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Nobody likes to have “orange peel” skin. For those of us who have to deal with enlarged pores or pitted acne scars, you’d know that they’re quite the horror when it comes to applying makeup, especially when it accentuates them rather than conceals.

A South Korean beauty YouTuber, Hanabono, faced that same problem, but instead of just lamenting about it like the rest of us, she went out to solve it with makeup – and a toothpick.

How? Read on to find out.

1. Exfoliate your skin well

Toothpick Conceal Pores 1

Source: YouTube; Captured by Girls

Hanabono first exfoliates her skin before putting on her makeup. She concentrates especially on the areas with larger pores, and rubs them to make sure that she gets rid of all the flaky skin.

2. Apply a good amount of sunscreen

Toothpick Conceal Pores 3

Source: YouTube; Captured by Girls

Whether you’re a beauty junkie or not, you should know that sunscreen is an all-important skincare step that you cannot miss out on, whatever your age or gender.

Toothpick Conceal Pores 4

Source: YouTube; Captured by Girls

This is especially for important for Hanabono, who warns that skin is more prone to wrinkles and pigmentation if it’s exposed to the sun when it is in a sensitive state.

3. Apply pore filling primer with a toothpick

Toothpick Conceal Pores 5

Source: YouTube; Captured by Girls

Your first thought might be using the toothpick to poke your pores, but that’s a no-no. You might be damaging or irritating your skin at the pore area, or even causing injury to yourself!

Hanabono applies a tiny dab of primer on to the toothpick and instead uses the tool to roll it over her pores, which helps to fill it and also flatten it at the same time!

Toothpick Conceal Pores 6

Source: YouTube; Captured by Girls

Most of the time when we apply primer, we don’t apply it very evenly, and especially so around areas with enlarged pores. This method actually helps you zoom in in on those areas and give it the attention it needs.

You know what spot-concealing is, this is pretty much spot-priming.

4. Apply base makeup with these two brushes

Toothpick Conceal Pores 22

Source: YouTube

Whether you use a BB cream or a foundation, Hanabono strongly recommends also using a diagonal or an angled contour brush, as well as a small, rounded, and dense brush.

Here, she uses the Catrice Diagonal Brush and the Banila Co. Pore Brush.

Toothpick Conceal Pores 16

Source: YouTube

Use the diagonal brush to apply your base makeup in circular motions on the wider areas of your face, such as your cheek, forehead, and chin.

Toothpick Conceal Pores 8

Source: YouTube; Captured by Girls

Then, use the smaller round brush to go in at your nose area, where there are more corners to fill in and also where pores tend to be larger. The smaller brush allows you to really get in to all the harder-to-reach places and make sure your base makeup covers those pores.

5. Apply pore balm onto large pores with a toothpick

Toothpick Conceal Pores 17

Source: YouTube

Once your foundation is done, dip your tooth pick into a pore balm and use that to cover up any larger pores that may still be visible despite your base makeup.

Toothpick Conceal Pores 9

Source: YouTube; Captured by Girls

Hanabono uses The Face Shop Oil Cut Pore Balm.

6. After concealer, apply powder with a folded puff

Toothpick Conceal Pores 11

Source: YouTube; Captured by Girls

After the pore balm, go ahead and do your spot concealing on any redness or bumps you have on your face.

Toothpick Conceal Pores 12

Source: YouTube; Captured by Girls

When that is done, you can now set your makeup with a clear powder. Hanabono recommends using a velour puff so you can fold it in half to dab the powder on to areas with larger pores and which may also be harder to reach.

7. You’re done!

Check out Hanabono’s before and after photos!

Toothpick Conceal Pores 23

Before and after

Toothpick Conceal Pores 21

Hanabono before makeup

Toothpick Conceal Pores 20

Hanabono after makeup

Do you think this method is worth trying out? Leave us a comment below to tell us what you think!