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We already know that our skin loses elasticity as we age. The natural loss in elasticity coupled with the effect of gravity gives us saggy skin – a sign of ageing seems inevitable but we hate to see.

While it’s impossible to stop the hands of time, we certainly could do something about other factors that can cause our skin to sag prematurely. Here are a few surprising reasons why your skin is sagging before you’re old, according to experts like doctors.

1. You diet by cutting off fatty foods totally

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Fried and oily foods are a nemesis to those who are trying to lose weight or adopt a healthier diet. Well, there’s nothing wrong with it. The problem only comes if you cut off fatty foods totally and avoid it at all cost. Fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 are important to retaining the elasticity of skin, as well as promoting immune system.

The trick? Everything in moderation, which also mean you shouldn’t get to extreme with cutting an entire type of foods altogether. Also, be wise with your choice of fatty foods. For instance, you could probably do with less pizza but more salmon.

2. You have a sweet tooth


You thought that now that you’re an adult and brush your teeth religiously, nobody should be nagging at your for indulging in too much candies and desserts, right?


Sugar is responsible for glycation in your body, a process that breaks down elastin in your skin that keeps your skin looking supple and plump. You should go easy on sweet treats if you don’t want to see your skin sagging too soon.

3. You spend all your free time on your phone

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Our smartphones and other mobile devices have certainly improve our life in more ways than one. Entertainment and productive work have never been easier, thanks to these devices. However, did you know that “smartphone face” is a real problem that cosmetic surgeons are observing?

Observe how we usually use these gadgets: looking down at the screen while scrolling through our Instagram feed. Doctors notice that doing this constantly is dragging our skin down – literally. Looking down at our phone’s screens for hours every day gives us wrinkles, double chin, and saggy skin.

4. You enjoy jogging

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Jogging is one of the favourite activities we love to embark on whether as a plan to lose weight or improve our fitness. After all, it doesn’t require any equipment and can be done solo, at anytime of the day! However, cosmetic surgeons say that this may be something you’d want to avoid especially as you become older. The constant movement from jogging can lead to loss of elasticity in our skin, making our skin looser. If preventing early sagging of skin is an important goal for you, consider switching up your jogging habit with other physical activities such as swimming.

5. You’re a worrier

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What we feel is manifested on our faces through our expressions. A worrier who often frowns and has her lips pointed downwards is going to find her skin sagging faster. These facial expression form lines on our skin overtime, and cause a permanent depression in our skin. On top of this, stress stimulates the production of the cortisol hormone in our body, which also spells trouble for our skin.