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Throw some confetti and clink your champagne glasses – Bella Skin Care is turning 34!

One of the leading skincare centres in the region and is well-known for its advanced skincare services, technologies and techniques, Bella Skin Care is turning 34 this year. A woman at 34 would have probably accumulated great skincare wisdom and secrets that’s worthy to share – what more a skincare expert! This is why we ask Bella Skin Care for 34 skincare tips and tricks that all women will benefit from. (And stay till the end of the article to see the amazing promotions Bella Skin Care has as part of their celebration that you’re invited to!)

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If you’re ready for the beauty tips, keep reading. Oh, and bookmark this page, because you’re definitely going to find these words of wisdom very useful. You’re welcome.

Wake up looking radiant

sleeping mask and night cream

1. The golden hours of skin repair is at night, while you sleep. So make sure you have sufficient rest, and use products that are targeted at skin repair in your night routine.

2. Speaking of bed-time, use a pillow case that’s made of silk, satin or a high thread count cotton so that friction on your skin can be minimised, to prevent wrinkles from appearing.

3. Make sure your neck is stretched upwards by sleeping on a foam pillow with contours that give support. This will help prevent the formation of wrinkles on your face and neck.

4. Sleeping on your side can cause wrinkles to appear as you exert pressure on your face against the pillow. Sleep on your back instead if you want to keep a wrinkle-free face.

5. Want to avoid puffy morning eyes and cheeks? Avoid consuming foods with too much sodium, which can lead to water retention the next day.

Listen to your skin

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6. Choose cleansing products based on your skin type: If you have dry skin, use cream cleanser that gives you constant moisture yet provides deep cleansing capabilities; oily skin will do well with foam cleansers; as for combination skin, opt for gel cleansers that can soothe and hydrate skin without stripping off your natural oil.

7. Those with combination have to treat different parts of your face separately. For instance, if you’re applying an oil-based moisturiser, apply more on the cheeks, and go lighter on the T-zone.

8. Showering under hot water for too long can strip your skin of its natural moisture. To make sure you’re not drying out your skin, keep water temperature lukewarm, and don’t shower for too long.

9. If you see fine lines or wrinkles on your skin, it may not be signs of ageing, but caused by dehydrated skin. So, step up on your hydration regime!

Skincare product application

applying moisturiser

10. Don’t forget your neck area in your skincare routine. The neck area is vulnerable to wrinkles because the skin there is thinner than your facial skin.

11. Day creams and night creams aren’t the same: the former tend to absorb more quickly so that you can get on with your makeup application, whereas the latter are usually richer because they’re meant for bare skin.

12. Do you go crazy buying many similar products at the same time? If you do, make sure you use only one at a time. Opening them all and alternating among them is likely to make you not use them all before their expiry dates.

13. The more the merrier doesn’t hold true when it comes to skincare products. Slather on products according to what is advised on the label or by the beauty advisors.

14. To make sure you have no negative reaction to any product, always do a patch test. Simply apply a small amount of it onto your jawline, and wait for a while to see if there’s any redness or irritation.

15. If you have dispensed too much product or your face, instead of wasting it by wiping off, use it on your hands or elbows to keep them looking great too!

16. If you have multiple serums, apply the one that has the lightest texture first. This will ensure better absorption.

17. If your product comes in a pot, try not to stick your finger in the pot to use it. Use a spatula or cotton bud instead to avoid contamination.

18. Always apply your eye care product using your ring finger – because that’s the weakest finger. Pat on the product gently, and never tug or drag at your eye area.

19. Always apply face creams in an upward motion to keep your facial contours looking lifted.

20. If you can choose, go for products that comes in a tube or pump. These are better because the product isn’t exposed to air or susceptible to your touching, which means they’re less likely to be contaminated.

21. Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap before you apply any skincare products. This way, you avoid introducing bacteria to your skin, which can cause inflammation.

Step up your care

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22. Do you frown a lot? Your facial expressions can create folds and wrinkles, so refrain from frowning!

23. Make time for facial treatments at least once a month. Facial treatments that are enhanced with high-tech equipment help to give your skin an extra booster that you need!

24. Like your other muscles, your facial muscles need exercise. Massage it for a few minutes a day by making circular motions with your palm to strengthen those muscles.

25. Don’t squeeze your pimples or blackheads by yourself – leave it to your facial therapist who is trained to do it with the right technique so that there won’t be any mark on your face.

26. Sunglasses aren’t just pretty accessories, they are also your beauty companion. Sunglasses with UV protection can help protect your eye area against the damage of UV rays, which can cause lines to appear around your eyes in the long run.

27. Cleanse your spectacles with an alcohol wipe regularly to get rid of grime and makeup that is left behind. This ensures you won’t be transferring bacteria from the spectacles to your skin.

28. Do the same for your mobile phone to make sure you’re maintaining hygiene and not passing bacteria from the screen to your skin.

29. Apply sunscreen even if you’re indoors most of the time. This is because UVA rays that are the main culprit for skin ageing are able to penetrate through windows.

30. The sunscreen you apply at the start of the day doesn’t last the entire day. You’ll have to reapply it regularly. The frequency of reapplication? It depends on how strong the sunscreen is and how quickly your skin reacts to UV light.


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31. You can lose 100ml of moisture from your skin for every hour of flight, so drink up and apply moisturiser when you take the plane.

32. Your cheeks are the first areas to show signs of dehydration. While you’re on a flight where air is dry, use a facial mask for 15 minutes, then massage the remaining serum onto your cheeks. This routine will make your skin look fresh and radiant when you arrive.

33. Humidity is usually less than 20% in airplanes, so consider bringing along some beauty mist onboard (put it into a spray that’s less than 100ml) and freshen up once every hour.

34. Your skin’s texture alters with the change of environmental factors like pollution and weather, so change your products accordingly. For instance, if you travel to a country with wintry climate, opt for a richer moisturiser.

It’s Bella Skin Care’s birthday and guess who gets a gift? You!

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In celebration of its 34th anniversary, Bella Skin Care is launching these exciting promotions – everyone is included!

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  • Promotion for existing customers: Already a customer? To thank you, you’ll receive 34% off any a la carte treatment, plus SGD34 worth of product vouchers.
  • Gift with purchase: Spend a minimum of SGD1,000 and walk away with a free LED Mirror Lamp – every woman needs one of these!
  • Lucky Draw: Not just one, but eight tiers of prizes are to be won, and they’re worth a total of SGD45,500!
  • Snap, Tag, Win: All five of Bella Skin Care’s centres will be set up with photobooths so that you can join in the celebratory atmosphere. Simply take a photo, upload it onto your Facebook or Instagram account with the hashtag #BellaCelebrates34. Customers with the top 5 most creative photos will win SGD500 worth of travel vouchers!

This article is brought to you by Bella Skin Care.