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If you’re looking for a new diet to help you shed some extra weight, you might have heard of the keto diet and its popularity.

But what exactly is it all about, and how can it be used to lose weight healthily?

We discovered that Korean soloist Soyou, formerly a member of the legendary girl group Sistar, has been using a keto diet to maintain her slim figure, losing up to 8kg in two months with this specific diet!

In one of her vlogs on YouTube, she shared her weight loss tips with her fans and explained how she maintains her keto diet with nutritious foods, showcasing three different meals she prepares.

If you’re curious about how she manages to keep fit and healthy with a keto diet, read on for all the details!

How Do Keto Diets Work?

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Keto diets have consistently been a popular restrictive diet for those hoping to lose weight quickly, but it’s important to consider the benefits and risks of this diet before making any changes to your eating habits.

They consist of a heavily reduced carbohydrate intake and an increased intake of healthy fat. This encourages your body to burn fat for energy, as your body is forced to use fat as fuel instead of using carbohydrates.

People on keto diets have reported feeling less hungry overall, as compared to other restrictive diets. Plus, you’ll still be able to enjoy high-fat foods like butter, cheese, and red meat!

With this diet, you’ll likely be able to lose weight within just a few weeks and lower the risk of illnesses such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

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However, you might also experience negative side effects right after starting this diet, known as the “keto flu”, with symptoms like bad breath, headaches, nausea, and constipation.

While you might be able to lose some weight within a few weeks of maintaining this diet, there’s a lack of research to show that keto diets have long-term health benefits. Hence, some professionals have suggested limiting the diet to three to six months.

Take note that the restrictive nature of keto diets means that it may be hard for you to sustain these eating habits in the long run. Plus, your body might begin to face a deficiency of nutrients like vitamin A and vitamin C.

If you have doubts about starting this diet, it’s always safer to consult a dietitian or health professional and get further advice on what’s best for your body!

Soyou’s Dieting Tips

Credits: @soooo_you/Instagram

On her YouTube channel, Soyou answered fans’ questions about how she maintains her diet and shared advice for those hoping to lose weight by dieting.

Firstly, Soyou practices intermittent fasting and suggests that it’ll help your diet be even more effective. As part of this habit, she limits her food intake to a certain period of time, such as eight hours.

To achieve this, she skips breakfast and eats brunch at 10 or 11am, to accommodate her dinner later in the evening. Outside these eight hours, she avoids eating snacks, which allows her body to burn fat after hours of not eating.

Credits: @soooo_you/Instagram

However, she continues to eat at least two healthy meals a day and refrains from fasting excessively.

Soyou revealed that she doesn’t place much importance on the calories in her food, and focuses instead on finding food that’s high in healthy fat.

She also believes that in order to truly lose weight effectively, it’s better to pair a diet with workouts to improve your fitness, rather than just relying on one method.

What Does Soyou Eat in a Day?

Soyou also took viewers through her meal preparation process, revealing what she normally eats for brunch and dinner!

Credits: @soyougi/YouTube

In the morning, Soyou cooks scrambled eggs with olive oil and a generous dollop of ghee butter.

Credits: @soyougi/YouTube

After the eggs are cooked, she grills half a packet of bacon and a cheese stick until the cheese stick is crunchy on the outside but soft and slightly melted on the inside.

Credits: @soyougi/YouTube

Lastly, she finishes the meal with a few slices of avocado and coriander garnish.

Credits: @soyougi/YouTube

For dinner, Soyou prepares a bowl of Greek yoghurt. Greek yoghurt is thicker than normal yoghurt and contains more protein, along with probiotics and calcium, so it’s definitely a reliable choice for a healthy meal!

Credits: @soyougi/YouTube

To add flavour, Soyou adds dried blueberries and oats, making sure to minimise the amount of sugar she’s adding to the yoghurt through these toppings.

She likes to add ingredients with more texture to them, creating a delicious contrast with the creamy yoghurt.

Credits: @soyougi/YouTube

Another dinner option for her is seaweed soup with green onion kimchi and quail eggs.

Credits: @soyougi/YouTube

To prepare the seaweed soup, she uses two packets of seaweed, 300g of beef, as well as ox knee. She likes to stir-fry the beef with ghee butter, to give it some added flavour.

When it comes to snacks, Soyou sticks to healthy, sugar-free snacks. Her go-to snacks are dried squid, steamed eggs, and egg rolls.

With these methods and healthy meals, she was able to reduce her body fat and achieve her ideal silhouette, all while keeping herself healthy and strong!

Featured image credits: @soooo_you/Instagram, @soyougi/YouTube.