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Bad bridal skin care can result in many skin problems, from inflammation to bloating, dull skin, puffiness and all. So, if your wedding is coming up, it’s time to draw a wedding beauty plan. But before you jump right in, see 10 expert tips to guide you into nuptial brightness!

1. Take healthy showers

Bridal skin care before the wedding begins with taking healthy showers. Use healthy organic soaps and body washes. Patronise only mild creams that agree with your skin type. Avoid anything with harsh chemicals. There’s also this idea about locking moisture in the skin immediately after a bath. Experts say it’s always better to gently pat the skin and cream on a damp, not wet, skin.

2. Exfoliate and apply serum

This is essential for the body and achieving the flawless facial skin. The accumulation of dead cells in the skin hampers the reflection of light from skin, leaving it looking dull. This is because the penetration of light is quite hampered. Exfoliate about twice a week, and see how it agrees with you. Then, use a serum to brighten the skin and restore its radiance. Great exfoliating cleanser abounds, find the one that suits. You’ll also need quality and healthy wipes which you’ll find in the box for bride. Exfoliating and serum are a power couple.

Wedding Beauty Plan 2

3. Eat healthily

A glow up from within is of the essence in wedding skin preparation. Stay away from sugars, alcohol, junks, as this could lead to puffiness, weight gain, bloating amongst others. They also have a way of ruining the skin and keeping one unhealthy. Consume more of organic-based foods which contain all the essential nutrients to keep you in top shape.

4. Work out

This is killing multiple birds with one stone, an essential beauty regimen before the wedding. Working out regularly is a way to de-stress and keep fit. Workouts like cardio help keep circulation at its optimal state while burning loose fat. And the endorphins released do wonders to your skin.

5. Do more water

Weeks leading up to the wedding, an important bridal skin care routine is water. Beauty and nutritional experts often advise that brides drink more water. Consume up to eight glasses of water per day. This is the most natural way to detoxify the skin from the inside. Again, it keeps you hydrated, which makes your skin supple and radiant. The benefits of water cannot be quite overemphasised.

6. More green juice, less wine

Do more of green juice than wine, it is well-advised. This is because wines like Vino have shown to break the capillaries, make one dehydrated, and kills skin radiance. This leaves the skin dull and gaunt-looking when taken in excess. If you must do wine, cut back and go for Bordeaux. But the best bet is green juice, which is well oxygenated and contains essential nutrients and minerals.

This reduces puffiness, brightens the hair skin and nails, boosts the immune system and keeps everyone healthy.

7. Embrace retinol

Made out of vitamin A, this is the baseline if ultimate skin care. Add this to your wedding beauty routine as it helps increase cell turnover and reduce hyperpigmentation. It also does a great job in unclogging pores and boosting collagen. See your dermatologist know if retinol agrees with your skin. Some experts advise beginning with non-prescriptive retinol for about four to eight weeks, before going on prescription.

Wedding Beauty Plan 1

8. Manage stress

This right here is the bane of most brides. They don’t manage stress well and end up struggling with their skin later. With all the preparations associated with weddings, stress is inevitable. And if not curbed will result in cases like psoriasis, eczema, inflammation and other skin problems. Make a plan to delegate, delete, delay, and do only according to checklist priorities. Do this at least one year before the wedding. Also, take a lot of rest – it’s very necessary.

9. See a dermatologist

Flawless skin is the main goal of any wedding beauty routine. Book an appointment with a dermatologist today. You’ll never know, there could be an underlying skin condition waiting to pop up. Do this a year before
the wedding, because some treatments take longer courses than others.

10. Invest in an aesthetician

By now, you’ve achieved the dream body and face. Maintain that perfect face skin by visiting an aesthetician nine months to the wedding. It is dangerous to work with a new aesthetician very close to the wedding, because of after-facial outcomes. Get an aesthetician that understands your skin, goals, and budget. And the rest is bliss.