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No thanks to the multiple facets of urban life, hair loss and hair thinning problems are becoming more common. Factors that affect hair loss can actually be quite complex, making it challenging for each individual to know what’s the root cause of her hair thinning problem. And without understanding the root cause, it makes it difficult to drill down to a feasible solution.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to hair loss


You may have heard of some common home remedies to treat hair loss: making your own egg white and olive oil mask for your scalp, and applying hair liquor on bald patches to encourage hair growth, for instances. These don’t actually have any scientific backing to them and in the worst case scenario, may even aggravate the situation by clogging your hair follicles.

There are also many people who opt for hair fall prevention shampoos that are bought off the shelves. However, these are typically shampoos that prevent hair breakage by strengthening hair, and may not work as well to target at your specific hair fall problem because you have not gone through a diagnosis to find out what’s the real cause of it.

The best way? Look for an expert


Professionals who specialise in identifying hair problem and prescribing a targeted solution are called trichologists. Hair loss is primarily a medical problem. Just like how you wouldn’t self-diagnose and treat a serious health problem, but would go to see a doctor instead, a consultation with a trichologist is important if you’re serious about resolving your hair problem.

When you visit a trichologist, you’ll be made to go through a thorough analysis of your scalp and hair condition, before a series of customised treatments are recommended by the trichologist. Another great thing about visiting a trichologist: you’ll be able to chart your hair progress and have a specialist to make important lifestyle suggestions to you to further fight the causes of hair loss.

How is a visit to a trichologist like?

tk trichokare

Leading trichological centre, TK Trichokare, tells us that the analyses and treatments at their five outlets are administered by certified trichologists and they use an evidence-based approach to help their clients. Very importantly, the treatments use only premium European herbal hair remedies, which have been proven to have medicinal benefits on the hair and scalp to enhance hair growth.

To show you what a visit to a trichologist is like, I paid a visit to Trichokare’s outlet at Novena Square to meet one of their certified trichologists for a consultation and treatment.

The consultation began with a questionnaire about my lifestyle and health condition, followed by a Tricho-Scan Scalp Analysis, which magnifies my hair follicles so the trichologist could study it properly.

trichokare review 3

The trichologist found that my hair follicles are generally healthy, but some of them are a bit clogged, and there are flakes on the right of the back of my head.

He prescribed me a mask, tonic and light treatment and I was ushered to another room to have the treatments done.

trichokare review 2

The most enjoyable part of the treatments was probably the head massage, which was relaxing and pampering. The products also leave a pleasant herbal scent on my hair.

trichokare review 1

After the treatments were done, we did another round of scan to see the difference on my hair and scalp. If you look at the picture above (on your left, after the treatment, and on your right, before the treatment), you’ll noticed that the first set of photos showed significantly less flakes, and cleaner looking follicles. And in the second set of photos, you can see that the hair follicle looked less clogged (it looks clearer, and more “opened”). This result is from just a single treatment, so I’m sure there will be more improvements if I had gone for more sessions.

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Trichokare outlets are at the following locations: #03-19 Velocity@Novena Square, #05-11 The Clementi Mall, #02-24 Nex, #02-12 orchardgateway, and #04-10 Compass One.

This article is brought to you by TK Trichokare.