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In a time where digital devices are your constant companion (because yes, nomophobia is a thing), it’s pretty frightening to hear that using your phone or laptop too much can have detrimental effects on your skin.

We know, we know: some of you might be feeling a little skeptical right now, but unfortunately, this isn’t a ruse, or some sort of gimmick to get you to put down your phone.

In fact, studies actually show that the harmful effects on your skin can be attributed to blue light or HEV, abbreviation for high energy visible light. This refers to the natural-occurring light that is emitted from your technological devices. Yikes!

 What are the harmful effects of blue light on skin?

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At this point, we all know the importance of shielding ourselves from harmful UVA and UVB rays, but did you know that blue light creates significantly more pronounced hyperpigmentation on your skin? Not just that, research has also found that blue light induces oxidative stress in live skin, which, of course, means that it causes your complexion to age prematurelyYes, we’re talking wrinkles, dullness, fine lines, and an uneven skin tone.

And just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse, it does. Apparently, blue light also has the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin— as compared with both UVA and UVB light— penetrating right down into the dermis, which is where our stockpile of collagen and elastin resides.

It also does lasting damage to your eyesight, your sleep cycle, and more, with new research findings showing that it even impacts your skin’s night-time reparation process, which leads to the formation of dark eye circles, too. Ugh!

What can you do to protect your skin from blue light damage?

1. Cover your devices with a blue light shield

Yes, they actually do exist! Working as a form of protector film over the screens of your digital devices, simply put them on as how you would for any other screen protector, and you’re good to go. There are tons of options out there in the market right now for all your devices, even for a Nintendo 3DS and such. We recommend opting for sites such as Lazada and Shopee to get an inexpensive yet effective option.

2. Put your phone on night mode

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Some smart phones do have a night mode setting that basically disables the blue light of your screen in favour of yellow light instead, which makes it that much easier on your eyes and skin. Opt for that function if you have it, but if you don’t, there are blue light filter apps out there that serve the same function.

Or, failing that, you can always try out blue light blocking glasses. Yep, it is a thing! And if the thought of wearing yellow lenses have you cringing, fret not— there are actually some modern and great designs these days. Ugly, yellow wraparound lenses? Nowhere in sight.

3. Opt for skincare products that shields you from the damage of blue light

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The best possible solution to all of this, of course, is to find a skincare range that mitigates the effects of blue light on your skin. After all, it’s close to impossible to stay away from blue light altogether, given that technology is inevitable. Thankfully, there are skincare products that are dedicated to combating it.

If you’re looking for a skincare range that protects your skin from blue light and more, consider the Uriage Age Protect Range. With a key focus on correcting signs of ageing as well as protecting skin from both blue light and pollution, it’s the ultimate defender of your complexion from harmful rays. The reason behind its effectiveness can be credited to the inclusion of a BLB Patent— a winning combination of Dragon’s blood and a micatitane pearly agent— that fights cellular oxidative stress caused by overexposure to blue light. Sounds ideal already!

You can pick from a full range of creams, serums, and fluids, all containing an unique core formula that reduces the impact of environmental stress while gently fighting against skin ageing. What’s better, is that it even comes with a pretty affordable price point, too: each product ranges from SGD49.90 to SGD79.90. Score!

The Uriage Age Protect Range is available at selected Guardian and Watsons outlets.

4. Eat foods rich in antioxidants

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Your skin’s natural antioxidants are used up when exposed to free radicals — think blue light, UV light, and pollution — so the best way to go about repairing this is to implement a diet rich in antioxidants for yourself. This not only helps with existing damage, but also boosts your skins defense against further exposure.

Some antioxidant-rich foods you can consider adding to your diet include: grapes, berries, eggplant, pumpkin, onions and garlic.

5. Start using a good eye cream

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The eye area definitely suffers the most from overexposure to blue light. It increases eye fatigue and muscle strain, for one, and could even lead to damaged retinal cells in the long run. Plus, remember the part where it disrupts your skin’s night-time reparation cycle, thus leading to the formation of dark eye circles?

Combat all of this with an eye cream that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and puffiness as well as lifts the eyelid for a skin-tensing effect. Yup, we’re talking something like a contour palette of sorts for your eye area, lifting and firming it so as to give a more youthful look.

We recommend the Uriage Age Protect Multi-Action Eye Contour for this, with its formula dramatically reducing the look of every key sign of ageing effectively and efficiently. Plus, it also hydrates and moisturises skin on top of this, making it the ideal product for tired eyes.

6. And if all else fails… limit your screen time when you are not working

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It is pretty much impossible to avoid using digital devices in the workplace, but try and limit your screen time once you’re off work. For instance, make sure to put away all screens at least two hours before bedtime to prevent the blue light exposure from affecting sleep patterns. Opt to read a book instead, and resist the urge to check your social media feeds whenever you feel restless.

Trust us, your skin will thank you for it in the long-run.


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