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When we go for a vacation, we tend to ease back a lot of things: our commitments, our diets (which, to be honest, stood no chance against the smell of delicious foreign dishes anyway), or… our usual skin and haircare routine.

While it’s tempting to put your beauty regimens on hold while you’re busy immersing yourself in a different culture, they aren’t something you want to neglect entirely.

What happens to your hair and scalp health when travelling

Our hair undergoes a lot of wear and tear when we travel, and we may notice our strands become dryer and duller as we’re exposed to more environmental aggressors like air pollution, sunlight, dirt, and dust.

Being in windier areas can also hasten the rate at which moisture evaporates from your scalp as well, causing your hair to appear more brittle and dry. 

To make matters worse, we often pack light for vacation, leaving behind most of our haircare products and tools to free up luggage space for the impending haul of souvenirs and new products.


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So, how do you take care of your tresses, even as you’re unwinding on vacation and letting loose from your daily stresses? Here’s everything you need to know about caring for your hair during and after coming back from your trip.

3 essential haircare tips to follow while travelling

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Wash your hair in the evening

Whether you’re strolling through the bustling streets of Seoul for hours or embarking on a full-day hike in Big Sur, leaving the house with damp or freshly washed hair when you travel is a no-go as dirt and dust tends to get attracted and stuck to it easily.

This is why experts recommend to always wash your hair the night before each travelling day, especially if you have a full day of activities lined up.

Bun up your hair

The majority of us experience “bad hair days” while travelling, and styling your hair with tools is never a good idea on these days. Bunning your hair is one of the greatest and simplest ways to manage dry, frizzy hair.

Don’t forget sun and dust protection

The best thing you can do apart from bringing facial and body sunscreen is to protect your scalp as well. After all, scalp is still skin, so it’s no less prone to damage from UV rays.

Make sure to purchase a sun protection serum, and pack a few head accessories such as hats and headscarves. 

How to revive your hair after coming back from vacation

So you’ve done everything we told you and even diligently followed your haircare routine. But despite your best efforts, your hair still looks a little drier than usual, and your scalp feels congested and in desperate need of a little TLC after returning home.

Don’t panic. You just had an amazing holiday, remember? Here’s what you need to do.

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No matter how comprehensive our regular hair care routine is, getting professional scalp treatments every so often is the key to ensuring its refreshed and primed for the most healthy hair growth in the long term.

This is because in-centre treatments have the ability to help remove all the accumulated dirt excess, sebum, and dead skin cells from congested pores on your scalp, beyond what regular shampooing can do.

Moreover, it works as the perfect supplement to off-the-shelf haircare products can do, as they provide a hydration and nutritional boost to your scalp, supporting hair regeneration and accelerating cell metabolism for better blood circulation.

Need a scalp detox treatment recommendation?

tk trichokare scalp purifying therapy

The TK TrichoKare Scalp Purifying Therapy is an award-winning scalp therapy that is well-loved for their highly advanced hair and scalp solutions.

Best known for its high-end, trichologist-approved European herbal hair remedies, TK TrichoKare goes above and beyond to ensure efficacy, safety, and results by using a trichologist-approved approach.

This means that your post-vacation hair is in safe hands, as their team of in-house trichologists are well-certified with years of expertise in hair care and nutrition.

In particular, their Scalp Purifying Therapy treatment has been rigorously tested, validated and ensures optimum effectiveness. Here’s what you can get out of this treatment which promises a targeted and effective experience.

Get this Scalp Purifying Therapy at just S$40 NETT

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Initial hair and scalp analysis

Through the use of TK TrichoKare’s Tricho-Scan, which magnifies up to 200 times, the most critical issues of your hair and scalp will be identified, whether it’s dryness, buildup, or otherwise.

An added benefit is that you’ll be able to see for yourself, just how much their conditions have improved from the treatment with before-and-after photos available for comparison.

Hair mask

When it comes to achieving a fresher and cleaner scalp, there’s nothing better than starting off with a detoxifying hair mask.

TK TrichoKare’s hair mask consists of a customised blend of premium European herbs that will help to strip off excess sebum, cleanse off impurities from your clogged pores, and detoxify the scalp.

It’ll be applied right at the beginning of the treatment, so you’ll be able to relax right away by soaking in the cool and calming sensation and taking in the fresh scent of natural herbs. Now, your scalp is all prepped for the next step of the treatment!

Hair bath

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A deep cleanse of your scalp is just the reset you need after coming back from vacation. Thankfully, TK TrichoKare’s Scalp Purifying Therapy treatment also includes a revitalising hair bath that will help restore the sebum balance of your crowning glory, so that it can stay healthy and stress-free for a longer period of time.

During the step, your trichologist will lather the brand’s clarifying shampoo onto your scalp, while giving you a relaxing scalp massage that will send you into state of zen that’s reminiscent of what you just experienced on holiday.

Oxygen infusion

Next, a round of oxygen infusion. The OxyJet treatment, which is basically like a Oxygen facial, but for your scalp. It works by injecting cool pulses of oxygen onto your scalp to speed up cell metabolism and amp up blood circulation, which can even combat hair loss.

Customised ampoule

tk trichokare scalp purifying therapy

It doesn’t stop there, though. Your trichologist will also apply a personalised ampoule known as MaxiKare to your scalp, protecting it against harsh environmental elements and combatting hair loss.

Photodynamic therapy

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The Scalp Purifying Therapy treatment also uses Photodynamic Therapy, a fully safe laser technique approved for use on the scalp, to speed up healing and hair regrowth.

Post-treatment hair and scalp analysis

tk trichokare scalp purifying therapy

As with vacations and treatments, all good things must come to an end. Your session of scalp and hair pampering will round off with a post-treatment review. After which, a TK TrichoKare consultant will examine your scalp, showing you how it has improved after the session using close-up pictures.

The session will take 2.5 hours for desired results! After all is said and done, step out of this award-winning hair and scalp treatment centre feeling refreshed, and ready to get back into your daily routine with nourished hair and healthier scalp!

Get this Scalp Purifying Therapy at just S$40 NETT

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For a limited time period only, enjoy TK TrichoKare’s award-winning Scalp Purifying Therapy at S$40 NETT. This will include a customised MaxiKare Ampoule, Nourishing Hair Bath, and CompleteKare Mask. Sign up by clicking the button below or WhatsApp 9150 8891 with the code <DVXTK>!

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