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There are many South Korean actresses and singers, but recently, Bae Suzy has captured our attention quite a bit. In her own country, Bae Suzy has been referred to as “The Nation’s First Love.”

She has appeared in a number of television shows, including Gu Family Book, Uncontrollably Fond, While You Were Sleeping, and even the movie Architecture 101.

However, her road to stardom wasn’t always a smooth journey. When she debuted on the scene, she was actually criticised for her “chubby” appearance. Since then, the star has lost weight and found a way to keep it off.

Ahead, she shares her top diet and fitness tips as well as her beauty secrets.

She eats no more than 1,000 calories a day

Bae Suzy Beauty Tips - tip 1 no more than 1000 calories - skuukzky on Instagram

Photo source: @skuukzky on Instagram

Bae Suzy will consume up to 1,000 calories each day when she needs to work. She can lose weight quickly by reducing her caloric intake and creating a deficit.

If you wish to take on this challenging weight loss strategy, it is best to speak with a nutritionist first because everyone has a different recommended daily calorie intake.

She eats a lot of healthy food

Bae Suzy often has a sweet potato, a chicken breast, and a protein-rich beverage for breakfast.

Dinner can be as easy as two sweet potatoes, while lunch is typically a simple bowl of brown rice and some salad.

She doesn’t eat after 6pm

Bae Suzy Beauty Tips - tip 2 eat before 6pm - skuukzky on Instagram

Photo source: @skuukzky on Instagram

Bae Suzy constantly follows the guideline to never eat or snack after 6pm. In this manner, the food has enough time to digest.

According to online research, there may not be an optimal time to quit eating, but there is some evidence that late eating can have a detrimental impact on weight and metabolic risk factors.

She exercises like a penguin


Instead of running or swimming, the actress prefers something called the “penguin slimming exercise”.

To properly burn the fat in her arms and make them firmer, she swings them like a penguin. Click on the video above to watch her demonstrate it!

She massages her face to slim it down

Bae Suzy Beauty Tips - tip 3 massaging face - skuukzky on Instagram

Photo source: @skuukzky on Instagram

Bae Suzy uses a cleansing oil to massage her face as she removes her makeup in order to firm up the lines on her face.

The cleansing oil also helps to unclog pores and congestion to keep her complexion clean and supple.

She has a 10-minute cleansing routine

The 10-minute beauty procedure used by the South Korean actress involves the 4-2-4 face cleansing method, which ensures that the skin is completely clean.

She begins with a four-minute oil cleansing step and then spends two minutes lathering with a foam cleanser. The next step is to rinse the face for four minutes with clean water thoroughly.

She never goes to bed with makeup on

Bae Suzy Beauty Tips - tip 4 sleeping without makeup - skuukzky on Instagram

Photo source: @skuukzky on Instagram

We think it’s really wise that Bae Suzy never goes to sleep with her face still covered in makeup.

In addition to trapping dirt and environmental toxins inside the skin, makeup can also lead to an increase in free radicals that can hasten the ageing process.

She uses brightening and moisturising products

Despite having fair skin, Bae Suzy still takes care to preserve it by regularly using moisturising and brightening creams.

She uses THEFACESHOP White Ginseng Collagen Pearl Capsule Cream for her, which can help brighten the skin in addition to helping to lock in moisture.

She mixes a drop of serum into her foundation

Bae Suzy Beauty Tips - tip 5 serum in foundation - skuukzky on Instagram

Photo source: @skuukzky on Instagram

Bae Suzy likes blending a drop of multi-purpose serum with her BB cream or makeup. According to her, the skin will take in cosmetics more effectively and glow more radiantly.

We can also envision how much more effective the foundation will be in this way, with additional skin-friendly ingredients included.

She started using anti-ageing products early

Even though she is still in her late twenties, Bae Suzy uses many anti-ageing treatments daily.

She applies THEFACESHOP The Therapy Anti-Aging Formula First Serum (S$53) after washing her face, which immediately hydrates, gently exfoliates, and boosts the skin’s radiance.

Featured image credit: skuukzky & skuukzky