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Fuller pout without the use of fillers or lip plumpers?! This is apparently the spiciest lip plumper hack that’s trending on TikTok.

Brace yourself for the chilli pepper lip plumper, where some daring souls are willing to embrace the burn, all in the name of looking drop-dead gorgeous with fuller lips.

Are you willing to go above and beyond to spice up your pout and reach greater heights of lip-plumping perfection?

The TikTok lip plumper trend in question


The hack works better than any lip plumper I’ve ever used but omg it hurt so bad 🤣 IB @Laila #lipplumper #makeuphacks #beautyhacks

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TikToker @sydneypurl achieved plumper-looking lips without relying on botox or fillers, but by using a chilli pepper.

However, despite the great appearance, the burning sensation caused can be uncomfortable and potentially harmful to the delicate skin on the lips.


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Many others are seen trying this hack and sharing reviews, including Tiktoker @kripapateljoshi who acknowledged that it indeed worked.

However, the outcome made her lips look excessively plumper than her personal preference.

She also mentioned that if one can withstand the burning sensation, then this trend is a definite 10 out of 10.


Spiccyyyy lips 🌶️ #skincare #makeup #beauty #fy

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Besides using chilli pepper, another hot trend that’s gaining popularity on TikTok involves infusing chilli seeds and flakes into lip gloss.

And its outcome mirrors that of the chilli peppers hack, delivering a fiery sensation that is equally invigorating, captivating, and accompanied by a tingling, burning sensation.

Proceed with caution

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While this trend may sound fiery and exciting, it’s crucial to consider your personal circumstances before jumping onto the bandwagon.

Putting chilli peppers on your lips to achieve a plumper appearance may not be the best idea. Here’s why:

Intense sensation

If spicy foods already make you break a sweat, imagine what happens when you directly put chilli peppers on your delicate lips! Chilli peppers contain a compound called capsaicin, which gives them their spicy heat.

When applied to the delicate skin of your lips, it can cause a burning or stinging sensation that may be uncomfortable or even painful.

Irritation and inflammation

Additionally, if you’re dealing with lip eczema, subjecting your sensitive skin to these trends might be like adding fuel to the fire. The intense heat from the peppers can potentially worsen any existing inflammation, leading to discomfort and potential flare-ups.

It could also lead to allergic reactions including, redness, swelling, itching, or even more severe symptoms like hives or difficulty breathing.

Uneven results

This chilli pepper trend will unlikely provide long-lasting plumping effects.

While they may temporarily increase blood flow to the lips, resulting in a slight swelling, the effects are short-lived and may not be consistent or even.

Explore these safer lip-plumping alternatives!

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For a safer and more reliable approach, we suggest you explore alternate methods and products specifically designed for this purpose, ensuring both effectiveness and safety.

There are countless other captivating beauty trends out there that won’t leave you reaching for the nearest glass of milk or exacerbating any existing skin conditions.

Check out our comprehensive guide on some of the best lip plumpers that you can opt for to achieve a fuller and more luscious pout without causing discomfort or irritation.

Stay spicy, but not at the expense of compromising your skin’s well-being!