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The decision to chop off your locks will always be a tough one. While we can console ourselves, thinking that “hair can grow out!”, we know that it can take a really long time to grow it to a length we want again. This is why going to the hairstylist to ask for short hair will always be seen as taking the plunge; some hairstylists may even check a few times with their customers to find out if they’re absolutely sure of this decision.

There’s a way to find out if you’d look good with short hair

There’s apparently a “magical” formula to find out if you can rock short hair. Called the “2.25-inch Rule”, this formula is discovered by John Frieda, English stylist and founder of his namesake brand of hair care and hairstyling products.

This is what you do to find out if you’d look good with short hair:

1. All you need is a ruler and a pencil
2. Place the ruler vertically under your ear
3. Place the pencil horizontally under your chin
4. Make sure that the ruler and pencil form a right angle (this means it looks like a perfect “L”)
5. Measure from the bottom of your earlobe to where the two tools intersect

If the distance is less than 2.25 inches, congratuations! You are going to look good with short hair! But if the distance is more than 2.25 inches, then it’s probably more advisable for you to stick to long tresses.

Of course, at the end of the day, it’s all about feeling great in your own skin. This measurement method is only useful if you’ve been on the fence about short hair. But if you’ve already made up your mind and love the carefree look of a short ‘do – go for it! No rule should stop you from your personal preference!