these camera-ready tips that may not be as relevant ten years ago.

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Basic tips

If you’re new to the selfie game, these are the fundamental makeup tricks that will help you look even better in your next photo.

1. Don’t forget to prime

A good primer ensures that your foundation can glide onto a smooth canvas so that your complexion appears flawless. It also helps your makeup last longer through the day – which means you’ll always be ready for a picture, anytime of the day!

Try: ETUDE HOUSE Fix and Fix Primer. There are four variants for you to choose according to your needs: Pore conceals the look of enlarged pores, while Mint, Lavender, and Rose correct undesirable tones on your skin, such as redness and paleness. These primers also contain a special ingredient that shields skin from fine dust, so that makeup can adhere better.

2. Pick a camera-friendly foundation

The right foundation that works on camera isn’t easy to find – some foundation can look good on you, but leave a icky white cast on camera. The safest option is something that gives good coverage without looking heavy and cakey. And don’t forget to selfie-test it when you try it at the counter!

Try: Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion 3.0 (SGD55). This cushion offers more coverage than traditional cushion, while remaining lightweight and long-lasting. We also like that it offers 11 shades, which makes it easier for us to find a match to our skin tone – something that you definitely need to look photogenic.

3. Get your brows on fleek

Great brows help accentuate the definition of your features, especially when you’re using filters to help blur out imperfections. They’re also what matter most if you’re rocking a black-and-white picture.

Try: K-Palette x Disney Lasting 3way Eyebrow Pencil (SGD23.90). It may just be one pen, but it contains a sheer liquid tip for you to draw strokes, a pointed sponge tip to apply powder, and a spoolie brush to finish the look. In four natural-looking colours (Light Brown, Natural Brown, Mocha Brown, and Greyish Brown), this brow product also comes in cute packaging featuring your favourite Disney princesses. It is available at BHG, SaSa, and selected Guardian and Watsons stores.

4. Make your features stand out

The one thing that makes Kim K the de facto selfie queen? Her contouring skills. Contouring helps sculpt the appearance of your face and features so that they look outstanding, especially in photos.

Try: Smashbox Step-by-step Contour Kit (SGD80). Contouring doesn’t have to be intimidating. This kit comes with three shades that will help define and highlight your face. Besides the powders, this also comes with an angled brush designed for easy contouring, an a how-to guide so you can learn exactly how to do it right. This cult-favourite product comes in two shades: Light/Medium and Medium/Dark, and is available at Sephora.

5. Amp up your lips

Fuller-looking lips stand out in photos, especially when you use a high-contrast filter. The trick to fuller lips? Use a lip liner to trace out the perimeter of your lips, fill in lips with a hydrating lipstick, and then put some highlight at the centre of your pout.

Try: Benefit They’re Real Double The Lip (SGD35). If you find getting a plumper pout with three steps too much of a hassle, then this product will be your favourite after you try it. Its custom teardrop tip contains a liner and lipstick in one, allowing you to achieve visibly fuller lips in just one swipe.

Advanced tips

Have you already been using the above tips? The following ones may pique your interest instead.

1. The eyes matter

Your eye makeup makes all the difference. After all, experts have found that the eyes are the feature that most people notice first. Use flattering colours on your eyelids to help perk up your peepers.

Try: IT Cosmetics Superhero Eye Shadow Palette (SGD68). This is a universally flattering palette that features 12 colours that aren’t just wearable, but are designed to accentuate your eyes. There are base shades that help with colour correction, nude shades that give you a no-makeup look, neutrals that can be used as a contour crease colour, and liner shades to be used as a more natural-looking eyeliner. This will be available in Sephora from May.

2. Flaunt naturally brighter skin

Want complexion that looks lit-from-within? Highlighters may not always do the trick, and you may really need to work from within – literally. A supplement that helps with skin brightening can help nurture camera-ready skin that allows you to flaunt naturally radiant skin. Don’t forget to hashtag #iwokeuplikethis.

Try: Ceramiracle True Bright Skin Brightening Supplement (SGD109). This one-a-day capsule contains skin-brightening ingredients that are backed by clinical studies and user trials. They include: sakura flower, olive leaf, colourless carotenoids, L-cysteine, and vitamin C. Together, they inhibit the production of melanin, boost collagen, and offer antioxidant benefits, so that skin can appear brighter and wrinkle-free over time. This is available on ceramiracle.com, Watsons stores, and Amazon.

3. Invest in a selfie camera

If taking a good selfie is important to you, then go all out for it – choose a camera that’s actually designed to help you specifically with it! Signs of a  good selfie camera: it allows you to have a monitor screen you can rotate to see yourself, comes with modes that make touch-ups easy, and connects effortlessly to your smartphone.

Try: Casio EXILIM EX-TR80 (SGD1,299). This has a wide screen display (3.5-inch) on a frame with a 360-degree swivel so you can capture a flawless selfie more effortlessly. It also offers customisable Make-up Mode settings to help enhance skin tone, regardless of lighting and shooting conditions. But the most coveted function is probably how it ensures your face is illuminated even in dim lighting, thanks to its double light-emitting diode (LED) lights. It even has editing functions including Slim Face, Dark Circles Remover, and Smooth Skin.