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Shedding your #stayhome weight gain can be tricky. Since Phase 1 started, you’ve committed to Chloe Ting’s online workout routines a few nights a week, followed a strict ketogenic diet, and even laid off the alcohol and fizzy drinks. Now that gyms have reopened, you’ve probably hit up the nearest one to burn off extra calories too.

After weeks of hard work, the weighing scale has tipped a tad in your favour, but the result may not be ideal yet. Meanwhile, you watch your friends eat whatever they like, barely exercise, and still look slender. Frustrating, really. Don’t start blaming your low metabolism, though – it isn’t all about that.

If you have yet to reap the rewards from all your efforts, your body might be pointing to something you’ve been neglecting this whole time: your gut health.

A healthy gut can assist with weight loss

Shinya Koso Slimming

In case you didn’t know, your large intestine is home to trillions of beneficial microbes that make up your gut microbiota. These gut bacteria form an ecosystem that plays a huge part in vital functions like metabolism, hunger, and digestion.

Even though it doesn’t always receive the recognition it deserves, your microbiome is important for many aspects of your body, including your weight. In fact, about 70 percent of our immune system is housed in the gut, so making sure our digestive system is in tip-top shape is crucial.

Different types of bacteria perform a variety of jobs in your colon. Thus, a diverse gut microbiome helps to process food, control your metabolism and in turn, your body weight. However, if your intestinal environment is imbalanced, it can cause dysbiosis. That means your gut has lower levels of beneficial bacteria and more harmful pathogens.

Because of this internal imbalance, your gut may be producing fewer digestive enzymes to break down the nutrients in your food. This can negatively impact your health and may even explain why it’s easier for you to put on weight compared to others.

How digestive enzymes work

Shinya Koso How Digestive Enzymes Work 1

Digestive enzymes are macromolecular biological catalysts. Translation: They’re substances in your body’s digestive system that use chemical reactions to break bigger particles of food down into smaller bits. These enzymes deconstruct food into molecules that your body can absorb as nutrients to keep it functioning like a well-oiled machine.

However, with age, heightened stress levels, or poor nutrition, your body is likely to slow down enzyme production. That means your food won’t be able to break down properly. To lend it a hand, try taking a daily dose of digestive enzymes supplements and make it a pre-meal ritual.

Digestive enzymes in supplements take the place of natural enzymes, helping to break down carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Because they’re meant to mimic your natural enzymes, they must be taken just before you eat. That way, they can do their work as soon as food hits your stomach and small intestine.

The great thing about digestive enzymes supplements is your body will still continue to produce its own. This means the supplement-derived enzymes will give your body’s digestion a boost when you need it.

Shinya Koso Daily Digestion Enzyme Supplements

How Shinya Koso’s Daily Digestion Enzyme Supplements work

If you’re ready to welcome digestive enzyme supplements into your life (and tummy), start with Shinya Koso’s range. Developed by Dr Hiromi Shinya, the brand’s products contain enzymes that optimise the breakdown of fats, carbs, and proteins.

The supplements come in tablet form, which helps the enzymes remain active in your gut for longer. In fact, 400mg of Shinya Koso’s active enzymes can break down 17.4 slices of cake, 14.7 bowls of rice, and 72.2 glasses of beer. To top it off, 18 million boxes from Shinya Koso’s enzyme series have been sold worldwide – a true testament to its efficacy.

Have a look at the range of enzyme supplements and find out which suits your lifestyle best!

Shinya Koso Daily Digestion Enzyme

Shinya Koso Daily Digestion Enzymes

The OG in Shinya Koso’s lineup, the Daily Digestion Enzyme is a dependable, fast-acting active enzyme supplement that’s suitable for everyone. It stops the effects of over-eating as well as regular alcohol consumption, but that doesn’t mean you get a free pass to binge on food and alcoholic beverages. It works in tandem with a healthier diet to aid your gut health and improve your digestion.

Shinya Koso Tablets

All you have to do is consume one packet, which contains five tablets, before every meal. You can enjoy your meal right after – no waiting time required. These pocket-friendly sachets are also incredibly convenient, so you can bring a packet wherever you go.

If you’re looking to try this out, stay tuned till the end to find out how you can get 2 free sachets!

Shinya Koso Daily Digestion Enzyme (Night Time)

Shinya Koso Daily Digestion Enzymes Night Time

Unlike the original Daily Digestion Enzyme, you should take one packet of Daily Digestion Enzyme (Night Time) right before you sleep. This variation contains the same active enzymes, but it also boasts a slew of beneficial ingredients.

There’s arginine, glycine, and GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) in the formula to soothe your nerves and facilitate relaxation, so it lulls you into a deep slumber. It’s perfect for night owls who are looking to shift their sleep-wake schedules.

Other varieties in Shinya Koso’s range

Shinya Koso Daily Digestion Enzymes Other Variants

If supper and drinking sessions are regularly scheduled activities for you, pick up the Daily Digestion Enzyme (Gold Variety) [top left]. It has the highest concentration of enzymes in the range, and delivers twice the strength of the normal variety.

To up your antioxidant intake, try the Daily Digestion Enzyme (Oomori Turmeric Blend) [top right]. It’s infused with turmeric, which strengthens your immune system and breaks down alcohol effectively to prevent liver damage.

The Daily Digestion Enzyme (Beauty Plus) [bottom] is made to give your skin a moisture boost for a younger-looking complexion. There are eight different types of beautifying ingredients in the formula, including marine collagen and hyaluronic acid, both of which plump up your skin and lock in hydration.

When you ramp up the amount of digestive enzymes in your gut, it can have a profound effect on your overall health. It affects your weight, hormonal balance, nerves, as well as your brain and skin health. Who wouldn’t want those extra benefits?

Shinya Koso Daily Digestion Enzyme range is available exclusively at selected Guardian outlets as well as Guardian online. Daily Digestion Enzyme retails for S$45.90 per box (30 sachets), Daily Digestion Enzyme (Night Time) retails for S$39.90 per packet (196 tablets), Daily Digestion Enzyme (Gold Variety) retails for S$63.90 per box (30 sachets), Daily Digestion Enzyme (Oomori Turmeric Blend) retails for S$55.90 per box (30 sachets), and Daily Digestion Enzyme (Beauty Plus) retails for S$55.90 per box (30 sachets).