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Cutting your long hair short is not a decision to be rushed through, especially if you’ve had your long locks for a long time and never had short hair. A whole new haircut, one that pushes you entirely out of your comfort zone can be terrifying and thrilling all at once, but before you get seated in the salon chair, you need to make sure it’s the right choice for you. How prepared are you for the big chop?

Q1: Are you making this decision in the right emotional state?

Having the urge to make a dramatic hair change after a major life event (like a bad breakup) is not unusual, but as tempting as it is to start afresh, there’s a high chance you’re making a rash decision and may come to regret it eventually. Question your motivation for chopping your hair. Feeling tired of long hair or wanting an updated look are good reasons, but you might want to reconsider your decision if you’re chopping off your locks because your ex loved it and you’re doing it to make a statement.

Q2: Can your wallet handle frequent visits to the salon?

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Are you ready for a long-term relationship with your salon? There’s the misconception of short hair being fuss-free and easier to care for, but actually, short hair requires frequent trims to maintain the shape of your cut. Make sure you’re ready to commit! On the upside, frequent trims encourages healthy hair growth when you remove split ends or damaged strands. This means that chances are your hair will look healthier when it’s short than when it was long!

Q3: Can you add an extra 15 minutes to your morning routine?

When your hair is shorter, it will need different products to style it than when your hair was long. Your go-to bun for bad hair days are now a thing of the past, and you’ll now have to invest more time into styling especially when you wake up with weird kinks in your hair.

Before the cut, talk to your stylist about how much effort is needed to achieve the look you want, and consider how much extra time you’re willing to commit to your hair in your daily routine. The good news is, however, unless you have particularly unruly hair, you do save time in the shower, save on styling products, and spend less time battling with a blowdryer (once you get the hang of things, that is).

Q4: Do you love switching up looks once every few weeks?

Going short can seem like you’re stuck with that single look until it grows out, but the versatility of your new look offers you many creative ways to switch things up! Since up-dos and fancy ponytails are not an option now, you’ll be more encouraged to play around with other options like headbands that you normally might not even consider.

Read on for fun ideas on styling short hair!

1. Pixie cut

Dress up a pixie cut with a scarf – it’s guaranteed to make a fashion statement!

2. Tousled bob

Achieve a delicate, feminine look with your fringe half-twisted back and create light waves on the pieces of hair that are down.

3. Natural lob

Healthy, soft hair is the highlight in this effortlessly chic look. All you will need is light blowdrying to tame unruly ends.

4. Wavy bob

Who says you can’t have big hair when you go short? You can easily create textured waves for your bob and be out of the door faster than when you had to style long hair!