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Korean drama Crash landing on You has made Son Ye-jin a household name among K-drama fans. The 39-year-old actress has been in the entertainment industry for almost two decades yet she doesn’t look a day past 30.


Fans of the Korean star have always wondered how she maintains her youthful beauty and slim physique, and we’ve got to admit… we want in on her secrets too!


Below, we share Ye-jin’s beauty tips for the perfect hair and makeup, as well as her skincare and weight management tips for glowing, youthful skin, and a slim figure just like hers.

Son Ye-jin’s skincare tips

1. Customised skincare and light therapy


Son Ye-jin first discovered Skin Inc on a trip to Singapore when a friend picked up a sample for her. She was so impressed that she bought the Optimiser Voyage Tri-Light (S$408) and Pure Revival Peel (S$76) the very next day and became a fan of the brand.

Using the customisable multi-masking system Facial In A Flash Mask together with the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light (a light treatment device that deliver several benefits including skin repair, soothing, and lifting), Yeo-jin spot-treats her face for younger looking, brighter, and blemish-free skin.

The Pure Revival Peel combines high-performance ingredients to form an all-in-one non-abrasive peel that buffs and polishes skin, all while sloughing away dead skin and impurities to prep the skin for maximum absorption of the subsequent skincare products applied.

P.S: Yeo-jin uses Get Glowin’ and Soothe-N-Purify for the Skin Inc Facial in a Flash masks, and finishes it with her customised My Daily Dose serum that’s catered to her oily skin.

2. Hydrating and eating fruits


With such a packed schedule, it’s no wonder the award-winning actress can’t get enough shut-eye. She drinks between two and three litres of water daily and consumes more fruits to boost her immunity.

3. Mindful Cleansing


Here’s Ye-jin’s cleansing routine: she used to only use water to cleanse her skin in the morning, but when she found that her skin got oily over the course of the day, she started using a cleanser. The takeaway? Practise mindful cleansing just like Son Ye-Jin.

Use products and techniques that are best suited for your skin and climate, and develop your own routine with trial-and-error to ultimately work out what’s best for you!

Your skin type can change as you age, and external factors such as diets and stress can also contribute to it. So, don’t fret when your skincare or cleanser doesn’t work like it used to.

Son Ye-jin’s beauty tips

4. How to apply mascara and make every lash pop


Want enviable long, lush lashes like Son Ye-jin? Skip the falsies, or a thick, heavy mascara that will deposit clumps onto your lashes and weigh them down.

Curl your lashes, then apply your mascara from the root, gently wiggling wand and pushing up and outwards to lift the lash. By starting from the roots, it gives your lashes a lengthening effect.

Don’t forget the bottom lashes too! Using a mascara with smaller bristles, sweep your bottom lashes from the root and outwards.

5. Glossy, light lip colours


Perfect for everyday wear, Ye-jin keeps it simple with a glossy coral pink lip. Recreate her glossy pout by lining your lips before applying your lip gloss from the tube. This gives your lips a pop of colour while retaining a translucent look.

6. Red lipstick to spice up minimal makeup


While peachy pinks and corals are commonly worn lip colours in the world of K-beauty, Ye-jin occasionally spices things up with a red lip.

A scarlet red pout with barely-there eye makeup and dewy, luminous skin accentuates Son Ye-jin’s radiant complexion even more. We love how this cool-tone red shade is flattering and is a great way to add some glam without going over the top.

If a bold red lip like Ye-jin’s is out of your comfort zone, try applying a red lip tint, patting and blotting it out with your fingers for a stained look.

7. Light makeup and SPF protection


The Korean A-lister applies sunscreen whenever she goes out (even when she’s indoors), and that’s some dedication right there. If you’re wondering why sun protection is necessary indoors, we explain it in the linked article, along with our indoors sunscreen recommendations!

For a day out, Ye-jin applies some BB cream and foundation to allow the products to act as a barrier on the skin against micro-dust and pollution.

8. Go au naturel


We’re obsessed with the barely there makeup look you’ll see Son Ye-jin sporting in her Instagram posts, but sometimes, a makeup-free day is what you need to give your skin a break.

During your morning routine, apply extra moisturiser on your cheekbones, cupid’s bow, and right under the brow bone to give the illusion of brighter skin like Son Ye-jin’s.

9. Face-framing locks


Chopping off your tresses for an off-shoulder bob can be intimidating, especially if you’ve been growing out your hair for a long time.

While a middle part is all the rage right now, Ye-jin totally pulls off the side part and the short, straight bob. It even complements her face shape and sense of style well! If you’ve been thinking of going for a big snip, this is your sign to book an appointment with your hairdresser, stat.

10. Give flat hair some volume


Hair looking a little flat? There’s a couple of ways you can achieve Son Ye-jin’s full and luscious locks, minus any heat tools.

Besides running a round brush through your hair, some trusty velcro rollers will do just the trick too. Pat your damp hair down with a towel, then place the rollers at the crown of your head and make sure that your hair is completely dry before removing them.

And there you have it – lush, full, hair!

Son Ye-jin’s slimming tips

11. Start the day right with a nutritious breakfast


While we probably have the misconception that Korean stars have strict diets and don’t eat a lot, Son Ye-jin actually shared that she doesn’t impose any restrictions on her diet, and stressed on the importance of a nutritious breakfast. And if you’ve seen her Instagram, it’s peppered with posts of mouth-watering food, so we definitely know that she’s a foodie at heart.

Admit it, we’ve all skipped breakfast for various reasons – be it a lack of appetite or by a pure stroke of luck that you didn’t hear your alarm and you have to rush out of the door. A big breakfast is key to kicking off your day in the best way possible, so try not to skip it and set aside some time for breakfast in future!

Ye-jin’s breakfast includes simple, everyday foods such as fruit juice, boiled egg, yoghurt and cereals.

12. Maintaining an active lifestyle


Son Ye-jin’s got a great figure, and she’s not shy about showing it off on Instagram! But this was achieved by her discipline and maintaining an active lifestyle, of course.

A qualified Total Body Resistance Exercise (TRX) trainer for over nine years, Son Ye-jin has been seen showcasing her daily TRX routine on a variety show, which included squats, butt lifts, and planks. Her intensive full-body workout routine is certainly integral to helping her strengthen and sculpt her body.