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You probably already know Marie France Bodyline as the weight management specialist that has helped celebrity Fann Wong lose her pregnancy weight. This slimming expert uses advanced technology and techniques in its body treatments, and offers nutrition advice, thanks to their in-house nutritionists and consultants.

Marie France Bodyline is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year! This 30-year-old slimming specialist is the leading weight management specialist in the region, and will be offering 30 health, weight loss, and wellness tips. Take them down if you’d like to look your best.

Knowing yourself

1. Know your body type: Do you have a diamond shape or pear shape body? Knowing your body shape helps to better target and work on specific areas to achieve better weight loss results.

2. Recognise your bad habits: Do you snack whenever you’re bored? Can’t find the motivation to work out? Identify your bad habits and do something about them.

Food, health and wellness

3. Never go on a crash diet: Starving yourself will cause weight to rebound right after you stop your diet. An average woman typically needs 1,200 kcal of energy every day and you should be targeting to eat approximately this amount of food.

4. Go for healthier food options: Choose complex starch (such as sweet potatoes), lean meats and vegetables in your meals. You can speak to a Marie France Bodyline nutritionist to learn more about how to make better food decisions.

5. Choose healthier beverages too: Don’t neglect your drink choices. Forgo sweetened beverages like soft drinks, and opt for plain water or tea/coffee without sugar or with little sugar instead.

6. Don’t skip any meals: Skipping a meal may only make you binge in your next meal, which will make you inclined to make bad food choices.

7. Eat slowly: It takes a while for our body to recognise that we are full; eating more slowly can help make sure we’re not over-eating.

8. Avoid sodium-laden food: These don’t just only satisfy temporarily, but can also cause water retention.

9. Snack smart: It’s ok to have a snack in between meals when you’re feeling peckish. Just make sure you choose the right types of snacks to indulge in: unsalted nuts, fresh fruits, and a small tub of natural yogurt are good options.

10. Don’t eat when you’re distracted: Do you find yourself eating before the TV or while watching a YouTube video on your laptop? Eating while your mind is occupied can make you eat more than you intend to.

11. Eat off smaller plates: This gives the illusion of larger portions and can trick your body into being satisfied with less.

12. Salads may not necessarily be healthier: The calories in a salad is determined by its ingredients and dressing. If you’re adding a lot of croutons and heavy dressing like thousand island sauce into your salad, you can be sure it’s not going to help you lose weight.

13. Watch your booze: Alcoholic drinks contain a lot of calories without making you feel much fuller. It may even encourage you to snack on unhealthy bar foods in order to pad your stomach for the booze.

14. Don’t keep unhealthy snacks at home: If you can’t reach out to them easily, you won’t eat them. Instead, stock your refrigerator with fresh fruits or healthy snacks like nuts.

15. Order first: Eating out? To avoid succumbing to peer pressure and ordering a large pizza to share, be the first to order – and make sure you pick something healthy from the menu.

16. Stop when you feel full: Stop even if you still have food left over on your plate. Many of us are conditioned to finish everything on our plate; while we should try not to waste food, there’s also no need to stuff yourself when you’re already satisfied.

17. Don’t shop when you’re hungry: If you’re going to the supermarket for your weekly groceries-shopping, make sure you do it after your dinner than before. Shopping while you’re hungry will make you more inclined to buy high-calorie food.

18. Forget about fad diets: Cabbage soup diet, soya bean milk diet, fruits-only diet… we’re sure you’ve heard them all. Eating only one type of food is never a good way to lose weight, go for a balanced diet instead.

19. Skip the gravy and sauces: These carry a lot of calories without you realising.

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20. Bring lunch to work: If possible, prepare your own healthy and fun lunch and pack it to work. Your home-cooked meal can be assured of less processed foods, less oil, and less salt.

21. Plan your meals: To avoid having impulsive, high-calorie meals, plan them ahead of time. Jot down in a journal what are your meal plan for the week and stick to it. If you need help, speak to a nutritionist about it.

22. Try cold showers: While hot showers feel relaxing, go for cold showers indeed. This aids with blood circulation and improves your metabolism.

23. Pamper yourself during showers: Take a longer shower and pamper yourself. After shower, give yourself a massage with a body moisturiser or skin-tightening product to improve circulation.

24. Reward yourself: Set yourself small goals and reward yourself for them. For instance, for every 2kg that you lose, you get to buy a new dress, and every 5kg entitles you a spa treatment.

25. Get adequate rest: Insufficient sleep can affect your eating habits and food choices in the day, so make sure you turn in early enough to get at least seven hours of rest.


after work out

26. Do cardio exercise: Cardio (also known as aerobic) exercises are the best fat-burning workout, so make sure they form a big part of your fitness regime. These are exercises that get your heart rate up. Some of the coolest cardio/aerobic exercises include Zumba, aerial yoga, and pop Pilates. But if you’re not a fan of these, you can choose to climb the stairs or brisk-walk.

27. Detox regularly: The first step of any weight loss plan is always to make sure your body is free of toxins, so that it is more receptive to the lifestyle change. Besides avoiding processed foods and going for fresh, organic produce instead, you should also drink at least eight glasses of water. To speed up the detoxification process with a body treatment like the Dynamic Sculptor by Marie France Bodyline.

Seeking help

28. Share your weight loss plan: While weight loss is a personal choice, sharing your goals with a loved one or close friend helps you to stick to it. You can also find someone who share the same vision and goals so that both of you can work towards them together.

29. Seek professional help: Speak to a nutritionist or weight management specialist so that you can get the right assistance to craft out a plan that’s suitable for you.

30. Work out a weight loss plan: A slimming specialist like Marie France Bodyline will be able to you design a weight loss plan, customised to your needs. Its in-house experts can give you appropriate weight loss advice so you can reach your goal more easily.

This article is brought to you by Marie France Bodyline.