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Do you know that it’s not your makeup or your features that people first notice? Hair, skin quality, and posture are actually the most prominent features because they are the most visible to others from a distance.

While hair and skin care are frequently discussed in the beauty community, posture is less so, and we’re all guilty of slouching and hunching because it’s just too comfortable, especially when we’re sitting at our desks all day at work.

Regardless of how comfortable it is, having a bad posture prevents you from looking your best despite your efforts in skincare, haircare, and makeup.

Now that we understand the importance of a good posture, we’ll be sharing this quick and easy back exercise that promises results in just two weeks by popular Korean YouTuber, VitaminJINY, who has gained more than a million subscribers for her effective workouts.

Credits: @pilatesyoga_jiny/Instagram

7 minutes ultimate back exercise

Step 1: the W shape

back exercise 2

Credits: @VitaminJINY/YouTube

First, extend your arms to the sides and bring your elbows to the centre of your back while lifting your chin up slightly.

This movement will tighten your back muscles between your wing bones, preventing your shoulders from rolling inwards.

Step 2: scapular retraction

back exercise

Credits: @VitaminJINY/YouTube

Next, fold your elbows and bring your wing bones together while lifting your chin, similar to step one.

You will feel the front of your chest lengthening, and it is important to move at a comfortable pace here.

Step 3: move both arms

back exercise 4

Credits: @VitaminJINY/YouTube

Now, open your arms to the sides and bend your elbows into your back in alternates to tone your armpit fats.

Remember to gather your elbows back with as much strength as you can, and not to hike your shoulders up.

Step 4: pulling a rope

back exercise 5

Credits: @VitaminJINY/YouTube

This step requires you to extend your arms in front of you and pull an imaginary rope towards you with your back muscles.

Lifting your chin upwards during this pulling motion will improve your curled shoulders and turtle neck posture.

Step 5: happy baby

back exercise

Credits: @VitaminJINY/YouTube

Similar to step two, you will need to fold both elbows here and bring them into your back. This time, however, move at a rhythmic pace like a “happy baby”.

At this point, you will feel the heat on your back as your back muscles get a much-needed workout.

Step 6: arms open

back exercise

Credits: @VitaminJINY/YouTube

Imagine hugging a massive tree trunk before stretching your arms backwards, squeezing your back muscles.

Repeat the hugging and arm-opening motion, lifting your chin as you stretch your arms back as much as possible.

If this movement is too difficult for you, you can lower your arms.

Step 7: shoulder extension

back exercise

Credits: @VitaminJINY/YouTube

Raise your arms to your sides at a 45-degree angle and bring them backwards, lifting your chin and chest as you go while squeezing your back muscles.

VitaminJINY suggests visualising yourself squeezing lemon juice on your back, or squeezing water from a towel.

Check out VitaminJINY’s YouTube below for the full tutorial of the back workout. By repeating each of these simple movements for one minute, you’ll be standing straighter than before!

Alternate slim back exercise

To all the ladies who hate doing the same monotonous exercise every day, we’ve included a different eight-minute back workout that will give you the same gorgeous upper body line and right-angled shoulders!

Step 1: draw a circle with your elbow

back exercise 9

Credits: @VitaminJINY/YouTube

Draw your arms in a circular motion, touching your shoulders with your hands and making sure your elbow reaches towards your back.

Remember to keep your back wide and open, but if your shoulders start to rise, keep your hands off your shoulders while continuing the rotation motion.

This will help to loosen up your wing bone for the following exercises and will help to prevent injuries from sudden movements.

Step 2: the “W” shape

back exercise

Credits: @VitaminJINY/YouTube

Contrary to the first W exercise, extend your arms upwards and bring them down by pulling your back, making sure that your elbows are behind your back.

If you’ve not worked on your back muscles, you may find yourself arching, and your trapezium constantly hikes up.

A good way to keep your shoulders lowered and your back wide open is to visualise as if you’re lowering a sticky or heavy object down, making sure that you’re moving accurately instead of just being fast.

Step 3: reverse butterfly stroke

back exercise 11

Credits: @VitaminJINY/YouTube

Raise your arms to your sides and rotate them in a circular motion, as if doing a reverse butterfly stroke.

To get the full motion, instead of concentrating on your arms, make sure you’re squeezing your back muscles when pulling backwards.

People with no back muscles have curved backs, according to VitaminJINY, so it’s critical to engage your back muscles to effectively eliminate your hunched back and rounded shoulders.

Step 4: backstroke

back exercise 12

Credits: @VitaminJINY/YouTube

This step requires a backstroke instead of a reverse butterfly, so turn your left and right arms alternately while keeping your palms up.

You can now take a 15-second break after completing the first four steps!

Step 5: the swan

back exercise 13

Credits: @VitaminJINY/YouTube

Lift both arms to the centre of your head, as if you were a graceful swan, before lowering them.

Lift your chin upwards as you lower your arms, making sure to open your shoulders wide and engage your back muscles, slightly pulling your arms towards your back.

Step 6: extended “W” movement

back exercise 14

Credits: @VitaminJINY/YouTube

The first part of this movement is the same as step two: raise your arms to the sky and lower them to form a “W” shape at elbow length.

The second movement entails lowering your arms before raising them to the same “W” shape, and extending your arms high up towards the sky again.

Repeat this movement while keeping your chest up and your stomach in.

Step 7: retract your elbow

back exercise 15

Credits: @VitaminJINY/YouTube

Stretch your hands outwards to the sides and retract your elbows towards your back at a 90-degrees.

As usual, your arms should extend towards your back as much as possible without arching your body forward.

Step 8: backwards swing

back exercise 16

Credits: @VitaminJINY/YouTube

Swing your arms back as if they’ll touch behind your back, making sure to control the momentum with your back muscles rather than the swinging motion of the arms.

Each of these steps is to be repeated for one minute, and this simple eight-minute workout will have you achieving your perfect posture in no time!