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Blackheads and acne have always been our number one enemy. We always spend a lot of money on skincare products or treatments to reduce them, and yet we can’t seem to ever get rid of those pesky dots on our noses.

Recently, hot compresses have become popular on the Internet to shrink pores and get rid of blackheads.

Not only does it cost nothing, but many netizens have tried it and found the effect noticeable. Even actresses Son Ye-jin, Song Ji-hyo, and Sun Li have recommended it!

What is the “hot compress method”?

Zero Cost Blackhead Removal before and after

The “hot compress method”, as the name suggests, involves applying hot water to the face. Don’t worry, it won’t burn your skin if you do it right.

After removing your makeup, cleanse your skin with a mild soap to ensure that there is no oil or dirt on the surface of the skin. Then, rinse with warm water and prepare the hot compress.

To do so, soak a towel in water at a temperature of about 38°C to 40°C, then apply the towel to your face for 10 to 15 minutes.

“Reheat” the towel in hot water when it becomes cold before reapplying it to your face.

The “hot compress method” helps to open the pores of the face so that the dirt in the pores can be removed to achieve a deep cleansing effect.

After the pores have been opened, it is recommended to use extraction tools to gently unclog the pores.

Aftercare for the “hot compress method”

Other than unclogging pores, hot compresses can also help promote blood circulation on the face, making it easier for the skin to absorb subsequent skin care products.

Therefore, we recommend focusing on moisturising your skin after the “hot compress method”. You may stick to your usual skincare routine or apply a moisturising mask to deeply hydrate the skin.

The main takeaway from this “hot compress method” is that it not only helps to remove annoying blackheads and acne, but it’s also free.

However, it is not advisable to apply hot compresses every day as excessive heat will also harm the skin. Instead, try using the “hot compress method” about two to three times a week.

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