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If we were to ask you to name one of the top skincare innovations in recent years, what would you say?

For us, we’re going to name Korean sleeping masks as one of them. A new skincare concept that our mums probably haven’t heard of when they were young, sleeping masks are a must-have in the routines of bona fide beauty enthusiasts, including our favourite Korean celebrities.

But is it really an important product to include in our skincare regime and what does it really do for our skin? Instead of leaving it to guesses, Daily Vanity checked in with Beauty Trainer Cheryl Ng to learn more about this skincare product. Cheryl spent the last three years training beauty advisors at TFS Singapore Pte Ltd, one of the largest Korean cosmetics companies.

What does the sleeping mask do for your skin?

According to Cheryl, a sleeping mask is specially designed for users who are constantly sleep-deprived.

“A sleeping mask helps minimise the impact of skin troubles due to the lack of sleep,” she says.

Sleeping Mask Benefits 1

“And unlike a moisturiser, which is a daily skincare staple that supports and nourishes skin with ample hydration, a sleeping mask works as a nutrition-fortified booster and is used as an SOS remedy.”

Cheryl further explains, “Our skin goes into renewal mode between approximately 11pm and midnight, repairing skin cells that are either damaged in the day or by cellular wear and tear. But lifestyle habits may prevent people from getting adequate ‘beauty sleep’, resulting in an overwhelming cycle of skin troubles without sufficient repair.”

This is where a sleeping mask can come in to save the day and boost skin’s ability to repair itself at night. This is especially important, Cheryl shares, because recent studies have shown that skin ages prematurely when we go without good night’s rest over an accumulative number of years.

“Lack of sleep is also proven to cause the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, gradual loss of skin elasticity and trigger occurrence of troubled skin,” she adds.

How to choose a good sleeping mask?

Sleeping Mask Benefits 4

Cheryl advises that we should pick a mask that has texture and scent that personally appeal to us. “This will encourage continuous usage for faster skincare results,” she explains.

“Personally, due to skin sensitivity, I would choose a mask that allows me to have a piece of mind during its usage,” Cheryl shares.

This is why she always checks labels to make sure that the product is formulated with herbs and plant-based ingredients, and that it contains few chemical additives, to prevent any irritation.

“Some chemical additives that I try to stay clear from are mineral oils, artificial colouring, artificial fragrances – synthetically produced and are not from natural origins, animal derivatives and preservatives that had been said to be detrimental to health and skin,” she adds.

Sleeping mask to try? belif Aqua bomb sleeping mask

Belif Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask Product

It is not surprising that Cheryl’s favourite sleeping mask is the Aqua bomb sleeping mask from belif.

You may be familiar with belif Aqua bomb, a best-selling moisturiser that has attained holy grail status by many beauty enthusiasts and received a lot of rave reviews. The belif Aqua bomb sleeping mask taps into the same technology to deliver superior skincare benefits.

If you don’t already know, belif is a Korean herbal cosmetic brand that is known for products formulated with specially curated herbal ingredients and that offers safe and honest efficacy.

The Aqua bomb sleeping mask is also dermatologist tested and free of mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colours, synthetic preservatives, and animal-derived ingredients.

But beyond its herbal formulation and focus on safety, this sleeping mask is, most importantly, packed with skin-loving goodness that benefits skin.

Jelly-pudding texture and shape-memory formula

Belif Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask 2

It has a unique jelly-pudding texture that blankets and wraps around the contours of skin. What this means is that the sleeping mask doesn’t just adhere snugly to skin to deliver intense hydration, it also feels very luxurious – which will definitely make you love using it regularly!

Hydrating and soothing

Sleeping Mask Benefits 2

Enriched with herbs like Scottish Heather, Napiers Aqua Formula, and Napiers Original Formula, the belif Aqua bomb sleeping mask has anti-inflammation and intense hydration abilities to help skin feel soothed, calmed, and supple.

It’s pillow-proof

Sleeping Mask Benefits 3

And to make the usage experience even sweeter, it even has a pillow-proof formula that is lightweight and absorbs quickly so you won’t have to deal with stains on your pillow cases or bed – nobody likes fussy products!

belif Aqua bomb sleeping mask is suitable for everyone, and Cheryl recommends it especially to women who have these concerns:

  • You wake up to an oily sheen on your face even when you’ve applied your holy grail moisturiser
  • You are seeing slow skin repair even though you’ve invested in skincare serums and essences
  • You’ve been sleeping after 10pm regularly and are having breakouts

What’s the right way to apply sleeping mask?

Belif Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask How To Apply

Cheryl recommends that we use a sleeping mask after our regular moisturiser by applying a thin layer on top of the moisturiser. Ensure that all areas are covered and you’re not leaving any gaps.

“Then, rinse off the mask the next morning, and see how supple and hydrated your skin is! It should feel as though you had a satisfying good night’s rest!”

The frequency of usage may vary based on your personal lifestyle habits. But Cheryl says that the general rule of thumb is to mask two to three times a week to keep your skin at tip-top condition.


Update: Samples are fully redeemed!

This article is brought to you by Belif.