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Sunscreen sticks are revolutionary and have taken social media by storm.

Unlike conventional cream or liquid SPFs, stick formats often offer lightweight, non-greasy formulas that make reapplication convenient and mess-free.

But what if we told you they’re the trick to achieving the most natural “no makeup” makeup look?

Replacing Your Makeup Products With A Sunscreen Stick


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In her viral TikTok video, creator Kelly Kim shares that when she’s doing a “no makeup” makeup look, she swaps out her cream sunscreen, which could make her look oily, for a stick one.

“I find that this is the perfect way to imitate that smooth, soft skin texture,” she explains.

She compares her makeup routine side-by-side using sunscreen sticks on one half of her face and cream sunscreen on the other.

The results were astonishing! The sunscreen stick side showcased a matte, clean look with a subtle glow, while the other side appeared excessively shiny.

How did she achieve this?

Kelly used two types of sunscreen sticks: both ABIB Quick Sun Stick for a matte finish, and the Airy Sun Screen Stick for a glowy effect.

Instead of traditional contour and highlight, she applied the matte stick on her jawline, under her eyes, the sides of her nose, and her forehead. The glowy stick was used on her cheekbones and the tip of her nose.

“You can play around with balancing different textures to flatter your face shape and to highlight certain features you like without wearing makeup, just with SPF,” she shares.

This not only adds dimension to your face, but also protects your skin from the sun to enhance your “no makeup” makeup routine.

Instead of using concealer after applying her SPF, she uses a skin tint to even out her skin tone and “let some imperfections peek through” for a super natural look.

Bonus: Blush Hack


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Sharing the same sentiment as others, Kelly also shares that she prefers using a red blush instead of a pink shimmery one. This trick can enhance the natural look of your makeup, though results may vary depending on your skin tone.

These innovative techniques protect your skin from the sun and enhance your makeup routine, providing a flawless, shine-free finish.

Get your hands on the ABIB Quick Sun Stick and ABIB Airy Sun Stick here!

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