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sweat-proof makeup for sunny days

While we may drag our feet to the office on weekdays and cheer “TGIF!” on Friday, the hot and humid weather in Singapore doesn’t always make us look forward to the weekends all that much. Walking along a non air-conditioned road for a mere 10 minutes, or attempting to enjoy tea alfresco-style, can melt our makeup into a sweaty mess very quickly.

If you’re intending to head out instead of cooping up at home with your air-conditioner, take down these notes:

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1. Don’t forget your primer

A step that is often overlooked, priming helps makeup to stay on longer and make it to look more vibrant. Applying just a few dots of primer as the first step of your makeup routine is a great investment of time; spending three minutes to perfect it will help your makeup to stay on well for the next few hours, come rain or shine.

Top Primers_Too Faced Primed and Poreless

Try: Too Faced Primed & Poreless Primer. This makeup primer is enriched with vitamins and retinol to help skin look flawless and fresher. It also smoothes out the appearance of pores, which is an important function, because our pores tend to look bigger when the weather gets hot and humid.

2. Sweat-proof your makeup

Look out for products that are water-proof. These are designed to stay on even when you’re drenched in water, so they can definitely last through perspiration. Go for water-proof options for makeup that tends to smudge, for example, eye makeup. Read these tips too to learn how to deal with oily eyelids.

mufe aquamatic review

Try: Make Up For Ever Aqua Matic eyeshadows. These come in several colours, are absolutely waterproof, and you can use it either as an eyeshadow or as an eyeliner. Read our review of the Aqua Matic collection to find out more.

3. Stain doesn’t smudge

For blushers and lipsticks, choose stains instead of powder or cream. They are most long-lasting and wouldn’t budge even in the most sweaty situation.

benetint cha cha tint lolli tint posietint

Try: Benefit’s cheek and lip stains. Try the best-selling Benetint, a red-tinted stain that can be used on both lips and cheeks. The stain dries rather quickly, so after applying it onto your cheeks, blend it out quickly with your fingertip. Benefit also offers the same formula in different colours: Posietint (pink-tinted), Chachatint (orange-tinted), and Lollitint (purple-tinted).

4. Set with mist and not powder

Instead of powdering up to set your makeup in place at the end of your makeup routine, consider using a makeup mist instead. It keeps the makeup intact without caking it up, and also restores hydration to your skin. Using a makeup mist in place of powder can make the melt-down from perspiration a far less ugly sight. Here are more makeup tips that teach you how to help makeup last longer.


Try: Bobbi Brown Face Mist. This doesn’t just help to set makeup, it also hydrates and refreshes skin – exactly what you need to brave through a humid day. Besides having this as your vanity table staple, you should probably bring this along in your makeup pouch, as an on-the-go freshness-booster to help hydrate your skin in the middle of the day, which brings us to our last point…

5. Bring along the right touch-up tools


To prevent having to remove all the makeup and re-do it, bring these (as well as your makeup products) along: Blotting paper, hydration mist, cotton buds, moisturiser or lip balm. Touch-up with the following steps:

  1. Use the blotting paper to gently blot off excess sebum.
  2. Spray on the hydration mist to moisturise your skin. Let the water perk your skin up for a while, and then dab off gently with a piece of tissue paper.
  3. Using a cotton bud, pick up a small amount of moisturiser or lip balm, and use it to remove any smudges or fallout.
  4. After the clean-up, reapply your makeup by filling in what has fallen out.
  5. Finish off with makeup mist to set your makeup.


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