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For some of us, losing weight is a real uphill battle. It’s hard not to get discouraged when our valiant efforts at the gym don’t show results, but don’t despair just yet: according to TCM therapists, the secret to effective weight loss might just lie in massage, instead.

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Nope, you’re not reading that wrong. Apparently, you can lose weight effectively and more easily than before without even having to hit the gym. It all comes down to how fat is distributed in your body, key massage techniques, and good nutrition.

Intrigued? Read on!

What kind of ‘fat’ are you?

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According to TCM therapists, it is essential to figure out where most of your fat is distributed in your body to allow for effective, effortless weight loss. Figuring out where weight tends to settle means you know what are the specific areas to target for your massage.

Primarily, there are two main types:

1. If your weight tends to settle around your hips, upper body, and stomach…

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Do you tend to overeat when you’re feeling particularly emotional? Do you gain weight easily, but lose it easily too? If all these sound a little familiar to you, well, this may be due to the fact that you’re feeling a little stressed out.

TCM therapists claim that if you have fat centered around the abdominal region, it most likely is due to you coping with stress through overeating. The more stressed out you are, the more likely it is to happen.

Does your mouth get dry easily throughout the day, and do you find it hard to control your temper at times, too? These are all key signs as to why fat is centered around the hips, upper body, and stomach when it comes to you.

The solution: You can lose weight effectively by, firstly, including less rich and flavourful foods in your diet. Opt for foods high in Vitamin B, such as brown rice, bird’s nest, oats, and green, leafy vegetables.

2. If you gain weight compulsively despite eating less and find yourself getting flushed easily…

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If you find yourself gaining weight easily despite reducing your food intake, that may be because you’re staying up nights as well as making unhealthy lifestyle choices (we’re talking too much fast food, smoking… the list goes on). Flushed cheeks, a reduced ability to fall asleep, and experiencing regular hot flashes are also signs.

This sort of occurrence tends to happen more to women undergoing menopause, says TCM therapists.

The solution: Eat more calcium rich and iron rich foods, such as anchovies, peaches, and tofu.

So, what are the areas you should massage to help lose weight more effectively?

1. Your thighs

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If your weight tends to settle in your abdominal area, you might notice that your thighs can appear bloated or larger than they usually are from time to time, too!

This is due to how both these areas are linked, says TCM therapists. So, if you’re experiencing indigestion or gastrointestinal issues, it might show through weight gain (or bloating!) around your thighs.

The best way to counteract this? Simply massage your thighs in a relaxing upward and downward motion while counting off to 50 to see results!

2. Your calves

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Do your calves feel appear rigid, hard to touch, and a little larger than normal? Well, according to TCM therapists, that is most likely due to long hours you spend standing around in heels.

Want them to appear slimmer and daintier? Massage the area in a single direction to redistribute weight and water flow to the area.

3. Your ankles

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If you’ve been wearing those heels everywhere, you might notice that your ankles appear swollen and distended too. Gently (and the key word is really gently, here) massage the area to see positive results.

4. The area under your ribs

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There’s no worse feeling than putting on a sleeveless top and realising— horror of horrors! — that your arm fat is peeking through the sleeve. Resolve this by massaging at the area under your ribs, as well as the areas of your back that are closest to your arms. The positioning might get a little tricky, so we recommend getting a partner to help you out with it, if you can.