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Jet-setting can be a stressful experience for all, especially if you’re a beauty junkie. There’s always the fear that you’ll leave out an essential product to your skincare routine, for one, or that you’ll get your hand carry products thrown out because it violates the 100ml rule. Boo!

If situations like these send you into a cold sweat, fret not. Daily Vanity has helpfully compiled a beauty check-list that you can consult right before you take off. Read on!

1. Make sure your favourite products are available in less than 100ml…

Ishopchangi Piece Laneige Sleeping Mask

Some of your favourite products may already come in travel-sizes or in travel kits, so make sure to check if they are available especially at the duty-free stores at Changi Airport, or online at iShopChangi before take-off! This not only greatly reduces the chance of any messy transferring of products, but also allows you to try out products that you ordinarily wouldn’t on your trip. Plus, the retail offerings at the airport and iShopChangi usually offers a range of travel-exclusive sets that you can’t otherwise get from downtown malls.

The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Collection is available on iShopChangi and retails for SGD75.30.

2. … And if they aren’t, make sure to transfer them into travel-friendly containers

Ishopchangi Piece Muji Travel ContainersYou can easily find travel-sized bottles in any drugstore or supermarket for a reasonable price. Carefully transfer your liquids and creams over, and make sure to screw the lids on tight for each one to prevent leakage.

A good tip to note when it comes to skincare in particular is to check what kind of bottle your product is originally stored in. If it’s a glass bottle, for instance, it means that the product is designed to be stored in a glass container. Putting it in a plastic container may, henceforth, cause leakages or dissolving of the bottle itself. Always check and transfer your products to their containers accordingly!

DV Tip: For a cheap alternative to travel containers, transfer your favourite products into clean contact lens cases. They work just as well!

3. Stock up on beauty products at iShopChangi

Ishopchangi Piece Buy At Ishopchangi

A good hack for all you beauty junkies out there? Pick up your favourite products at iShopChangi before flying off. This online duty-free store is built for convenience, with beauty prices up to 40% off as compared to downtown prices. What’s more, home delivery is an option once you’ve hit minimum spending of SGD380 on selected brands.

This makes stocking up just that much easier! You don’t even have to drag your loot overseas upon purchase, just arrange for a collection of your purchases upon arrival back in Singapore.

If you’re flying out anytime soon, remember to browse and shop on iShopChangi to enjoy their 5th anniversary deals happening from now till 5 August 2018. Get 8% off with minimum spending of SGD250 along with weekly special items going at 50% off site-wide!

Bestselling beauty products include:

These products are going at up to an extra 15% off during the celebrations so make sure you maximise on this opportunity if you’re flying off close to the National Day weekend. Since the e-store allows you to make a purchase as early as 30 days and as late as 18 hours before your flight, it means you can be shopping the anniversary specials even if you’re flying as late as 3 September 2018.

Plus, for every order above SGD50, iShopChangi has pledged a SGD1 donation to Metta School towards supporting their cause towards education for special needs youth.

4. Ensure you have all your in-flight skincare essentials

Ishopchangi Piece Estee Lauder Sleeping Mask

It’s no secret that plane air can dry your skin out. Seriously, airplane cabins lack humidity, with reports claiming that the humidity level is only at 20% compared to the recommended 40-70% required for hydrated skin. This means moisturising products are a must-have on plane rides, especially for long commutes.

We recommend a mask like this one from Estee Lauder, or a hydrating facial mist that you can spritz on right before getting some shut eye.

The Estee Lauder Stress Relief Eye Mask is available on iShopChangi and retails for SGD44.10.

5. Create a shopping list

Ishopchangi Piece Create Shopping List

Being unprepared is a sure-fire way to miss out on products that you’ve been meaning to pick up overseas. Plus, sometimes the overwhelming selection available may prompt you to a) overspend or b) purchase impulsively.

Prevent all of this by being organised: come up with a shopping list of products you must-have, products you want to try out, and products that you’ll pick up only if you have the spare cash. Trust us, your wallet will thank you for it. You can even browse for what you need on iShopChangi in advance of your trip, buy your usual tried-and-tested favourites and peruse new products you might like, and head to the airport to swatch these directly before you make a well-informed decision.

6. Bring along your passport when you shop

Many overseas stores provide special perks for tourists, and you can easily snag them when you flash your passports at the cashier. Always arm yourself with your passport when you shop to make sure you won’t miss out on these deals!

7. Pack an extra bag for all your shopping

Ishopchangi Piece Unicorn Tote

Opt for a tote bag like this one or a canvas bag to stow your goods instead. Some stores charge extra for paper and plastic bags, so using your own means you get to save on some cash, and not just that, it is also vastly more convenient to keep all your shopping in one place. Plus, it also happens to be environmentally friendly (and stylish!)

The Art Faculty Unicorn Tote Bag By Jun Yi is available on iShopChangi and it retails for SGD27.01.

This article is brought to you by iShopChangi.