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It’s easy to dispense advice like: all you need is to cleanse, tone, moisturise to have great skin; we know it’s really not as simple as just these. Many of us struggle with several skin concerns and using products that seem to work on our friends don’t always work on us. Is there no way out of this skincare rut?

Of course there is!

What could be costing you the effectiveness you’ve been hoping for might just be a few skincare mistakes. We’ve picked out a few most common ones. Go through the check-list and see if you’re guilty of any of them:

1. You don’t exfoliate your skin

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We really think exfoliation should be better known as one of skincare’s basic steps because it is very important. Our skin sheds off dead cells every day and they accumulate on the surface of our skin. As they pile up, our complexion starts looking dull. But this is not the only problem. The bigger problem is that the layer of dead skin cells that rest on the surface of your skin will prevent skincare products from being able to penetrate into your skin effectively. Make it a point to exfoliate regularly – once a week is pretty good – and you may just find your skincare products working better on you.

2. You use products that aren’t suitable for you

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Products that work for your friends may not necessarily work on you. This is because our skin types and concerns are all different and you should be picking products that are designed to help with your skin’s conditions. Instead of trying to determine by yourself what your skin type and concerns are, leave it to experts. Facial studios and beauty counters are usually equipped with skin analysis machines that can give you a better insight to what your skin needs and in turn, you’ll be able to better determine what products work best on you.

3. You’re using products the wrong way

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Are you confusing the sequence of application or applying your products the wrong way? As a rule of thumb, the most lightweight products get applied first, this means that essences and serums will go before lotions and creams. Did you also know that cleansing toners are to be applied with a cotton pad while other toners are typically applied by patting it onto skin? Every product is designed to be used at a different point of  your skincare regime and each of them have a different way of application to ensure effectiveness. Always check with the beauty advisors you bought the products from on the right way to use them.

4. You’re not faithful to the products

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Even the best skincare product needs time to work its magic on your skin. This is why you need discipline and conscientiousness to see results that you’re looking for. Never skip your skincare regime no matter how tired you may be at night or how much you wish to sleep in in the morning. If you’ve made sure that you’ve done one to three in this list, then stick to the same set of products for at least one to two months. This way, the products can take their course to work on your skin. If it helps, take photos of your skin to monitor your skin’s improvement over time, so you’ll know if the products really worked.

5. You are not going for facial treatments

Facial treatments are the booster that everyone needs. Besides making your skin look more radiant and hydrated instantaneously, good facial treatments have the ability to supplement your current skincare regime to make it work better for you. What’s more, at a Beauty Institute, you’ll be able to have your skin analysed (see Tip #2!) and have the most suitable treatments and products recommended for you.

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