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It may be the weekend and you’re off official duties. But you know what doesn’t rest? UV rays that damage your skin.

This is why you should step up your sun protection all the more as you’re out and about during the weekends. Different occasions call for different type of care and here are four common weekend plans and our recommendations to help you survive the grueling Singapore sun.

1. Alfresco brunch with girlfriends

Weekends are great for sleeping in and then heading out for a casual brunch with the girls. Enjoy your Eggs Ben and latte with a great company and fun conversations – we can’t think of a better way to spend a lazy weekend.

Your sun care essentials

Tinted sunscreen

Sunscreen For Weekend Brunch

We get it. It’s the weekends and you’re giving your skin a break – so you’re skipping foundation. But if you’re looking for something that delivers that no-makeup makeup look while providing sun protection at the same time, consider a tinted sunscreen. We like the Uriage Bariesun Fair Tinted Cream SPF50+ because it is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Its melt-in and non-greasy formula makes sure that you won’t look like a grease-ball in the selfies you’d be taking with your friends. The tint in the cream evens out your complexion to help you look perfect in every Instagram photo.

Stylish hat or cap

We’re sure you’ve often ogled at those pretty hats in fashion retail stores; berets, street-style caps, and sun hats – just to name a few. While they’re going to stand out like a sore thumb when you’re in business wear, it’s a totally different story on dress-down weekends – there’s no better time to show off your unique style, so pick one based on your getup or mood! Besides amping up your street cred, you’ll also be shielding your beautiful face from the sun.

2. Outdoor jog or hike with friends

It’s hard to find time to work out on a work day – because who’s able to wake up before work or find the energy to do so when you knock off? Make full use of weekends to get active. Enjoy the great outdoors with a solo jog or turn it into an outing by going on a hike with your friends.

An outdoor physical activity never fails to dehydrate our skin and give us that shine that feels and looks horrible. This is why you should make sure that everything you’re putting on your face is designed to keep your skin looking matte and shine-free.

Your sun care essentials

Sunscreen that mattifies skin

Sunscreen For Outdoor Workout

Try the Uriage Bariesun Mat Fluid SPF50+. This is great for combination to oily skin and offers a long-lasting mattifying effect that still feels extremely hydrating on skin. Its fast absorption ability also gives a no-shine effect, helping your skin remain comfortable no matter the distance you’ve covered.

Thermal water mist with sun protection

Face Mist For Outdoor Activities

Your skin is going to lose a lot of moisture as you perspire through the workout. This is why you should pack along a thermal water spray to help replenish your skin’s moisture. A popular option is the Uriage Water Mist SPF30, made from water drawn from the French Alps. It contains high concentration of mineral salts that are similar to skin’s Natural Moisturising Factor and creates a hydrolipidic film on skin to restore the cutaneous barrier of skin.

This thermal mist doesn’t just hydrate skin but also protect it from exposure to UV and pollution. The invisible mist also restores your skin’s barrier so you can avoid dehydration – something you’d definitely want as you lose water through perspiration when you’re outdoors.

3. Hitting the beach

You’ve had enough of the malls? Why not head to the beach instead? Read a book as you listen to the waves crash onto the shore, play a game of beach volleyball, or have fun in the waters – there are so many things to do that aren’t boring.

Your sun care essentials

Sunscreen mist

Sunscreen For Beach

You’d want to maximise the time you spend enjoying the sand and the sea, instead of reapplying sunscreen. Go for something quick and easy like a sunscreen mist. Consider the Uriage Bariesun Dry Mist 50+, which has a continuous aerosol spray that works in all positions for a super easy application. You can effortlessly apply it over your face and body and on wet or dry skin. There’s no need to spread it, which makes it super convenient. It doesn’t leave behind a sticky feeling and it has an ultra light texture that will definitely encourage you to reapply as often as you should.


Sunglasses For Beach

Don’t forget to protect your eyes from the sun too. Beaches are usually not sheltered and the water reflects sun rays so they may look intensified. A good pair of sunglasses that has UV protection will shield your delicate eye area from UV damage, and at the same time, is a great accessory to have if you want to check out hot bods on the beach without looking like a creep look super stylish.

4. Bringing the kids out

Whether you’re a working mum or stay-at-home-mum, the weekends are still the most precious time of the week to spend quality time with your kids. Spend time with them at a theme park, the zoo, or a picnic at the park. It may be tiring, but consider the memories created – totally worth it!

Your sun care essentials

Sunscreen for the family

Sunscreen For Kids

We understand how it’s like to bring the kids out – it involves carrying an arsenal of items to keep them happy. This is why you should travel light and go for a sunscreen that works for you and your little ones. The Uriage Bariesun Enfants Lotion SPF50+ is a great sunscreen for the entire family; adults will love its texture and it’s safe for young children above four years old too. Its light texture and fast absorption ensures that Junior won’t get impatient and wriggle too much when you apply sunscreen on him/her.

Scarf or cover

Sun Protection For Long Car Rides

We often forget that long car rides mean extended UV exposure for our kids’ delicate skin. If your car windows are not fitted with UV protective film, simply bring along a scarf (your nursing cover works too!) to shield your little one from the sun.

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