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Other than a V-shaped face, most women aspire to have a small face. Japanese model and makeup artist Sakamoto Maria shares brow-drawing tips with her Instagram followers, revealing the secret to creating a smaller-looking face simply by getting your brows right!

First, you have the get the basics of brow-drawing right.


1. Orange line: This indicates where your brow should start. It should align with where your nose bridge is.
2. Yellow line: The highest point of your brow should be at approximately the 2/3 point of your entire brow’s length.
3. Pink line: This is where your brow should end. The end of your brow, corner of eye, and nose should form a straight line.
4. Blue line: This is less talked about. The start and end of your brow should be near the blue line, with the end being higher than the start.

Now that you’ve learnt the basics, here’s where the magic happens.


After getting the basic shape right, it’s time to extend the end of your brow a little, forming a slightly sharp shape. The above diagram shows you the difference. Sakamoto swears by this magic extension to help make face look smaller and features look sharper.

Here’s a closer look at how she does it:


Besides this brow-drawing tutorial, Sakamoto also shares a variety of other tips and tutorials on her Instagram page. Another tip that we especially love is about where to apply the blusher.


The darkest point of your blusher should be above the end of your nose.

Will you be trying any of these tricks tomorrow?