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There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to caring for the underarms.

Whether you ditch the razor or wax the area every so often, personal grooming is an individual choice that shouldn’t be dictated by societal standards. But for our armpit shavers out there, one of the most common queries we hear is, “How do I brighten my underarms?”

This natural (and extremely common) occurrence is honestly not something to fuss over, but for those looking to get rid of the hyperpigmentation in the area, we’ve found a product that may be the solution to your woes.

Real Molecule Salicylic Acid Cotton Sheets

Meet Real Molecule Salicyclic Acid Cotton Sheets (真颜分子水杨酸棉片). Hailing all the way from China, this skincare product is a cult-favourite among the country’s influencers and has been highly raved for its brightening efficacy.

As the name suggests, the product comes with 60 pieces of cotton sheets, each one individually soaked in a 1% salicylic acid solution that helps to shrink pores, fade pigmentation, and dissolve stubborn blackheads.

And because of its low salicylic acid concentration, this product has a low likelihood of causing skin irritation, so those with the most sensitive skins can also use it.

Real Molecule Salicyclic Acid Cotton Sheets is available on Taobao for S$14.54.

How to use it

Of course, we had to turn to our trusty and reliable RED (a.k.a China’s Instagram) to dish out the deets on how to use this miraculous product. And after some digging, we found a routine that has been the holy grail among users in keeping the underarms light and bright.

Source: RED (Steps 1-4)

Source: RED (Step 5)

  1. Place a hot towel on your underarms for three minutes. The steam will help to soften the skin and open up the pores to prep for absorption of the product.
  2. Exfoliate the area with an exfoliating body scrub for one minute. Users recommend the Dove Exfoliating Body Polish.
  3. Place one piece of the Real Molecule Salicyclic Acid Cotton Sheet on the prepped underarm. Leave it there for five minutes for the first three times, slowly building it up to seven to eight minutes until the 6th time, and finally 15 minutes when your skin has fully adapted.
  4. You can also add a few drops of The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution on the cotton pad. Just ensure to gradually build up resistance and start off with a few drops first.
  5. Moisturise the area with a lotion. Users recommend the Australia OPPERT Opel Lanolin Moisturising Body Emulsion.

For effective results, carry out this routine twice a week. However, only do it when your armpits are NOT shaved or wait at least two days after you shave to prevent any skin irritation.

Featured Image Credits: RED