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Have you noticed how some celebrities seem to look younger and better as they age? Obviously, it’s hard to believe that it’s all accredited to good genes. But could it be – gasp! – aesthetics procedure or surgery?

We spoke to Bella Skin Care, skincare authority of over 30 years, for insider’s insight. Bella has more than 30 centres worldwide offering advanced skincare services, and is known for its celebrity-studded clientele. Its previous celebrity ambassadors include Fann Wong and Joanne Peh. Hong Kong celebrities Jessica Hsuan and Karena Ng are clients of Bella Skin Care, too.

Bella Skin Care attests that it is possible to achieve more photogenic appearance through non-invasive methods. What can make the difference is supplementing a comprehensive skincare regime with advanced skincare technologies.

What Bella Skin Care does for its celebrity (and non-celebrity, of course!) clients is to get an in-depth understanding of their skin with the help of assessment equipment. After which, treatments are prescribed according to skin type and concerns, so that each client’s needs are catered to specifically.

The treatment celebrities love is…?

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The favourite treatment of celebrity clients has to be the Indiba AgeReversa System. This treatment harnesses the power of Proionic waves that mobilises ions in the skin so that skin cells’ regenerative powers are activated. This helps to stimulate collagen production, repair damaged elastin, while encouraging skin to retain moisture. The result? Wrinkles are visibly eliminated, skin looks more supple, radiant and lifted – yes, all these without actually going under the knife for an invasive procedure like a face lift, or even Botox.

If you are interested, you can get a free consultation by clicking here.

Want a celebrity glow too? Follow these tips from Bella


  • Eat well, sleep well: It may sound like a cliche, but what you learnt in school about health are also sound beauty advice. Having a balanced diet and sleeping at least seven hours a day are integral to achieving great complexion.
  • Understand your skin: Know exactly what your skin needs in order to placate it. If you’ve tried several ways and have yet to see any positive results, get a free consultation at Bella Skin Care to get started.
  • Make skincare a priority: You set aside time for hobbies or make time for your family because they are significant to you. Similarly, if how you look is of importance to you, take time to follow your skincare regime and go for your facial treatments.

This article is brought to you by Bella Skin Care.