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The heat can bring out the worst in us, and it’s not a pretty sight having a meltdown from the scorching heat. You can fall ill from the heat and humidity if you’re not cautious.

Yes, the summertime is not something you should take lightly. However, thanks to the digital age and inventions, there are products and items you can buy that can help you stay cool during these tough times.

According to Faveable, these seven essential tips that will help keep your body cool and fresh this summer. So, let’s get right to it!

Cool And Fresh In Summer Tips

1. Taking Showers Twice a Day

Taking showers twice a day is possibly the best option you can choose during summertime.

They’ll help you stay clean and cool despite all the pollution and grime you’ll go through during the day. A cold shower is always a good way to keep your head and body cool.

However, start with some lukewarm water or cold water (if you are one of those people who can shower with just cold water). This will help to open up your pores and get rid of all the dirt.

Once you’re done cleaning yourself, finish off your shower with cold water. It will help you to close your pores, make you feel fresh, and also lower your body temperature.

It’s also important that you should remember to never use hot water to wash your hair. It could seriously damage your hair over time.

2. Hydrating Moisturiser and Sunscreen

A hot climate can damage your skin immensely if you’re not wearing a moisturiser. Breakouts, dryness, or irritated skin can result from being exposed to an air-conditioner or sunburnt skin.

A hydrating moisturiser will lock in moisture and prevent your skin from drying out. The best way to make full use of them is after you come out of the shower while your skin is still damp.

The same goes for sunscreen as well. Always apply your sunscreen as generously as you can both on your face and body. It’s always best to apply it in dots on your face instead of slathering it from your hand. Always wear sunscreen before you head out of the house because it takes time for the sun protection to kick in.

3. Light Makeup

There’s no point in going all out with your makeup skills when it’s super hot outside. No amount of makeup setting sprays can hold your makeup together if you’re boiling under the sun.

Light makeup will be kinder to your skin than all the heavy products. Not only will it keep you feeling fresh, but it will give your face a natural glow as well.

Go for BB creams rather than foundations; they won’t cake your face as much as a heavy foundation would. You can also use a primer on your face. However, remember to put it on after you’ve moisturised your face.

The primer helps you to apply any kind of makeup with ease, and it also helps it to stay longer. But let’s just repeat this: it’s still best to switch to light makeup products to make your life easier during the summertime, whether or not you have your primer on.

4. Keep Your Hair Away!

Nobody likes the annoying feeling of having your hair slide over your already sweaty face. It’s possibly the most irritating feeling someone can experience.

To save yourself from the trouble, try tying up your hair more often using different styles, such as ponytails, pigtails, braids, or dutch braids, etc. Braids are amazing for summertime as they tend to stay in place and don’t bother you much.

You can also choose to chop off your hair if you’re really that annoyed. Long hair can be super stressful to manage, and a short haircut style can change your summertime experience for the better.

5. Remember to Drink Water

This is already something every one of us should remember to do regardless of the kind of season it is. The benefits of drinking water are endless, and during the scorching heat, it can be a blessing.

The heat makes you sweat severely, so it’s important to keep yourself hydrated all throughout the day. However, you can also choose to drink other beverages too. Juices from fruits such as watermelon, grapefruit, strawberries, etc. are also quite refreshing and contain high water content.

If you hate water because it tastes “bland” consider lemon-infused water to keep yourself fresh. And of course, eat plenty of fruits as they help you to keep yourself hydrated, not to mention they do wonders for your skin!

6. Say No to Caffeine!

Caffeinated drinks and other types of food are a big no-no during the summertime. If you’re a coffee lover, it’s time to say goodbye to it. No tea, coffee, or energy drinks will make you feel cool or fresh.

All they do is dehydrate your body further and leave you feeling even hotter than you did before. It’s best to stick to cooler drinks and juices that will keep you hydrated for your own good.

The summer is no time for drinking hot coffee or tea, no matter how habituated you are. Cut them out of your daily routine, and you’ll feel much better.

7. Stay Under the Shade

It’s no secret that keeping yourself cool and fresh means you have to stay under the shade or indoors. However, not all of us can just stay home when there are meetings and deadlines to get to.

Wear a scarf before you head out; better yet, make use of hats.

Umbrellas are also a great option. However, it is easy to forget about them, so what you can do is set a reminder on your smartphone that will send you an alert before you head out.

You can also choose to keep them near the door beside your shoes to help you remember to take them. You can keep your hats and scarves planned out during the night before with your outfit.

This way, not only are you saving time but also making sure you’re keeping yourself safe from the harmful rays of the sun!

Final Thoughts

Everyone wants to feel fresh and cool during a hot summer’s day. The best way to do that is to follow the simple tips we mentioned above. Some of them will change your life, and some you probably already know but needed a reminder anyway.

We hope the tips work out for you in every possible way and that you can enjoy your summer with ease and comfort!