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Tired of your makeup melting away from all that sweating in Singapore’s sweltering heat?

You’re not alone! We, and pretty much all of Singapore, struggle with the same problem of keeping our makeup fresh at the end of a hot day.

While we can’t shoo the scorching sun away from our island, we can strengthen our defences against it with a sweat-proof makeup routine!

We’ve gathered a list of helpful tips and tricks, arranged according to different steps in your routine.

Face Makeup

Prep Your Skin Well Before You Apply Your Base Makeup

Creating a clean canvas can help your makeup adhere to your skin better. Good skincare is just as important as using lasting, quality makeup, if not more.

While it is incredibly important to have a clean and smooth base for your makeup, there are other ways we can prepare our skin for all the makeup we’re about to pile onto it.

Credits: @over30momtips/TikTok, @_ayshabegum_/TikTok

  • Use a long-lasting setting spray before putting on any makeup: This will make your skin nice and tacky, thus better holding onto any product you apply on top of it.
  • Prime your face with a mattifying primer or gripping primer: Mattifying primers control oil production so your skin will appear less oily and shiny throughout the day. If you have dry skin, you can opt for a hydrating, gripping primer instead. Gripping primers have a sticky texture that will hold your makeup, causing it to stay on all day.

Use Silicone-Based Foundations as They Are More Water-Resistant

Credits: @stxph.h/TikTok

Many people mistakenly choose water-based foundations during the hotter seasons. This is because water-based foundations are lighter and feel more comfortable on the skin.

As opposed to water-based foundations that mix easily with sweat, silicone-based foundations create a water-resistant film on the skin. This film acts as a barrier that repels sweat and prevents your makeup from budging.

Utilise the Setting Spray Sandwich Method

Credits: @thejulianaamoateng/TikTok

The key to sweat-proof makeup is having a lot of layers but not a lot of product.

One way to go about this is the setting spray sandwich method, which is essentially using a setting spray after every step of your makeup routine, especially after your base makeup (foundation and concealer), sandwiching it between each layer.

Pro tip: spraying on a layer of setting spray before blending out your face makeup could increase its longevity, as seen in Juliana Amoateng’s TikTok, pictured above.

Apply More Blush Than You Usually Would

Credits: @skylerreneee/TikTok

You might notice your blush starting to fade by lunchtime. This is because blush has a lighter formula than your foundation or concealer, which gives it less lasting power when interacting with sweat and oil.

Blush is also usually applied to the higher points of your cheeks. Smiling, talking on the phone, wearing a mask, or frequently touching your glasses can also cause it to wear off.

To tackle this problem, wearing more blush than you usually would on hotter days is encouraged. Not only does it give you a healthy, flushed glow fitting for the summer, but it also gives you a longer-lasting tint on your cheeks!

For added longevity, take a page out of Sky’s (@skylerreneee on TikTok) book and apply powder blush on top of your cream blush, using the powder to set your cream blush.

Set Your Makeup With Powder

Credits: @itsmakeupbymelissam/TikTok

Pretty self-explanatory, since powder is the go-to product for oil control. What you ought to take note of is how to powder your face according to your skin type.

For people with oily skin that starts to shine even just an hour into putting on your makeup, it’s recommended to dust powder all over your face for maximum oil control.

On the other hand, if you have dry or combination skin, only put on powder at targeted areas that tend to produce more oil, like your T-zone.

Eye Makeup

Prime Your Eyelids With an Eye Primer

Credits: @lookshoshana/TikTok

If you find that your eye makeup does not last after a whole day of perspiring, you might be missing one important step in your routine.

Our eyelids tend to be oilier than other parts of our face. This can cause our eye makeup to crease, smudge or fade throughout the day. Eye primer acts as a barrier, absorbing excess oil and creating a tacky surface to which our eye makeup can adhere.

Opt for Gel Based Eyeliners

Sweatproof Makeup Gel Eyeliner

Credits: @over30momtips/TikTok

Liquid and pencil eyeliners are at opposite ends of the spectrum, with each having its fair share of pros and cons. You’d think it’s impossible to get the best of both worlds, but not with gel eyeliners.

Gel eyeliners have a waxy, gel-based consistency that sits in between liquid and pencil formulations. This unique texture offers both flexibility and staying power.

The waxy formula sets after application, creating a more budge-proof layer compared to pencil eyeliners, which can smudge more easily.

Set Your Eyeliner With Eyeshadow

Take it a step further by setting your eyeliner with eyeshadow! Just like how you set your makeup with powder, lining your eyeliner with an eyeshadow of a matching shade could add longevity to your eye makeup.

The eyeshadow powder can help absorb excess oil, preventing your eyeliner from budging. The additional layer also deepens the colour of your eyeliner, letting it last longer throughout the day.

Lip Makeup

Fill Your Entire Lip In With a Lip Pencil

Sweatproof Makeup Lip Pencil

Credits: @over30momtips/TikTok

We love a glossy pout, especially on hot summery days, but there’s no denying that glosses aren’t as long-lasting as matte lippies and tints.

According to TikTok user @over30momtips, filling your entire lip in can help your lip gloss last longer instead of just lining your lips with a lip pencil.

Powder Your Lips Before and After You Apply Your Lipstick

Sweatproof Makeup Powder Lip

Credits: @christendominique/TikTok

Christen Dominique (@christendominique on TikTok), chimes in with her own tip. First, she applies a layer of lip product, then pats some powder over her lips, before going in with another layer of lip product.

Setting your lipstick with powder helps absorb some of the surface oil, creating a less slippery texture. This reduces the chances of your lip colour transferring, allowing it to stay put longer.

Featured image credits: @itsmakeupbymelissam/TikTok, @_ayshabegum_/TikTok, @thejulianaamoateng/TikTok