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Recently, a Korean netizen has gone viral for her shocking weight loss, having lost 30kg in just five months, going from 85kg to 55kg.

Credit: zinga.173 on Instagram

Standing at 1.73m tall, Seo Yu Jin used to weigh 90kg at her heaviest.

When she was at 85kg, she embarked on a five-month weight loss journey to reach her current weight of 55kg.

Credit: zinga.173 on Instagram

Not only did Yu Jin lose a large amount of weight in such a short period of time, but she also managed to achieve this without once counting the number of calories she was consuming each meal – a common technique used in weight loss.

Credit: zinga.173 on Instagram

If you’re curious about her methods, read on to find out what Yu Jin did.

1. She did CrossFit

Credit: zinga.173 on Instagram

CrossFit is a very popular form of high-intensity interval training (or HIIT) and is a strength and conditioning workout. CrossFit consists of functional movements that are performed at a high-intensity level, and is designed to help build muscles and power.

Credit: zinga.173 on Instagram

Yu Jin did CrossFit exercises to burn fat and to train her body muscles.

Her preferred form of CrossFit exercises is Tabata training, which is a type of HIIT workout that can help build muscle and train the aerobic systems.

Fun fact: Tabata training is also used by athletes, including Olympians, but you can simply make use of the types of exercises the training regime consists of instead of following the full workout as it may be too extreme for beginners.

Exercises such as squats, push-ups, and weight lifting will help to build your muscles and burn fats along the way, and by following the high-intensity workout, you may even achieve results as fast as Yu Jin did.

2. She did not count calories

Credit: zinga.173 on Instagram

Yu Jin did not practise counting calories when dieting to lose weight, and she believed this was important as it allows for you to remain in a happier and mentally healthier state when dieting.

3. She ate dim sum

If she doesn’t count calories, what does she usually eat?

Yu Jun recommended dim sum, as it is light and delicious, ensuring that she does not go hungry throughout the day and has enough energy to complete her high-intensity workouts.

Credit: zinga.173 on Instagram

Other than Dim Sum, Yu Jin prepares kale juice or yoghurt with granola or fruits for breakfast, and typically has chicken breast, eggs, bananas, and other fruits for dinner.

She sticks to filling and high-protein meals, and snacks on tomatoes or hard-boiled eggs.

4. Schedule a cheat day

Credit: zinga.173 on Instagram

A cheat day might be one of the last things you’d expect to see on a weight loss tips article, however, that is exactly what she recommends.

Yu Jin suggests having one cheat day every 10 days to motivate yourself and recommends foods such as hot pot, sushi, or seafood.

These recommendations allow you to see what you’re consuming exactly so you won’t lose control during your cheat day.

Losing 30kg in five months may sound appealing, but everyone’s body is built differently.

So, know your limits and adopt these tips only if they can fit your lifestyle in a healthy and safe manner.