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Most of us have no qualms investing time and money into our skincare routines – after all, impressions are typically formed in the seven seconds of any meeting, and most of the time, it’s our faces that greet new acquaintances. But many of us forget that our hair is also one of the first features that people notice, and we ought to take good care of it too.

Here are some hair care tips that can assure you of healthier-looking hair and prevent hair loss, which is a progressively common problem among people leading busy lifestyles.

1. Choose a suitable shampoo

Let’s start from the basics. Just like how cleansing your skin properly and with the right cleanser can help improve your skin condition, using a suitable shampoo that’s suited for your hair type and condition can help you achieve a healthy head of hair.

It isn’t good enough for you to share the same shampoo as the rest of your family because your hair concerns are likely to be different. The shampoo you use should address your specific concern: is your scalp dry or oily, is your hair fine or thick, are you prone to getting dandruff?

The best types of shampoo that experts recommend? A pH-balanced shampoo that is formulated with natural ingredients.

2. Shampoo daily

Impurities are accumulated every day because our scalp secretes sebum and our hair and scalp are exposed to environmental pollutants. Clogged follicles impede hair growth so it is important to shampoo your hair every day. Spend time to thoroughly cleanse your scalp and roots of your hair, and then work down the rest of your hair. You should only be using your finger tips, instead of your nails, to gently massage your scalp.

3. Skip the hairdryer

Heat can weaken hair proteins, causing hair to be more brittle and prone to breakage. So, avoid using hair dryers as much as you can. Where possible, towel dry your hair and allow it to dry naturally instead of using a hairdryer. If you have to use a hairdryer, turn it to a lower heat setting and hold it about 20cm from your hair.

4. Be gentle when combing

Treat your tresses with care. Avoid combing your hair when it’s wet, because that’s when it’s more susceptible to breakage.

Use a wooden hairbrush because it can help to distribute hair’s natural oils down the hair shaft. The wooden bristles from the brush can also help improve blood circulation on your scalp so that nutrients can travel more easily to the hair follicles.

5. Do a tug test

If you’re curious whether you may be having a hair loss problem, try the “tug test”. Hold a small bunch of hair (of about 30 strands of hair) between your thumb and index finger. Give it a slow but firm tug. If more than six strands of hair fall out at the same time, you may have a hair loss problem.

However, there may always be exception to this test. If you’re concerned about hair loss or would like to prevent it from happening, visit a professional hair care centre such as Beijing 101.

Beijing 101 has 43 years of experience in helping their clients combat hair loss and are able to use the right equipment to assess if you may be susceptible to hair loss. Just like how a regular medical check-up keeps your general health in check, a visit to a hair care consultant can help prevent hair loss problems in the future.

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6. Avoid chemical processes

Colouring and perming may help us achieve hairstyles that look great in photographs, but they don’t benefit our hair and scalp health in the long run. Keep these processes as infrequently as possible, with sufficient breaks in between each session.

7. Adopt the right diet

As cliched as it may sound, you are what you eat. Iron helps boost the strength of our hair, so make sure you are consuming this nutrient sufficiently. Great sources of iron includes: spinach, kidney beans, chicken, and eggs. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbs such as Dang Gui, Ginseng and Lingzhi are also great supplements that help support hair health.

8. Don’t pull your hair too tightly

If you like to put your hair to a ponytail, make sure you’re not using elastic bands that are too tight such that your hair is pulled tightly from your scalp. Doing this can lead to “traction alopecia”, which is a case when you suffer from loss of hair because you’ve been tying your hair too tightly.

9. Manage your stress

Experts are identifying stress as one of the causes of hair loss. Manage your stress by finding ways to stay relaxed. It could be in the form of a new hobby, meditation or exercise. Managing stress effectively isn’t just good for your hair, it obviously is also good for your overall wellness.

10. Protect your hair and scalp from pollution

Dust and heat from the environment can have a detrimental impact on your hair and scalp. As such, when you know you’ll be exposed to pollutants, it may be a good idea to shield your hair with a scarf.

11. Massage your scalp

Blood circulation can stimulate hair growth. A self-administered scalp massage is a good ritual to adopt before bedtime. Simply massage the acu-pressure points (meridian points) of your scalp in a circular motion, using slow, deliberate movements. This can help enhance circulation of your scalp. Other than promoting healthier hair, it is also a great way to help you relax so you can sleep better.

12. Use safe remedies for your hair

You may have heard of homemade remedies such as applying onion juice or hard liquor onto your scalp to help increase hair growth. These are not proven solutions and may have a negative effect on your scalp. Instead, go for trusted solutions that are administered by professionals. One of the most sought-after remedies available is using premium grade natural herbs to treat hair problems. Such remedies are available at Beijing 101.

The great thing about using a natural, herbal approach to treat hair and scalp problems is that it offers a more long-term benefit to overall hair and scalp health, instead of simply treating the symptoms of hair problems. This allows clients of Beijing 101 to see more lasting results.

Beijing 101 is located at several locations across Singapore. You can schedule a consultation at the nearest outlet to start giving more attention to your hair.

They achieved visible, successful results

Shevonne Lee, Music teacher, 27 years old, Hair Thinning

As a music teacher who is as passionate about self-expression and creativity in her style as she is about her music, Shevonne is a style-chameleon who is often spotted setting trends with a new perm or hair colour. The frequent harsh treatments started to take a toll on her hair, and she started to notice her hair thinning.

Since undergoing Beijing 101’s award-winning Revitalizing Herbal Treatment, Shevonne managed to regain her scalp health and now flaunts a healthy head of lustrous locks once more.

“Now I can try more hairstyles without fear of thinning hair!”

Sarah Low, Manager, 35 years old, Dandruff

After experiencing dandruff and a constantly itching scalp, Sarah decided to approach Beijing 101. A thorough scalp analysis revealed that her hair follicles had been badly clogged, and Beijing 101 hair consultant customised a treatment for her. Her condition improved within weeks.

No matter what age you are, it is important that you feel happy and confident about yourself. Beijing 101 can help to attain your hair health and confidence back through the customised treatments using premium grade natural herbs.

This article is brought to you by Beijing 101.