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While many of us receive advice from our mothers to “study hard” when we were kids, Korean children observe their beauty-conscious mothers and pick up invaluable skincare tips along the way. Korean mums are also known for being strict with children about their skincare routines especially when they become teenagers. Here are skincare tips that all Korean women would know because their mothers told them so.

1. You have to start early

You may have heard the news about how some Korean parents gift their children with plastic surgery procedures as graduation gifts. While most parents don’t do that, the trend would give you an idea of how Korean parents are committed to getting their children ahead in life – even when it comes to their physical appearance. As such, Korean children are taught how to care for their skin at an early age.

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It is common “household knowledge” in Korea that it’s never too young to start having a proper skincare routine; you should start as soon as you are a teenager to prevent acne from leaving scars on your skin. It is believed that the earlier you start, the healthier your skin would be in the future.

We think that adopting good skincare habits from young definitely helps you keep up with it more conscientiously in the future. There’s certainly wisdom in starting young!

2. Double-cleansing is important

Cleansing is the first step of any skincare routine, and from a culture that advocates a 10-step skincare routine, we’re not surprised that the Koreans are meticulous with cleansing. Korean mothers tell their children to use an oil-based cleanser first, to get rid of impurities and makeup from skin. Thereafter, you have to follow up with a water-based cleanser, in a step known as “double cleansing” or “re-cleansing” to further remove the oil left behind from the oil cleanser.

Take note that you should choose cleansers that don’t contain alcohol or it may dry out your skin in the process of double-cleansing.

3. Exfoliate every day

Korean grandmas may not use exfoliating scrubs, but they exfoliate their skin every day – with a washcloth. The traditional way of cleansing involves soaking a washcloth in hot water, and then massaging it onto the face in an upward movement. This action helps with physically exfoliating skin so that your complexion can look smooth, clear, and blemish-free.

4. Never forget facial essence

Facial essence is a product that’s very unique to the Korean beauty culture; almost every beauty brand has one. You’ll notice that it is only in recent years when K-beauty has received international popularity, that other brands began to introduce them. Most Korean women believe that facial essences are a basic part of their skincare routine and will find it weird to skip it. Essences should be used after toning and before your serum and moisturiser. To apply, simply pour onto your palms and press the product onto your face.

5. Massage your face

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Facial exercises have been advocated by the Koreans for a long time, and this is why facial massages are a common feature in Korean facials. Children are taught by their mothers to do mouth stretches to tone their face. Simply say A-E-I-O-U in an exaggerated manner to help improve blood circulation. And once you’re ready to upgrade your facial massages, invest in a jade roller. Jade is traditionally seen as a gem that can help with detoxification and is applied onto skin to improve blood circulation as well as to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

6. Use pressing motion for skincare application

If you watch Korean women go through their skincare routine, you’ll notice that they’re quite gentle and only use a pressing motion to apply their skincare products. This is because they’re taught not to tug at their skin during application, so they won’t be creating any fine lines in the process.

7. Mask as frequently as you can

The masking trend is no doubt brought to prominence by the Koreans, who have been using masks for a long, long time. These days, if you’re in Korea, you’ll be able to find sheet masks at every corner – from beauty stores to drugstores. Most of these masks are infused with ingredients that have been loved by generations of Korean women such as ginseng and mung beans, but you’ll also find more innovative ingredients like snail mucus.