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TikTok’s personalised content on their user-specific ‘For You’ pages means that we have access to a wide and thrilling range of beauty hacks from both beauty professionals and enthusiasts.

These hacks can sometimes leave us in awe, and sometimes, we wonder why we didn’t think of them first! Case in point? These TikTok lip liner hacks we found.

1. Tight line hack


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This hack is perhaps one of the easier ones to follow. User @lera_valesta simply presses her lips tightly together while leaving her natural lip line pulled taut. She then traces her natural lip outline and fills in her lips with a lip pencil before finishing with a lip colour.

Credit: TikTok

Credit: TikTok

However, according to professional makeup artist Courtney Hart, who has worked with Madelaine Petsch and Emma Chamberlain, this trick might actually be counterproductive. She explains that this hack obscures the actual shape of your lips, and so it might be difficult for those who are new to lip liners.

Credit: TikTok

On the other hand, if you are very familiar with the shape of your lips and are looking to amp up the drama, this hack could definitely work out pretty well.

2. Juicy, Bratz Doll lips


Reply to @ihateyou101_ i posted another tutorial a little before this one but lolz i wanted to do it again 😭 #lipliner #liptutorial #lipcombo #lips

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In another easy-to-follow tutorial, user @jasminedaraphet explains how to get “juicy” and plump-looking lips. She begins by using a brown eyebrow pencil to line her lips before shading the corners as well as the top and bottom lip slightly.

Next, she gets a lipstick in a shade similar to her natural lip colour, but leaning more towards a warm, orange tone, and applies it over her lips.

Credit: TikTok

Credit: TikTok

The end result of this simple yet effective hack is plump and luscious lips that leave you resembling a Bratz Doll. The trick in this hack is using the dark lip liner and a lighter lipstick shade to create the illusion of and simulate full, juicy lips.

Credit: TikTok

By keeping the outline and corners darker, and having the middle area of your pout lighter, it draws attention to the centre of your lips and makes them seem fuller.

3. Concealer for gradient lips


lipstick make-up#makeup #lipstick #fyp

♬ All The Way Up (feat. Infared) – Fat Joe & Remy Ma & French Montana

You might have heard of this hack before, given how widely popular Korean beauty is.

Credit: TikTok

Frankly, this hack might seem like a joke in the first few seconds, as the video shows gorgeous red lips being smeared with thick concealer around the outer lines. However, once the concealer gets blended out, the hack clearly works.

By blending your concealer as a lip liner, it allows for you to achieve the perfect faded ombré lip look that was made popular by K-pop and J-pop idols.

Credit: TikTok

You can apply the concealer on a brush instead of using your concealer’s applicator straight to prevent a mess. Blending it out with a brush keeps the mess to a minimum and is a fairly simple and straightforward hack to accomplish.

You can swap out concealer for foundation too, depending on the coverage you’re going for. Leave the look as is or brush on some highlighter to your cupid’s bow for some added flair, or even layer with a gloss over top.

4. Vampire peaks


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Prep early for Halloween with this trending lip liner look.

Credit: TikTok

Credit: TikTok

Begin by drawing sharp points on your cupid’s bow with a dark berry lip liner before filling the points in and tracing her upper and lower lips.

Credit: TikTok

Next, add a line down the centre of your lips for extra definition and fill in the rest of your lips with a violet-tinted red shade.

Credit: TikTok

You can also add a layer of gloss over top for a fuller pout.

These lip liner trends are all relatively simple to pull off in theory, but will definitely require some practice to master, as with any makeup skill. Each and every lip shade is unique, so you should take some time to find what works best for you and your lips.

In the meantime, these TikTok hacks are here to make your lip lining journey a bit easier.