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Enduring the sweltering heat in Singapore can wreak havoc on your makeup, leaving it dry, patchy, and cakey after a few hours under the blazing sun.

We’ve all grappled with this challenge, but fear not!

Recently, we stumbled upon a TikTok by a local beauty influencer, @daniel_jchan, who spilled the beans on his top beauty tips to achieve a flawless and picture-perfect base.

Curious about his secrets? Continue reading as we break down the steps!

Step #1: Sheet Mask Application

Sheet masks are excellent for softening the dead skin on your face, especially on pimple marks, which tends to be thinner and flakier.

base makeup mask

Fold the sheet mask and use the remaining essence as an exfoliating pad by gently rubbing it over your entire face.

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Step #2: Skin Prep

Before applying your base makeup, use a small amount of lightweight moisturiser to achieve a skin-like finish.

base makeup moisturiser

These preliminary steps are crucial, as the masking and moisturisation help smooth out acne and irritation bumps, allowing your foundation to effortlessly glide onto your skin.

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen after the moisturiser has fully absorbed.

base makeup sunscreen

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  • SHISEIDO Essential Energy Hydrating Cream retails for S$88 at Sephora online.
  • ANESSA Doraemon Perfect UV Sunscreen retails for S$40 on Shopee.

Step #3: Colour Correcting

Instead of concealer, Daniel prefers using a colour corrector before applying foundation. This is especially helpful when the darkness under the eyes is close to the darkness of the skin.

Apply the colour corrector on blemishes and under the eyes, focusing near the tear duct.

base makeup colour correct

Gently tap it out, and voilà! The product neutralises those purplish, dark tones under your eyes.


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  • NARS Light Reflecting Undereye Brightener retails for S$52 at Sephora online.

Step #4: Apply Your Foundation

Having colour-corrected your base, opt for a light to medium-coverage liquid foundation.

Daniel’s secret? Warm up the foundation in your palm before applying it in a triangular shape on your cheeks.

base makeup foundation

Use a damp sponge to buff the foundation above the concealer and around the nostril.

base makeup blend foundation

Push any remaining product outwards and blend it to the perimeters of your face.


And don’t forget to spread any remaining product on the sponge over the eyelid for that seamless touch.

base makeup eyelids

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Step #5: Set Your Base With Powder

To set areas prone to creasing, gently press the powder in with a fluffy brush using a wiggling motion.

base makeup powder

Avoid dragging the powder to prevent lifting off the thin layer of foundation. This technique ensures that the powder reaches the crevices of your face.

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  • NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder retails for S$66 at Sephora online.

And there you have it! Daniel assures us that while some imperfections might still peek through, the overall result is so put together and clean that those little spots won’t steal the spotlight.


Ready to give his base routine a try?

Featured image credit: @daniel_jchan/TikTok.