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What’s better than knowing a beauty secret? One that comes from a celebrity, of course!

Celebrities work for long hours under the scrutiny of super high-definition cameras yet their skin still looks luminous and glass-like on the screen due to the extreme care they take of it. Here are 12 beauty tips from Taiwanese celebrities we love to help you achieve the same silver-screen worthy glow.

1. Lin Chi-Ling’s skincare tip: face massages


Can you tell this actress-model is 44? Us, neither. Chi-ling swears by doing face and lymphatic massages while putting on skincare products to remove water retention in the face, which can lead to puffiness.

In the long run, doing face massages can have permanent benefits such as a slimmer jawline like Chi-Ling’s. While using your hands may work, specialised tools, like this rose quartz one from Herbivore, are more delicate on the sensitive face area, and can be used on other parts of the body too. (Psst, follow this simple Korean massage routine for a smaller face with a”V-line”!)

2. Vivian Hsu’s skincare tip: investing in the right products


Looking flawless even when wearing zero makeup is a real power move, and Vivian seems to have mastered it. The singer-actress focuses what her skin wants with the right products, choosing ones with anti-ageing and skin-renewing properties to help with cell turnover rates, like the fan favourite Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate Serum (SGD130 for 30ml), or this Mario Badescu Peptide Renewal Serum (SGD96 for 29ml) that lifts and tones the skin.

3. Alyssa Chia’s skincare tip: get a workout glow


The mother-of-two states that she wakes up early for morning jogs, which is the reason behind her youthful complexion.

Exercising promotes blood circulation and boosts the skin’s natural glow, while helping the skin produce more collagen, which increases elasticity and bounce. If your new year’s resolution is to work out more, the promise of glowing complexion may just be the extra motivation you need!

4. Ariel Lin’s skincare tip: switch products according to needs


This actress started her rigorous skincare regime from a young age, and tailors her skincare routine to her skin condition and environment, rather than using the same one throughout the year.

We recommend doing the same, by using calming creams like Dear, Klair’s when the skin is inflamed, or Pixi’s Peel and Polish when your skin looks extra dull. She also occasionally treats her skin to facials, to clear her pores thoroughly.

5. Chen Mei Feng’s skincare tip: consume ginger


This 63-year-old star doesn’t look a day over 40, and she credits a large part of her young look to adding ginger slices to her food. While ginger adds flavour to food, it also detoxes the body, while improving skin elasticity and even has anti-ageing properties! If you’re not a fan of expensive skincare, you are only a few ginger slices away from healthier skin.

6. Janine Chang’s skincare tip: it’s all in the diet


Like Mei Feng, Janine also relies on her diet to keep her skin looking translucent. In her interview with 8Days, the FANCL ambassador says she regularly drink white fungus and red bean lotus soup, which clarifies the skin, while improving her health. She also exercises regularly like Alyssa to maintain the glow in her skin.

7. Patty Hou’s skincare tip: special application technique


This starlet uses her own method of applying moisturiser to five parts of her face first: her forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, before massaging in the skincare product, which she says ensures each part of her face gets enough love.

8. Alice Tzeng’s skincare tip: unique skincare routine

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In her interview with Vogue Taiwan, she explains that one of her favourite skincare tips is to use a hydrating toner to first cleanse the face, before applying light patting motions all over her face with a soaked cotton pad to lock extra moisture in. During colder seasons, she also uses a face oil on top of the toner to seal all the hydration in. We suggest the softening Fresh’s Rose Deep Hydration Toner (SGD38 for 100ml), followed by the clarifying and brightening Tata Harper Beautifying Face Oil (SGD133 for 30ml).

The star also swears by her lip balms, stating that she never leaves her house without at least three tubes. Our favourites include the Dior Lip Glow in Coral (SGD50 a tube) that imparts your lips with just a kiss of color, and the Caudalie Lip Balm (SGD9 a tube) for a fuss-free yet effective treatment for dry, flaky lips.

9. Wu Shu Ling’s skincare tip: spend 2 hours on skincare


Despite being the mother-of-two, Shu Ling takes two hours to care for her skin! She explains that proper skincare has become essential after 30, citing face massages as her beauty secret. She massages the corners of her mouth daily to prevent drooping, as well as the bridge of her nose, which she claims has become taller after a prolonged period.

10. Ella’s skincare tip: beauty sleep


Finally something that requires literally no effort to do: the singer says her biggest skincare secret is beauty sleep, as the skin repairs itself overnight, and also absorbs skincare better during that period of time.

11. Michelle Chen’s beauty tip: quitting coffee


The singer-actress reveals that after quitting coffee, her skin condition has improved greatly. Unfortunately, although the caffeine can be beneficial for the skin when topically applied and is used in many serums like the Clinique All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage (SGD62 for 15ml), excessive consumption of it may lead to dehydrated skin and even worsen acne, as it increases stress levels in the body.

12. Ouyang Nana’s tip: “faking” it with the right product


Preferring to do her own makeup (instead of relying on makeup artists), Nana favours the “no makeup” makeup look, focusing on brightening her skin with W-Lab’s “tone up” cream, which is a base makeup product popularised in South Korea for instantly brightening up the face without having the obvious look of foundation. She also uses Stila’s All-in-One Color Correcting Palette in salmon and green colours for erasing her dark circles and redness around the nose respectively, before going over with a regular concealer. This way, you won’t have to pile on the concealer (which feels thick on the skin and can cake easily), as the colour correction cancels out the blue tones under the eyes, and the red at the nose area. Genius!